“Christ,” he exhaled and dropped his head to the curve of her neck. Repositioning her hips with his hands, he murmured her name and thrust again, filling her completely this time.

“Sasha,” she moaned and wrapped her legs around his lean hips.

His breath steamed against her skin, his lips and teeth working together to find every sensitive spot along the column of her throat. She dug her nails into his back, relishing the feel of his muscles as they gathered and flexed beneath her hands. His body moved with precision as he filled her.

Letting go of her hips, he sank his hands into her hair, holding her head still as he began to ravage her mouth, the thrusts of his tongue driving her wild. She drew it deeper as she drew him deeper inside of her. Her heart pounded as moan after moan filled the room. Hers and his blending with the steady rhythm of the bed creaking as they moved together.

Straining against him, she unlocked her legs and braced her feet on the mattress. “More,” she whispered in his ear and bit down on the lobe.

As if something had been keeping him in check until that very moment, his hips pistoned and Sasha’s eyes roll to the back of his head with the pleasure of it. Rose felt beyond incredible. Beyond soft and sweet as her body held him so damn tightly within that he’d nearly came when he’d made the initial breach.

Faster and harder he rocked against her, unable to do more than grab her wrists with one hand and pin them against the bed. He loved this, being inside of her, giving her pleasure and he wanted to feel her orgasm around his cock.

Suddenly, her muscles clamped down on him and he groaned at the unspeakable pleasure. “Can you come again?”

Her beautiful blue eyes were glazed with passion when they opened. “Yes…yes.”

Angling his pelvis higher, he rolled his hips and she cried out. He smiled with pure male satisfaction and did it again. This time she whimpered.

“Again, Rosebud. Make those pretty sounds again.” He undulated against her and she responded with more moans until he wasn’t sure what was turning him on more—the feel or sound of his Rose.

Sweat beaded his brow and his hair plastered his forehead as he continued to move. He didn’t care if it took all damn night to make her come this way. His c**k jumped and he fought the urge to let go. Okay, so maybe not all night.

He looked down at his lover, watching her beautiful face as she threw her head back. Her br**sts were lifted perfectly for him, and he bent down, drawing a red tip into his mouth.

She cried out and her inner muscles clamped down hard on his cock. He sucked deeper and rolled his hips again as she came. As she fluttered around him. As his own orgasm made his erection surge and jump. He continued to thrust as his orgasm poured out of him, wishing that this moment was endless. Wishing that he could stay in her arms forever.

Finally, he released her nipple and it popped out of his mouth.

She giggled, then sighed.

He looked up at her, letting go of her wrists and halting the movements of his hips.

“Hi,” she said, her lashes fluttering to rest on flushed cheeks before lifting again and making his heart turn over.

“Hullo, love.” He kissed the tip of her nose.

Supple arms came around his shoulders, drawing him down to her chest. “Can I sleep with you tonight?” Her voice was barely above a whisper and seemingly guarded.

It was her house. Why in the hell would she…He closed his eyes for a moment.

Mistaking his silence for a no. She began to squirm. “Never mind. I don’t know why I asked. I’m-I’ll just go back to my room now. It’s probably for the best anyway. I mean, Skye used to tell me I tossed and turned all night. So I’m sure I would be a bother and Blackbeard would be jealous.”

Skye and Blackbeard? Rose’s reference to sleeping with someone, actually going to sleep, included her sister and that damn cat? Even as he still rested inside of her, he had to know. “What would your former lovers have to say about that?”

The room was silent as he listened to the rapid beat of her heart. “Nothing.”

“Picked the quiet types, did you?”

“He, they usually drove me back to my store after our…dates.”

Sasha would bet his life she’d meant lover in the singular sense. As in Jason Everett. He turned and placed his elbows on each side of her shoulders. “And the other times?”

Her impossibly blue eyes widened before she looked away. “I walked.”

That ass**le had made her walk? “Rose, that’s not…” He let his head drop to her chest and he concentrated on breathing. Slowly. Picturing ways to castrate the son of a bitch helped.

“It was spring, and I like walking. The trees were really pretty, too.”

Oh, good God, she was rambling. Castration was too good for his former lawyer. He would go all out and get rid of everything. “Jason doesn’t deserve your defense.”

“I wasn’t defending him.” Her gaze swung back to his and her mouth formed a perfect O when she realized what she’d said. “Or any other of my many, many lovers.”

He snorted and rolled to sit on the edge of the bed. “It doesn’t matter to me how many lovers you’ve had—one or a hundred and one. But every woman, especially you, deserves to be treated with decency. Dropping you off like the evening post or making you walk isn’t it. That’s what matters to me.”

“You’ve never done that?” she said and he glanced over his shoulder as her chin tilted.

“No, I was taught to treat a woman better than that.” Really? an insidious voice whispered, Did your father teach you to seduce the woman you were ordered to destroy? He grimaced and rose from the bed. “I’ll be back and I expect you to be waiting for me,” he called out as he started for the door.


He turned slightly and relief filled him when he saw her climbing under the covers. “Yes?”

Luminous eyes regarded him thoughtfully as she settled against the pillows, her curly black hair a stark contrast to the white pillowcases. “You’re doing it again.”


Her smile filled the room and his heart. “Being a very good man.”

Chapter Sixteen

Sasha leaned against the door frame, watching as Rose lay sleeping in his bed. The sheets rose and fell with her steady breathing. He’d taken his time in the bathroom, rehearsing his lines and then striking them from his brain. She deserved better and there was no way in hell he would go another day without telling her the truth. No matter what it cost him.

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