He lowered his head to the pillow, just beside hers, and breathed her in, his body at her command. And it felt so damn good to do it. It felt so damn good to feel her sweat slick skin sliding against his, her pants against his shoulder and her hands on his body. She stroked his back, grabbed his shoulders, and wrapped her legs around his waist, high heeled shoes scraping his ass.

“I think I have to come again,” she said, bewilderment in her tone. “I’m sorry.”

He lifted his head for a moment, keeping his body moving exactly how she wanted. “Then come. I can wait.”

The beginnings of a sweet smile began to grace her lips, then he slipped his hand between them and rubbed her where she was wet and swollen.

Her mouth opened wide on a gasp. His name on her lips.

That was all he needed, his orgasm taking over, making him lose control, not caring about tempo or thrust. Just the nearly mindless pumping of his hips that had him shouting her name.


Daisy came back down to earth, like a feather floating on the breeze. She was boneless, sore, and satisfied. Unable to stop, she pressed kisses to her lover’s neck and jaw. He smiled against her skin and rolled off her.

He hadn’t been kidding when he said he wanted to make love to her, to focus on her pleasure…her everything. She’d never felt so loved. It was a little strange, if she had to be honest, because she knew Glen had loved her and she’d loved him, yet sex had never felt like this.

Sebastian did everything she liked, asked questions, and expected answers.

And the way he’d looked at her, the way he touched her…if she didn’t know any better, she would have thought that he was sweet on her. Maybe even more than sweet…maybe—his fingers brushed hers and she felt him curl his hand over hers.

She smiled and closed her eyes, laying there beside him for what seemed like hours. It didn’t matter that he didn’t talk. Heck, she didn’t feel like talking.

“Would you like to be held now or shall I dispose of the condom, first?” he asked and she turned her attention to him, his lickable tattooed chest and hard abs slowly rising and falling, while he stared up at the ceiling.

Pulling her hand away, she switched on the light beside the bed. “Uh.”

“Or I can leave if you like.” He sounded like he was ready to leave. He sounded like he’d lied to her about the whole heart-stopping, panty-melting let me make love to you speech.

Oh God. The realization of what she’d done hit her, making her body actually ache. She’d just slept with a man that she didn’t know, the day after she’d been dumped, and oh yeah, he was paying her to be with him.


“You can do whatever,” she said, trying to sound cool and calm while inside she raged and wanted to crawl into a hole for being so dumb. For being so unlike herself.

He turned to look at her, his face unreadable. “I think I’ve said something wrong, but I’m not sure what.”

“It wasn’t what you said; it was how you said it.” She blew out a breath. “Okay, so it was what you said, too.” She covered her eyes with a hand and waited for him to get up, but the bed didn’t move. She peeked through her fingers. He still lay there, sexy as anything, staring at her.

“My confession: I suck at the what-to-do-after-sex part,” he said solemnly. “If you would explain your preferences, I’d gladly put them in action.”

Suddenly, all the doubt, all the anger, and all the self-loathing melted away, like a bowl of sorbet sitting in the summertime sun. “Well, it was nice when you held my hand.” Immediately, he grabbed her hand again, and she smiled. “I bet you want to use my bathroom.”

With a nod, he let go of her hand and rose from the bed.

Daisy had the pleasure of watching walk across her apartment, his stride purposeful, the large tattoo of his last name on his back rippling as he stretched along the way.

She sighed.

A minute later, he walked back to her, his body lickable no matter which way he was facing. And dear God, was he built. Everywhere. The piercing didn’t hurt things at all. He paused at the foot of the bed. “Now what?”

In answer, she held her arms open. He practically jumped on the bed and gathered her to him as he asked, “Like this?”

“Perfect.” She kissed him and rested her head on his chest, tracing the outline of a star tattoo. “Why don’t you have one here?” She lightly touched the space over his heart.

“Out of respect,” came his cryptic answer.

“Do your tattoos mean anything?” There were stars, skulls, knives, and words written in languages she couldn’t read, beautiful but deadly looking.

His pale eyes found hers. “They mean I survived.”

Chapter Sixteen

Sensing the need to change the subject, Daisy held up her hand and examined the ring Sebastian had given her. “This is very pretty.”

“I’m glad you like it. Actually, I bought it with you in mind. The chocolate diamonds around the pink one in the center reminded me of bits of frosting.”

“You did?” Astonished, she turned the ring this way and that way, examining it from every angle. “They do?”

“Yes,” he softly, almost as though he was confessing a big secret.

“It’s perfect for me.”

Kissing her cheek, he began lightly rubbing her shoulder. “May I take you to London tomorrow, to meet my friends and… others?”

By others she knew he meant press and the ever ominous sounding Board of Romanov Industries. “I’d love to, but I don’t have a passport.”

“I’ll take care of that, and every other expense.” He exhaled. “I’ll need you to stay for a couple of weeks.

Despite going to England being number one on her bucket list and his offer of paying for everything, she hesitated. “I still have my business to run.”

“Can you reschedule?”

Honestly, she didn’t have any clients for the next three weeks. “March is a slow month for me,” she admitted.

“Can you pack everything you need tomorrow, while I take care of your passport, and be ready by six PM? We’ll take off at seven.” He rolled her under him and she was astonished to find him hard. “I know how we can spend the duration of the flight.”

“I’m scared of flying,” she whispered, even as her body responded to the slow caresses he’d started giving it.

His hand drifted lower, to between her thighs, and he slid a finger inside of her. She sucked in air. “I’ll take very good care of you,” he murmured, dipping his head to her chest. Using his teeth, he tugged on a nipple, and then swirled his tongue around it. “Say yes.”

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