She looked up at him, with so much emotion in her gaze that he wondered if he’d done irreparable damage. Damn his selfish ass, tomorrow he would fly her back to Holland Springs, give her all of the money they’d agreed to, and take the consequences like a real man.

“Take me sightseeing.”

He blinked. That was the last thing he expected her to say. “Sightseeing?”

“Oh yeah, all the places I missed, like the Harry Potter train ride… I want to do it all. With you,” she said, a mischievous grin curving her lips. “Then take me to a pub, so I can eat fish and chips and drink a pint of ale. Oh, and buy me a t-shirt, with the Union Jack on it.”

A t-shirt? Oh, his giddy aunt. He swallowed. “Is that all?”

“Not by a long shot,” she whispered against his lips as he released her wrists. “I want to go to the house where they film Downton Abbey.”

“Clearly, you’re fatigued and in desperate need of copious amounts of sleep,” he said, before she could add to her list. Though her list charmed him, as did she.

She rubbed against him, her very hot body doing things to his that had him groaning and wrapping his arms around him. “You know when you’re so tired that you can’t go to sleep without some help?”

Right now he knew nothing, but the way she felt in his arms and beneath his palms. Satiny skin and a plump bum. He cupped her there, pressing her against his dick and creating a friction that set his teeth on edge. “Shall I be your sleep-aide, like the other night?”

Her lips found his throat and kissed him. “Yes.”

Sliding his hands from around her bum to her thighs, he lifted and carried her to the bed. He set her on the edge, letting his hands coast down her legs, to her feet, then he placed them on his shoulders. Like this, she was open and pink, completely vulnerable to his touch. Christ, he wanted her. And she wanted him.

But not yet.

“Your shoes are fantastic,” he said, peering up at her.

She looked down at him, her cheeks flushing. “Technically they’re your shoes, since the sales clerk suggested I open an account at Louboutin’s, the one on Mount Street.”

“Hope you bought the lot.”

“Might have, with your preference for me to leave them on during sex,” she said, wiggling her feet and smiling cheekily. She knew him so well. Her shoes sparkled with crystals. “These are the best shoes evah. Isabella will be so jealous.”

He might have to buy the entire store, if those shoes made her that damned happy. Of course, they made him happy. High heels made every man happy, or they should in his opinion. “What else did you buy?”

“If you don’t stop talking, Sebastian, I’ll make you take me to Stonehenge,” she threatened.

Tilting his head to one side, he gave her a smug smile. “Pretty sure you’re the one at my mercy, right now.”

Her eyes glittered. She trailed a hand down her chest, lightly cupping her breast. She pinched a hard, pink nipple. He licked his lips and his erection became rock hard.

“Looks like you’re at my mercy, too.”

“Mutual imprisonment? I think not.” He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her thighs, effectively pinning her to the spot. So very trusting, she was…and vulnerable. “Not when I have you like this. Completely vulnerable to my mouth.” He kissed her and her hips jerked. “My tongue.” He traced a path to her clitoris and circled it, smiling when she smacked her palms on the bed and gasped his name

“Shall I tell you what to do with your hands?” he said, and then softly blew hot air against her clit.

“They’re holding me uh-up,” she said, her voice rising.

He licked her again. “Fast learner, darling. Impressive.”

“Lots of sight-seeing,” she panted, her br**sts lightly bouncing.

Undeterred by her second warning, he continued his leisurely explorations. “Stratford-on-Avon is very popular,” he said, and then sucked her clit into his mouth. She grabbed his hair, pulling and tugging as he ate her, as he feasted and gave her what she needed. Every lick, every nibble serving her. He served her, kneeling on the floor between her thighs and concentrating on bringing her to orgasm.

“Bastian…ung…I’m going…oh my,” she said, her voice beautifully breathless.

Another graze of his teeth over her swollen flesh and she screamed, her fingers nearly ripping his hair out. He winced a little, but didn’t stop. Instead, he watched her as she came apart, as her sexy body flushed and goose bumps dotted the landscape of her skin. Her lashes fluttered, eyes closing and luscious mouth parting.

When she finally subsided, he laid his cheek against her thigh. She unwound her fingers from his hair.

“Sorry about that,” she said, and then smiled sheepishly. “Might need to tie me up from now on.”

“Really?” He raised a brow, but that sexy woman didn’t look away.

Sheepish gave way to seductress. “Mmm-hmm. I think I would like it.”

Unhooking his arms from her legs, he stood and leaned in to her. “You’d only like it?”

She nipped at his jaw. “I might love it if you do it—one day. Need to ease into stuff like that.” Flopping back on the bed, she scooted to the middle.

“Naughty Daisy.” His hard-on screamed for relief. But he didn’t deserve to be inside of her, not tonight. Tonight was only about her. On second thought, if she wanted to have sex, he would have no choice but to concede to her demands.

He gazed down at her face. Sleepy eyes glowing with satisfaction blinked at him. “You’re a great sleep-aid, but further testing is needed to be sure.”

“Shall I get other participants?” he teased.

She pouted, full lips so kissable that he couldn’t help himself. For long, torturous minutes, he kissed and stroked her body, while her hands explored his. He growled when she found his erection and squeezed.

“What about you?” she asked.

“What about me?” He kissed the corner of her mouth, then worked his way to her ear and took the lobe between his teeth.

She arched her neck and turned her head. “You need sleep, too.”

God, he was going to hate himself in the next few minutes. “Today was a long day for me,” he said, trying to ignore her hand that had moved from the outside of his pajama bottoms to the inside. She rubbed his piercing with her thumb and he bit his lip to keep from moaning.

“Naughty Sebastian,” she said, and then laughed a little. “I want this inside of me.”