Page 13 of Depredation

I’d never come from a cock alone. All the guys I’d slept with had had to aid me with their fingers.

It killed me inside that he was getting this from me, something I would never have given him of my own free will.

His fingers dug into my thighs painfully, forcing them down, causing the chain around my neck to tighten even further. The tiny metal links embellished into my flesh, and a burning sensation began in my lungs, spreading to my chest.

I tugged furiously at the restraints in an effort to break free.

“Please,” I croaked in sheer desperation, thrusting my pelvis higher, ignoring the way the muscles in my thighs felt as if they were going to split.

“That’s it, beg for me,” he sneered, giving my clit a tap.

“Say my name when you come all over my dick,” he demanded, rotating his hips so I felt every raw, hardened inch of him.

I whimpered, nearly sobbing in response, feeling the walls of my pussy tighten around his cock.

“Say it,” he growled, beginning to rut inside me like a beast with a bitch in heat.

It was too much.

“J,” I cried out, letting everything go on a dizzying climax.

He reached up and hit a release on the chain, freeing my neck. My body contracted, remaining in a painful arch as warmth pervaded through my veins.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmured, looking down at where our bodies met.

He glanced back up and leaned over me to lick away the tears that were steadily rolling down my cheeks. He continued to rock into me, slowly now, whispering sick sweet nothings into my ear, taking his time to find his release.

I lay trembling in the aftermath, unable to do anything but hold onto the hope that I would make it out of this, staring up at the only door that would grant me freedom.

–Chapter Nine–


-4 weeks-

I watched the blood flow like a river, slicing down into the meat.

Minnie sat across from me, doing a terrible job at trying to hide her disgust. The slight curl of her lip exposed her true feelings, her facial expression giving her away as per usual.

The sound of soft conversation and light laughter filled the air around us, disguising the fact we’d barely spoken five words to one another since our food had arrived.

I was more than happy to eat my meal in silence. I preferred it, actually. After a long week, this was the perfect way to unwind.

It’d been a full four days since I’d been able to see Harper, but my mind continued to wander back to her.

I had to remind myself I’d replenished her dismal yet vitally necessary food supply, emptied her waste, and given her a bath—all things I needed to do to ensure she functioned properly when I was ready to play again. Which would be soon.

My balls were bluer than the sky, and my dick got hard at least three times a day when I thought of my newest acquisition. She was the perfect little fuck toy, a dirty whore of my own creation.

A light touch on my hand brought me out of my deep seated thoughts, back to the present moment.

“What are you doing?” I asked Minnie, looking across the table with raised brows.

“I was trying to get your attention. Have you heard anything I’ve said?” She scoffed at my blank stare response. “Never mind, it wasn’t anything important. So, tell me, how are things?”

Chewing another rare piece of steak, I swallowed, dabbed my mouth with a napkin, and then took a sip of my gin before replying. “Things are the same as they always are.”

She gave me a smile that looked more like a grimace, returning her attention to her meal.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” I didn’t care what her problem was, but it was better to ask outright now rather than deal with the issue when she brought it up a week later.

She huffed out a frustrated breath, shaking her head. “I asked you how things were and you deflected the question.”

“I answered your question.”

“No, you—”

She shut up the second I placed my napkin over my half-eaten dish. “You asked me how things were. How do you think things are? Business is great, and I’ve been feeling good lately. Other than my balls being sore, I’m grand. Anything else you’d like to know?”

Her mouth pinched into a straight line, eyes darting around to make sure no one in the restaurant was listening in.

“Is that what your problem is? You’re horny? Seriously? If that’s the issue, maybe you should go to the bathroom and take care of it, because I won’t.”

“Minnie, I’m well aware you have an aversion to sucking dick and being fucked bow-legged,” I replied, loud enough to catch the attention of two tables nearby.

Giving a polite smile and nod, I pushed my chair out and stood up.