Tilting his head to one side, he shook his head. “We’re in the parking lot.” Opening her door, he helped her inside and shut the door behind her.

“And since someone made us late, we’re in overflow parking,” he added as he got in and started up the car. “So I can talk as sinful as I want.”

He was hopeless. “Good grief,” she moaned.

“Keep that up and we’ll be late to Sunday dinner.” He pushed up the hem of her dress, exposing the thigh highs she’d put on this morning under his very lusty eyes. As soon as they hit Juniper Street, he tugged on the top of her lingerie. “I plan on f**king you tonight while you wear these.”


“Hey,” he said with a grin. “I waited until we weren’t on holy ground.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“Do what I can.” He slid his hand higher, until it disappeared under her dress. Large fingers brushed her curls. “You’re not wearing panties?”

Spreading her thighs a little, she let him get the tip of his finger inside of her. “Isn’t that what ladies do?”

“Damn if I know.” His finger slid deeper, another joining it. He pulled them out, then shoved them back in.

“Oh God…yes,” she said on a groan.

The sound of her arousal filled the interior of the car. She grabbed the door, her hips jumping. Again he pulled his fingers all the way out, but this time, instead of pushing them back inside, filling her where she was empty, he put them to his mouth and sucked the wetness off his skin.

Turning off the main road, he went down a dirt path, until nothing but woods surrounded them. “Get over here,” he said, his eyes darkening as he cut off the engine.

“Now,” he added when she didn’t move right away.

Taking off her seatbelt she scrambled across the bucket seat and into his lap. “Turn around and face the front. Hands at ten and two.”

As she obeyed him, he pulled down his zipper and moved her dress out of the way. Another adjustment and he lifted her up, shoving his c**k deep inside of her. “Hell, yes.”

She rolled her hips, his hands on her br**sts, pinching her ni**les through the material. “Oh God.”

“Damn, but you make me hot,” he said, his hands coming to rest on her hips and helping her find a rhythm. “That’s it…ride my cock, baby. Love watching you take it.” He smacked her bottom. “This ass of yours, always shaking it at me, like I wouldn’t notice…think you’ll let me f**k you there?”

“Yes,” she moaned, her movements frantic now. “Whatever you want.”

He thrust so hard inside of her that she could practically taste him. “Trent do that with you?”

“What—no, no one.” Trent was the last person she wanted to talk or even think about right now.

“Don’t care really,” he said, his teeth scraping at her neck. “Just want to be the last one.”

“Me, too.” If she had her way and wishes came true, then he’d be her last everything. But what a man said during sex and what he actually meant were always two different things.


He found her swollen clit, his fingers doing things that had sobbing his name and digging her feet into the floor mats. “Come for me, Melanie,” he said.

Concentrating on nothing but his hands and cock, she let the pleasure build. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she chanted.

His breath was harsh in her ears, the hand on her hip holding her so tight that she knew there’d be bruises later. The belt he’d worn dug into her bottom as he moved beneath her, faster and harder until the entire car creaked with their movements.

“Watch me fill you.” Leaning against him, she pulled up her dress and did exactly that. She watched as his c**k disappeared inside of her, hitting her in all the right places. She couldn’t stop watching.

He shoved the neckline of her dress down, until her br**sts popped out. The little bit of lace covering them seemed to inflame him further. “Need those in my hands.” He tweaked her ni**les, making them ache for more. For his mouth and tongue and teeth. “Rub that swollen clit of yours.”

Boldly she touched herself, rubbing and pressing in the exactly the way that would make her come the fastest. “Are…you watching…too?”

“Hell, yes. I don’t know where to look,” he said, nipped at her shoulder. “Spread your legs wider, I need to be deeper.”

Widening her thighs, he went so deep that she jolted at the invasion. “Ugn.”

“Perfect…so f**king perfect with you.” He tugged on her ni**les, sending a bolt of pleasure and lust right to where she throbbed and ached. To where everything centered.

To where, just like their first kiss, everything was him. All she breathed, tasted and wanted was Carter. The first sparks of her orgasm made her shake and tremble.

“Come for me.” Then he bit her neck and she came so hard that she screamed and saw stars. Another thrust, then a second and a third, and he joined her, groaning against her back.

When they had both fallen back to earth, he helped her clean up between kisses. His touch was so gentle that she wanted to cry.

“What am I going to do with you?” he asked softly. He brushed a strand of hair out of her face and kissed her cheek.

Love me, she wanted to say. Just love me. Instead she lowered her forehead to his chin and said, “You have to tell your momma why we’re late.”

Chapter Sixteen

“I swear, we almost started without the two of you,” Leah said as Melanie and Carter walked in.

“Sorry, Ms. Leah,” Melanie said, gripping his hand so tight that it almost hurt.

“We had a little car trouble, momma,” Carter said, leaning in to kiss Leah’s cheek. Yeah, that should work. Especially since his mother classified any car not made in the last five years as old.

April narrow her blue eyes at him. “Thought all of Chase’s cars were in great shape.”

Guess it wouldn’t be too gentlemanly of him to say something along the lines of ‘You should know since you f**ked Chase in all of them’? “Is that your professional opinion?”

Melanie loosened her fingers from his grip and walked to the next room. He almost went after her, until he heard her speaking in low tones to Zoe.

Leah passed him the plate of roast beef. “Set this on the table.”

“Yes ma’am.” He moved to the dining room and set it in the middle of the table. Turning to head back into the kitchen he almost smacked into April.

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