“I thought it best if we were to go back to being friends.”

Of course he did. She closed her eyes, tears threatening to fall. “Yeah, I guess that’s—”

“But I can’t do it, sweetheart.” His chair scraped back and she felt the heat of him as he came to stand behind her.

“You can’t?”

“Hell, no. I can’t stand idly by, watching other men talk to you. I know what they’re thinking, what they’re seeing and what they want, because I’m feeling the exact same way.” One of his hands slid around and up, cupping her breast. His free hand joined in, going to the small buttons of her shirt and slowly freeing each one. “I want you in my bed. I want to hear those breathy sighs while my c**k is in you.”

Her breath hitched and her eyes opened. “Carter…”

“Tell me you want that, too.”

“I want you in me,” she said, arching against him and rubbing her bottom against his erection.

“Jesus, you say the sexiest things.”

She shoved the plates away from her. “Right here is good.”

“Right here is great.” He pushed her down on the table and flipped up her skirt. She heard his zipper being pulled down, then the sound of foil ripping. “Fuck me. Who bought you these?”

Guess he liked the lace thong. “I did while I was out shopping yesterday. Someone who shall remain nameless, so as to not gross you out, recommended the store.”

“My dick thanks you for that.” Carter slipped his hand beneath the edge of them, finding her wet. “Always like this for me… so wet and hot.” He thrust two fingers inside of her and curled them, making her hips jerk back. For long minutes, he tortured her like that, keeping her on the edge of release as she begged for him to make her come.

“Why don’t you put your c**k where your hand is?”

“That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble one day, baby.”

“Hope you’re the one that punishes me.”

In one smooth motion, he shoved her panties to one side and thrust deep. “Hell, yes.” Her tight heat sucked him in, muscles clamping down on him so hard that he groaned at the pleasure. Pleasure built as he rocked into her. “Damn, I love f**king you.”

“Carter,” she said on a moan, her hips pushing back.

Relentless, he sought to drive himself deep. So deep that she’d forever be marked by him, that no other man would ever come close to touching what they had. Only that was the problem. He didn’t want her with another man. Some faceless, nameless man who would feel and see her like this, so vulnerable and at his mercy, because she’d allowed it.

Pulling out, he turned her around and lifted her, driving into her once more. He walked forward, until her back hit the door to the kitchen. “Look at me.” Chocolate eyes glazed with desire and passion gazed into his. “Never gonna be this good with anyone else.”

She tightened her thighs around him. “Only you…I only want you inside of me. Forever.”

He wanted that to and it should have scared him shitless. Her words stripped him bare, until only a fierce desire to possess her remained.

“Only me,” he growled.

He took her mouth then, tongue tangling as he sank inside of her. Deeper than he ever thought possible, until she twisted her hips and he slid the smallest of distances. But it was enough to send him into a frenzy.

Caught up in a fever, he f**ked her like his life depended on how good she came. Slipping a hand between them, he pinched her clit and she cried out. Her body seized up and her inner walls began to milk him.

Tearing his mouth away, he watched as she went over the edge, calling out his name. “Beautiful,” he murmured, but his enthrallment didn’t last long, because in his next heartbeat he poured himself inside of her.

“Melanie…fuck,” he panted, holding himself completely still inside of her while she throbbed and pulsated around him. She kissed his throat and jaw, her sweet breath fanning over his sensitive skin. He let her legs slide to the floor, then claimed her mouth in a long kiss. Something hot and sweet washed over him as the tips of her fingers touched his face.

He leaned back to get a good look at her. At her flushed face and tousled curls. At the emotion shining clearly in her dark eyes.

And he was done. Forget done. He was worthless. No good for anyone but her.

“Don’t go back to the hotel. Spend the night with me,” he whispered. “I want you with me.” Who was he kidding? He needed her with him. Always.

He loved this woman.

“I want to be with you, too.”

For a moment he considered telling her, but he wasn’t completely confident that she felt the same. Coward that he was, he kept it to himself.

Then again, he could show her how much he loved her.

Sweeping her up in his arms, he carried her to his bedroom, laid her on the bed and stripped off her clothes. “I’m a lucky man, you know that?”

Smiling, she caressed the side of his face and he leaned into her hand. “You sure are.”

Damn, but he loved it when she was confident and sassy, saying whatever she thought. “Where should I start first? So many, many options” He pressed a kiss on her neck, then nibbled a path up to her jaw, his hand memorizing the contours of her body. Where she dipped and curved in hot degrees that he wanted block off for every man that wasn’t him.

She trembled beneath his touch, her sexy body and beautiful face filling with color. Dark pink lips parted, her tongue slipping out to lick at her bottom lip. The hummingbird pendant gleamed against her skin, right where her pulse fluttered out of control.

“Kiss me,” she breathed.

And like every good southern boy should, he followed her orders with a polite “Yes, ma’am.”. However, what he felt like doing to her was beyond polite.

He kissed her until he couldn’t breathe, couldn’t see straight or even want to know his name. Their tongues glided together, slipping and sliding…curling around the other. But it wasn’t enough, not by a long shot.

“More,” she moaned.

“In a little while,” he said between kisses. Only merely kissing the sexy woman lying beneath him was like only wanting to come in second at a qualifying race.

So he worshipped her with his mouth, licking and teasing her ni**les until she dug her hands in his hair. Kissing his way down her stomach was no hardship at all and when he parted her, he groaned at the sight of her pink, wet flesh.

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