Page 5 of Depredation

I dialed the Sheriff’s station, ensuring my doors were locked while I waited for someone to pick up.

I hoped this man just went away. I knew they’d send someone as fast as they could, but it would take time for anyone to get to me.

“Way out here? I doubt anyone comes that soon,” he finally said, as if he’d just read my mind.

The Sherriff came on the line just as

I screamed, instinctively flinching away from my shattering window. A gloved hand reached in, grabbing me by the hair.

Before I could scream again for help, a cool blade was pressed against my throat.

“Hang it up,” he demanded quietly, his accent thicker than it had been earlier.

I swallowed, blinking back tears as I reached for my cell and disconnected the call, cutting off whatever the Sheriff had been saying.

Everything after that seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

He had me get out of the car, not bothering to cut the engine off.

My heart felt as if it were about to escape from my chest, slamming violently against my ribs.

He warned me to keep silent, pulled a syringe from his pocket, and jabbed it in the exposed part of my neck.

The last thing I remembered was being forced into the back of his truck.

–Chapter Four–


I closed the shackle around her ankle, crouching beside her naked body where she lay on the floor.

Lifting a stand of her long brown hair, I rubbed it between my fingers, bringing it to my nose and inhaling deeply.

I knew her scent well. I’d been inside her house plenty of times when no one was home, collecting little trinkets she’d never notice were missing.

Gently tucking the strand behind her ear, I watched her chest rise and fall. Her tits were the just the right size. Dark areolas encased her pert nipples in perfect circles.

Reaching down, I lightly palmed her left one, rubbing the pad of my thumb over her rosy bud, grinning when it hardened.

She didn’t stir, and I sat back up, my dick straining painfully against the seams of my jeans.

I adjusted myself and leaned my back against the wall. Gazing down at her smooth thighs made it worse. I wanted to spread her wide open and fuck her tight little pussy till my skin was chafed and my dick sore.

“Harper,” I called softly, my voice filling the space around us. I knew the small dose of Rohypnol I’d given her would hold her in a tranquilized state for at least another two hours, but it never hurt to check.

I unzipped my jeans and lowered them and my drawers just enough to free myself from the confining fabric.

My dick throbbed, pre-cum already beading on the head. I wrapped my fist around the base, using my other hand to nudge Harper’s legs apart.

I was greeted with a full view of her nearly bald pussy. She had a small triangle of hair purposely cut at the top. I’d never seen this with any of the other girls.

I liked that.

I released my dick and spat into the palm of my hand, using the saliva to lube myself up. Gripping the base again, I went to my knees and started fisting my hand up and down.

Lowering my face, I pressed my nose against her cunt and breathed in the sweetest scent I’d ever smelled.

I went a little higher and placed a kiss on the triangle of curls before inching forward.

I wouldn’t go all the way in. Just the tip.

I continued to stroke myself, pressing the head of my dick firmly against her. I made sure my fist lightly hit the top of my balls with each pump, feeling them lift and prepare to empty.

Her pussy lips spread apart, beckoning me to slide in a little further.

I didn’t. I had excellent self-control, even when I was harder than I’d been in months.

Pre-cum slowly rolled down my shaft to my patch of curly pubes. I let myself groan Harper’s name, working my dick faster.

I pictured the way she would beg me to stop when I took her, how the tears would fall from her eyes, and her moans of ecstasy and agony would build.

Her torment would be just as psychological as it was physical.

It was going to be exhilarating.

I’d scare her shitless, deprive her senses, and screw with her head so much she’d start to think that I was a fucking god.

All my girls went through the same thing. They had to be broken in and initiated.

I found my release and held it, angling myself away from Harper’s pussy and over her stomach. With another low moan, my dick jerked, and my seed shot out.

Taking a second to catch my breath, I sat back slowly, gathering the last remnants of semen off the head of my dick with my thumb, and wiping it across her supple lips, forcing her to smile in the process.