“Ten minutes isn’t enough time to f**k you properly.” He tugged on her bottom lip, then released it. “Instead I’m going play and you’re going to come all over my hand.”

Staring up at him, she could feel the blush spreading over her face. Carter never talked like this—so raw and dirty. He pumped his fingers in and out of her, his thumb pressing hard as it moved in circular motions.

“That’s it…ride my fingers,” he said before biting down on the lobe of her ear. She moaned in response. “Damn, but you are tight. I can barely move.”

“It’s been…a while,” she said, her voice breaking on a moan.

He leaned back, looking at her. “Want me to make it easier on you?”

She closed her eyes, her hips rising to meet his thrusts. “H-how?”

“Like this.” Suddenly, he shifted, his soft hair brushing against her bare thighs.

Her eyes opened. Then his tongue replaced his thumb and she cried out. He pushed her down to his desk with his free hand, wrapping his arm around her hips to pull her even closer to the edge.

Teasing licks around her clitoris had her gulping for air. And when he sucked it into his mouth, she let out a scream and smacked the top of his desk with her palms. Either she would burst into flames or pass out if he did that again.

“Touch yourself. Make those sweet ni**les of yours even harder,” he rasped against her delicate folds. He flicked his tongue over her clit, his eyes so dark they looked black.

Without hesitating, she trailed the tips of her fingers over her br**sts, watching Carter watch her as he continued to lick and suck and fill her. She pinched her ni**les, rolling them between her fingers until she heard him groan.

“You’re gonna feel so f**king good around my cock.”

The thought of him inside of her, thrusting harder and deeper than his fingers was enough to send her over the edge. Once more, he sucked her clitoris into his mouth and she went up in flames, screaming his name as she burned.

Carter was so hard, his dick could be used as a car jack.

He glanced back at the clock. Five minutes. The hands of the clock burned into his brain, until he looked down at the woman splayed so wantonly on his desk. All flushed from her orgasm, messy hair and pouty lips begging to be kissed. Satisfaction rose in him. He’d done that to her.

And he was going to do it again.

Leaning down, he kissed her gently, until she ran her hands up his arms and pulled him down to her. The kiss deepened, tongues slipping and sliding against the other.

The garage door hummed and rattled as it began to rise.

Panic filled Melanie’s eyes. “Let me up,” she said, her voice reed thin.

Helping her up, he winced as his fly rubbed against his erection. He would be sore as hell in a few hours.

“Carter,” a very familiar female voice called out. “Where are you?”

“In here, momma.”

Melanie’s face went white, then she moved at warp speed. “Oh God, oh God,” she chanted as she smoothed down her shirt, skirt and hair. She whirled to face him. “Do I look okay?”

“Fine,” he lied, snagging the daily paper to hold in front of him to conceal his hard-on. She looked like a woman had who just been satisfied while he felt like a damn teenager.

“Good morning,” Leah Ambrose said as she walked in the office. She stopped, glancing from him to Melanie. “Did I come at a bad time?”

He sliced his gaze to Melanie and raised his brows conspiratorially.

Melanie’s mouth trembled, then her hand slammed over it and she ran out of the office, shoulders shaking. The sound of her laughter echoed in the garage and it was all Carter could do to not join her.

Leah’s forehead wrinkled. “She always was a strange girl. Bless her heart.”

He frowned. “What brings you out here?”

“I need a reason to visit my son?” Leah walked around the room, eyes not missing a thing. “Thought I’d invite you to dinner tonight.”

“April still there?” Just saying her name was enough to get rid of his erection. He threw the paper on his desk and moved to the coffee maker, pouring himself another cup. “Want some?”

“No thank you,” Leah said, her voice prim. “And yes, she’s still here. Poor girl is devastated you won’t give her another chance. I spent almost the entire night consoling her.”

“Send her back to Charlotte.” He took a sip of his coffee, not really wanting to wash away the taste of Melanie on his tongue. Turning to face his mother, Melanie walked back inside his office. His heart flipped his chest. There was no stopping the grin that kicked up his mouth at the corners.

Melanie returned that grin with a sweet, confident smile of her own.

“I see.”

He jerked his attention back to his mother. “Good.”

“Guess I’ll let you two get back to work.” Leah’s lips thinned for a moment, then she smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. Yeah, she was really unhappy with him. But there was no way in hell he would get back together with April.

“See you tonight, Ms. Leah,” Melanie said, “Zoe invited me to dinner.”

“Isn’t that something,” his mother said as she ran her eyes up and down Melanie. “Did she invite you into her closet as well?”

A dull flush crept up Melanie’s throat. “I-I—”

“You know how those two are,” Carter said, unable to fully comprehend how rude his mother had just been. “Besides I think that outfit looks good on her. Maybe a little early for dressing up as the Great Pumpkin for Halloween though.”

“The Great Pumpkin. Seriously?” Melanie rolled her eyes, but the embarrassed look on her face had disappeared. “Gee thanks.”

Their exchange seemed to mollify Leah, because she shook her head and tsked. “Some things never change.”

A wicked gleam appeared in Melanie’s eyes and he gave her a don’t-you-say-it look. Thankfully she kept her mouth shut and only waved good-bye to Leah as she left.

He shut the office door and moved closer to Melanie, placing his hands on her hips. “Now where were we?”

She leaned into him, her br**sts rubbing against his shirt as her lips touched his throat. His mouth went dry. “At work. Your ten minutes was up five minutes ago.” Then the little witch laughed at him and wriggled out of his embrace.

Chapter Seven

“Are you really not coming to dinner?” Melanie asked, her purse on her shoulder and her hand on the door. It was after five-thirty and she needed to be at the Ambroses’ house before six. Leah was worse about being punctual than Carter, which explained where he got it.

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