“More in other places?” she asked between kisses.

He bit the soft flesh of her ear lobe. “Yes.”

“Show me later?”

“Of course.”

She pushed his shirt off his shoulders, and he undid his cuff-links one awkward hand at a time. His trousers were next to go, then his boxers, socks, and shoes. She wiggled out of her panties.

“Keep the shoes on,” he ordered gently, and she blinked at him.


Not until they were touching, hip to hip, chest to chest, legs entwined with one another, did either of them speak.

“I have a confession,” she said, not meeting his eyes.

“And that is?”

She began chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I suck in bed.”

He nodded, nibbling on her bottom lip. “Men like that, I hear. As for me, I’m an enormous fan of sucking. ”

Laughing, she lightly punched him in the shoulder. “That’s not what I meant.” Her laughter faded. “Glen said I sucked and he had another woman to compare me to.”

“Did he suck in bed?” Sebastian asked lightly, though inside he wished he had cut off Glen’s testicles and fed them to him.

“I don’t know. He’s the only guy I’ve ever been with,” she said softly. “He didn’t like to go places, so I thought that sucked.”

He furrowed his brow. “Go what places?” God, this was hard, hearing about how much of an arse her ex-boyfriend had been. Hell, he was hard and trying to have a conversation was incredibly difficult. He wasn’t a slave to lust, but his erection kept brushing at her dark curls. Her ni**les scraped at his chest and her hips cradled him perfectly. A dainty foot brushed at his ankle and he took a sustaining breath.

Her lashes flicked. “Down.”

Though he caught her meaning, he played dumb and kissed her br**sts. “Here?” He teased the tip of one nipple. “Why would any man not want to suck and nibble on these very perfect pair of br**sts?”

She moaned, “Not there. Lower.”

He kissed the underside of her br**sts, satiny skin scented in vanilla and honey. She tasted divine. Making a wet trail with his tongue, he navigated his way down her stomach, over to her hip, where he scraped his teeth and made her squirm.

Parted her delicate flesh with his thumbs, he blew lightly. She was swollen and pink. Wet. Hot. “This low enough?”


“Don’t ever beg me, Daisy,” he growled. “This isn’t a chore.”

“Then do it.”

“Do what?” He kissed a plump thigh. “Wash up the dishes?”


Another kiss, and then a teasing tip of his tongue to her very swollen clitoris. “Help you bake a cake?”

“Bastian, pl—now,” she said, her body flushing and knees shaking. “Lick me.”

“Here?” He nibbled a path up her neglected thigh and tongued a letter S there. “What about here?” Another lick. Oh so close this time to where she was parted—pink and wet for him. “I need very specific directions, love.”

“Between where your thumbs are,” she cried, her cheeks pinker than he’d ever seen as she watched him.

Giving her a wicked grin, he licked her slowly, leisurely. Savoring the tangy sweetness as she shook and moaned. He used his lips, tongue, and teeth to pleasure her.

“Bastian,” she whimpered. “I don’t know what to do with my hands.”

“Put them on me, pull my hair…clutch at my shoulder.” Another lick and she moaned his name again. He loved that sound. He loved her. “Nothing is wrong between us.”

He placed his tongue against her clit and massaged it, then worked a single finger inside of her. Her inner muscles tried to push him out, but he was a patient man and he waited for more of her arousal to coat his finger. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t help things along.

He sucked her swollen clit into his mouth and her hips jerked against him. This time when he pushed, his finger went deep and he groaned. Her thighs widened and her knees bent. He placed her legs on his shoulders.

Glancing up, he watched her eyes widen. “What are you—”

“Trust me. You’ll like it this way,” he said. “Be as loud or as quiet as you want.” Then he lowered his mouth and started at the beginning.

She screamed and tugged on his hair as she shook. “Oh God…I’m going to—”

And she did, long and loudly. Music to his ears and his heart. He was pleasuring her, this woman he loved. He was giving her everything she needed, and she needed him.

“Inside me,” she panted. “I need you inside me.” Grabbing a condom from the drawer of the nightstand, she practically threw it at him. He opened the foil and rolled it on.

“You’re pierced there?”

Peering at her, he grinned wickedly. “It appears so.”

“I thought I felt something.”

He grabbed the base of his erection and rubbed it against her. She fell back, her back arching and her thigh widening to accommodate him. “Ready?”

“Yes.” She tugged at his shoulder, urging him on. Slowly, he entered her, the blunt head of him stretching her. She made a little noise, her face contorting slightly. “You’re very big.”

He kissed her nose. “And you’re very tight.” A quick roll of his hips and he was seated halfway inside. “Am I hurting you?”

Eyes glazed with passion blinked up at him. “Feels too good.”

“No such thing.” He withdrew a little and then thrust inside. Hard. She grabbed his shoulder and dug her nails into the skin. He hissed in pleasure. So much pleasure. So much everything.

Nothing had ever felt so good, and he didn’t think it was only the physical aspect of it. No, he knew it was the emotional aspect. He was making love to Daisy.

She whispered his name, sex words, and how much she loved what he was doing. But not him. She didn’t love him. She didn’t know him.

It would have to suffice.

Instead of dwelling on what she didn’t feel, he concentrated on what he could make her feel. He concentrated on her, on every sigh, every moan, and every flutter her lashes made. He rocked inside of her, rolling his hips… withdrawing and reentering with measured thrusts.

“Do you like this?” he asked. “Or this?”

“That.” Her eyes went wide. “Oh God. I love that.”

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