He’d planned on this being all about her pleasure. But as he tasted her and his c**k grew hard, he couldn’t help but crawl up her body and put her gorgeous legs over his arms.

“I need you, with nothing between us.” Rubbing the head of his dick against her wet heat, he said, “Trust me.”

“Trust me back.” Then she bent her legs and he sank inside. His eyes watered at the pleasure. He watched her br**sts bounce as he began to move. Dipping his head, he caught a hard nipple in his mouth and sucked.

She whimpered and moaned, did all those things he loved to hear and feel. Her nails raked down his back and he hissed. Faster and harder he pounded into her, until he had to lower his arms on the bed and pin her to it with his lower body.

Her first orgasm made her entire body flush pink.

He ground down on her. “Again, baby.”

Blonde curls went everywhere as she shook her head. “Can’t…oh God.”

“Yes, you can. Think about me pushing my c**k in that tight pu**y of yours, stretching and filling you,” he whispered in her ear, then bit down on the lobe.

Her body bowed, almost bucking him off as she screamed. He joined her then, hot walls clenching at him, scalding him. He slumped over her, vaguely aware of her hands coasting down his back.

Rolling off of her, he took her with him and ran his hand down her side. He couldn’t stop touching her. He couldn’t get enough of her. Everything about right now was perfect.

She was perfect and warm and soft in his arms. In his bed.

She’d fit perfect in his life. But he couldn’t just up and say that. No, that would be too easy. Instead he’d think of something better. Something that would show her he was serious. Telling a woman you loved her was serious business after all, and required the ultimate in dating moves.

“Okay in there?” he asked, kissing her drowsy eyes.

“You’ve worn me out,” she said, her voice shaky sounding to her ears. That had been…she still couldn’t think of the right word. Maybe mind-altering or life-changing. Solidifying the fact that she was in love with him. And he’d never return that. Sure, he felt desire for her. Sure, he felt a duty to apologize, because he was a nice guy and that’s what nice guys did when they hurt a woman’s feelings.

But this…the way he’d held her, kissed her, and had looked at her. This was going to kill her and no amount of flowers or jewelry would bring her back to life.

Then he said the thing that shocked and scared her the most. “I think it’s time you took me home to meet Louis. In fact tomorrow would be a great day for it.”

“But you already know my dad,” she protested.

“Not in this capacity,” he disagreed.

“I’m still upset with him, so…I’d rather not.” Besides, Louis wouldn’t be home. He’d be out spending his newfound riches at the nearest casino.

Carter rubbed her shoulder. “I could give you the mon—”

“No.” It was embarrassing enough that he knew Louis had cleaned out her bank account. “Thank you.”

“Fine. Then tomorrow you’re eating Sunday dinner at my parents’ house, but not as Zoe’s best friend.” Okay make meeting her daddy the second most shocking and scary thing ever.

“I’m pretty sure Zoe won’t be mad at me too long for forgiving you,” she teased.

“I’m not joking.” Grasping her chin, he lifted it and looked her right in the eyes. “You’re going as my date and there’s no way you getting out it. Hell, I’ll make sure we sit together at church tomorrow, and I’m holding your hand during the service, too.”

“What about your momma?” she croaked.

“I’m too old to hold her hand.”

“What about my daddy?”

“Pretty sure Louis would punch me in the throat if I tried holding his.”

She let out a weak laugh, then closed her eyes. “That’s not what I meant.”

“Let me worry about that.” He brushed a kiss on her lips. “Night, Melanie.”

“Night, Carter.”

Soon he was snoring softly while she stared at the wall. He’d lost his mind. She’d screwed it right out of him. His momma was going to kill her.

Chapter Fifteen

Melanie couldn’t go to hell for having erotic thoughts in church could she?

Not only had Carter held her hand as they walked in the sanctuary, he’d also put his arm around her as soon as they sat with his family. Presently, he was lazily gliding his fingers back and forth along the back of her neck.

“Can’t wait to get you alone,” he whispered in her ear. “That modest little dress of yours is driving me crazy.”

Leah Ambrose shot daggers at Melanie with her eyes while her thin lips held an even thinner smile. Melanie pointed at Carter. He was the one doing the talking not her. He was the one making her think of last night…and this morning. He had decided to conserve water by showering with her, which had led to her ridding him like a cowgirl on his shower bench.

Only falling asleep right after take-off on the plane ride home had kept them from joining the Mile-High Club.

She blushed and scooted over a little from Carter. He pulled her right back into place.

Melanie swore she heard Leah growl at her.

It was a good thing Leah had strong objections to violence, but that might not stop Carter’s momma from maiming her, or from his ex—who was still in Holland Springs and looking all virginal sitting on the pew wearing white—helping her.

Melanie rolled her eyes and heard Leah gasp. Great. Now Melanie had confirmed what that woman thought of her. She was a pure heathen.

Thankfully, the pastor had everyone close their eyes and bow their heads as he prayed. As soon as he was done, she shot to her feet and tried to high-tail it out of there, but Carter laced his fingers through hers.

“Slow up.” He smiled at her. “I want to enjoy this.”

“Enjoy your momma and April having un-Christian thoughts about me?”

“Melanie, ignore them,” he said, his green eyes gleaming with amusement. “And no, I’m enjoying having the prettiest girl in Holland Springs by my side today.”

Her heart did a little flip, didn’t stick the landing and fell to her toes. But she tried to play it off as they walked outside. “Are you sweet on me, Carter Ambrose?”

“Nah, I’d rather be in you.” He winked.

“We’re at church,” Melanie gasped, looking around to see if anyone overheard.

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