A little sound of pleasure left her throat and he rocked his hips, sending his c**k deeper. Her tongue swiped over his head and he groaned. “Damn, you’re good.” Faster now, he gently pushed and pulled on her hair, setting a rhythm that had him on the edge.

Big brown eyes gaze up at him as her cheeks hallowed.

“I’m going to come, sweetheart.”

Her response was to suck harder and rub his balls. His orgasm shot through him, leaving him with every pull of her hot mouth. She drank him down greedily, her tongue doing things that made his body shake.

“God…fucking…shit,” he growled. Yeah, he didn’t make any sense, but he didn’t give a damn. When he could finally see straight again, she sat up, bare br**sts bouncing and ni**les begging for his mouth.

“My turn,” she said. Then that sexy woman crawled up his body and sat on his face. Oh yeah, this was exactly what he wanted for breakfast. He spread her, plunging his tongue deep inside and letting all of her honey go down his throat. He licked and sucked and bit until she grabbed the headboard.

A little twist of his lips and she cried out his name. But he didn’t stop. He scraped his teeth over her clit and sucked the swollen flesh into his mouth.

She went wild, bucking against him and screaming.

It had to be the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

Rolling off of him, she sank down beside him and closed her eyes. “That was—”


Lashes lifting, she rolled to her side and traced a pattern on his chest. “Carter, if you’ve got things to do…It’s okay if you leave.”

The relief at her offer of an easy out didn’t come. Instead all he could think about was her sitting by herself at home, or worse, calling his sister and crying. That wasn’t all he thought; he didn’t want to leave. He wanted…her. This.

He dusted his thumb over her pouty lower lip. “Spend the day with me.”

The smile she gave him lit up the room, brighter than the sunshine streaming in. And when she hugged him tight, his heart did a little flip.

Well, shit.


Melanie eyed the Mustang parked beside Carter’s garage. There was no way in hell she was going to drive it anywhere. Carter loved that car, more than anything. Or at least he acted like he did.

Carter held open the driver’s side door and gestured for her to get in. “We’re wasting daylight.”

“That’s because someone kept me in bed the entire morning,” she said, her cheeks heating.

He strode from the car, his confident gate sending little bubbles of excitement throughout her body. Wrapping his arms around her middle, he said, “Plan on keeping you in bed this evening, too.”

“Just the bed?” She shivered as he pressed hot kiss along her neck.

“Got some countertops, too. But first”—He pulled her over to the car, practically shoving her inside.“You’re going to drive this car.”

“No.” Even as she said the word, she climbed inside and put on her seatbelt. He closed the door after her and got in on the passenger side. She glanced at the floor and nearly jumped right back out. “I can’t drive stick anymore, Carter, not since I wrecked Ryan Sawyer’s truck.”

A wicked grin kicked up the corners of his mouth. “Hate to argue with a lady, but the things you were doing to me this morning say otherwise.”

Her mouth fell open, cheeks heating to beyond acceptable levels. Flicking her eyes at the review mirror, she wanted to die. Her face was a red as the paint job. Great…just great.

“What if I mess up the car?”

“I’ll be right here with you.” He touched her cheek. “Trust me.”

There he went with those words again. “Okay.”

“Know what to do first?”

“Yes.” Starting up the car or even putting it in reverse wasn’t the problem. It was getting out on Highway Thirteen and putting it into a higher gear. The last time she’d attempted this, she’d down-shifted her dad’s truck some many times that she’d almost stripped the gears and given them whiplash. Her palms began to sweat as she pulled out of the parking lot.

“Doing good, baby.” He placed a warm hand on her thigh, gliding it down over her knee to cover her hand. A hand that had a kung-fu grip on the gearshift. “We’re going to do this together.”

Some of the tension that had worked its way into her shoulders began to fade away as he helped her shift from first to second. “Carter,” she whispered, knowing that her next move was where she had the most trouble.

“Put the pedal to the metal,” he said, his voice so confident that she did exactly what he said. “Ready?”

Don’t close your eyes, she silently reminded herself.

“Don’t close those big brown eyes of yours.”

Together they shifted into to third, then fourth. And the only thing that happened was exactly what should have happened.

She let out a little cheer and Carter squeezed her hand. “You did it.”

“We did it,” she said. There wasn’t anything she couldn’t do with him at her side.

“Fine,” he said and she could hear the smile in his voice. “It was a team effort. Where to next, Miss Smith?”

Grinning she flicked her eyes to him then back at the road. “Wherever the road takes us.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Pulling her hand to his mouth, he kissed it. She fully expected him to let it go, but he laced his fingers through hers and every time she had to shift gears, he stayed with her.

Don’t ever let me go, she thought.


“Can I show you something?” Melanie asked as she drove. She had put the top down, so now all her blonde curls streamed in the wind.

“You’re in the driver’s seat.”

Down shifting, she hit the gas. “Hold on to your hat, baby doll.”

Carter grinned. For the past thirty minutes, she’d driven as fast a he’d let her up and down Highway Thirteen, her confidence growing with each mile.

She took a right onto Persimmon and drove another quarter mile before turning into the driveway of a tiny house with a for sale sign stuck in the front yard.

“What do you think of this place?” she asked, unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out. She walked to the porch and peeked in the windows.

He joined her on the porch, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Why?”

“Because I want to buy it.” Turning to him, her brown eyes brimmed with happiness. “I almost have enough money for a down payment.”

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