“Hell, no.”

“What did you do when you found out that those facilities were bad?”

His hand dropped and curled into a fist. “Persuaded the powers that be to move her.”

“See,” she said, giving him a gentle smile. “You’re not the bad guy you pretend to be.”

He briefly raised his brows and flattened his lips. “As much as I hate repetition, you’re wrong.”

She wound her arms around his unyielding form and leaned against him. “I don’t believe it.” Sure he’d made really bad decisions, but the things he did to make up for them, to make it up to her were more than lip service.

“You should—” He placed his hand under her chin, tilting it up to meet his hard gaze, “—because I want to do very bad things to you.”

Heat flooded her body, finding the tips of her fingers and the ends of her toes. “Like what?”

He cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing across her nipple. “Touch you here.”

It tightened in response and she arched into the sheer pleasure of his touch. “Is that all?”

“No, you little temptress, that’s not all.” He sank to his knees and ran his hands under the bottom of her flowered skirt and up her legs. “Hold this.”

She grasped the material with one hand and gripped the countertop with the other to keep from melting to the floor.

He pressed heated kisses to her leg along the way, his hot breath wafting against her skin in delicious waves. “I want to tie you to my bed and have you at my mercy.” His talented tongue found her birthmark and traced it, making her gasp and tremble. “I want to lick cream from your ni**les while you ride me. I want to put raspberries here—” His fingers slid under her panties and lightly stroked her, “—and feast.”

A low moan erupted from her throat. She could barely draw in enough air as he tugged her panties down her legs. Grabbing her hips with his large hands, he turned her so that she leaned against the counter.

Eyes as dark and mysterious as the forest sought hers. “Let me love you this way.”

Flustered she looked around the room, belatedly remembering Ivy was snug in her crib upstairs.

“It’s only you and me, sweetheart.”

Swallowing, she managed a nod and hitched her skirt higher, legs trembling.

The first pass of his tongue made her knees buckle and his hands slid to her bottom, anchoring her. His tongue delved, parting the damp curls and she tensed, waiting for his tender assault. Apparently, Sasha had other ideas. Ideas that made her weak and wet.

He lightly stroked her, teased her as the tip of his tongue traced the delicate folds. Looking down, she watched him as his lips pressed against her, his head moving in gentle nods. She moaned at the carnal sight.

He clutched her bottom tighter and pressed his tongue deeper. Finally-finally- stroking her where she ached the most. Over and over, until she was shaking and biting her lip to keep from screaming.

He hummed low in his throat and looked up, his lips shiny with her. “You are delectable.” He kissed her curls before asking, “Shall I continue?”

Rose grabbed his head with her free hand, pulling him back to her. “God, yes.” The next few flicks of his tongue had her moaning his name. Another slide and she shattered into fragmented pieces of herself.

Closing her eyes, she leaned heavily against the counter and felt his hands leave her. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. She needed more. Him. Sasha.

Rising to his feet, he kissed the side of her neck, sucking at a tender spot. She could feel his erection as it rubbed the cradle of her hips through his pants.

“What about you?” She was more than willing to satisfy him.

“This wasn’t about me.”

“Take me to your bed, here…it doesn’t matter where…I still want you.”

He swept her up in his arms and placed her on the counter, then groaned. “You deserve a bed.”

Lifting her in his arms once more, he practically ran down the hall, taking the stairs two at a time. Several heartbeats later he threw her into the middle of his bed, his body covering hers. His tongue invaded the seam of her lips, easing inside with a finesse that made her want to weep and tear his hair out.

She parted her thighs and he rocked against her. Wanting more, she struggled to wrap her legs around his hips, but her skirt was tangled around her knees.

“Help me,” she pleaded.

He pushed the elastic waistband of her skirt over her hips and down her legs. Desperate to have him, she jerked his sweater over his head and reached for his pants, but he’d beaten her to it.

He stood and kicked them away. Hooking his thumbs into the waistband of his boxer briefs, he shoved them down and off. Then he gave her a pirate’s smile and jumped on the bed again, enveloping her in his arms while his heavy erection pressed against her inner thigh.

“I’m overdressed,” she whispered against his throat.

“Can’t have that.” He stripped away the remainder of her clothes while she kissed and bit at his shoulders, his chin and earlobe. “You remember everything I like, don’t you?” he growled in her ear.

“It suits me,” she said playfully.

Cool air washed over her ni**les and his hot mouth covered one as it tightened. She arched off the bed when he began to suck deeply. She writhed beneath him, his hands and mouth everywhere. There wasn’t a part of him that didn’t cover her. No matter which way she turned, his hands were there to caress her hip, her arm or cheek. Unable, it seemed, to let any part of her go untouched.

His arm flung out, his hand opening the small drawer in the dresser beside the bed. She rose to her knees as he did the same, unwilling to lose the close contact of his body. Her curls hung down her back and cascaded over her arms as she rubbed against him. She heard the sound of foil being torn open.

“Rosebud, you are so damn lovely,” he said and quickly sheathed his erection with a condom.

She turned away and crawled up the mattress. He covered her from behind, kissing her neck and she balanced herself on her hands and knees, ready for him.

Instead he gently bore her back to the bed. “Not this time, love. I much rather look at you.”

“Oh,” she said. The back of her head hit the mattress and his body covered hers, hot and muscular, the metal of his nipple rings making depressions in her chest. She reached between them and pinched one, eliciting a groan. She felt his erection against her and she widened her thighs, desperate to have him inside. “Now, oh God…now.” He thrust deeply and she jolted at his invasion, trying to accommodate his size.

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