Oh, the server meant her. Daisy grinned sheepishly, her shoulders rising. “Thanks. Can’t wait.”


Before Daisy could further make a fool of herself, Sebastian appeared and sat down beside her. “Does my pub meet with your approval?”

“As in you own it or this is my most favorite place ever and I like to come here all of the time?”

“The latter.”

She took a drink of her ale as their food arrived. “Couldn’t say it, could you?”


“Want to invite Boris and Ivan to join us?” The two had been following them all day, mostly at a discreet distance, but she wasn’t dumb. Sebastian lived a life that required security. Maybe it wouldn’t be too weird not to have large men with guns following her around when she and Sebastian went their separate ways.

Her heart pinched. She didn’t want to think about separate ways.

“No drinking on the job.” He toasted her, smiling so bright that she couldn’t see anything but him. “To more days like this.”

“Ten more at least,” she said, lightly hitting her glass against his. She had to be wary of that smile, of his actions—like surprising her with a hat, a jumper, and a t-shirt with the Union Jack on it. “Then it’s back home for me,” she reminded him, really herself. This was not permanent.

“Right. Can’t forget that.” He looked off into the distance, his smile disappearing into his drink.

With a heavy heart, she dug into her food, eating fish and fries that tasted so good she wanted two more orders of it. Sebastian ate his as well, but kept quiet.

On her second glass of ale, music began to play and a woman picked up a microphone, singing along. A nearby television displayed the words and highlighted them.

She halfway rose out of her chair. “Do you ever Karaoke?”


She sat back down again. “Oh.” Something on his sweater glittered and she peered closer. “You’re wearing the flag pin I got you.”

He flushed. “Guilty.”

She wiggled her eyebrows. “We match, like a real couple and everything.” Her heart soared and a smile curved the corners of her lips.

“You’re quite pissed, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not.” She frowned. “Why would I be mad at you for wearing my pin?”

“Pissed means drunk, darling.”

“Oh…You really are sweet,” she sighed. “And nice.”

“I’m not sweet or nice.” His voice lowered. “And if you weren’t drunk, I’d take you home and shag you senseless to prove it.”

Blood pounded in her ears. Desire unfurled, winding through her body and making itself at home. She throbbed. She ached. She wanted him. Her ni**les grew hard, her br**sts heavy and sensitive against her lace bra. “I’m not drunk, Sebastian.”

He leaned into her, nibbling on her neck. “I’m not too sure about that.” His large hand covered her breast, gently squeezing.

Shutting her eyes, she moaned. His fingers slipped up and under her sweater, finding her nipple with ease. He tweaked the hard nub and her breath hitched. “Someone might see.”

“Too dark.” He pinched her nipple again, sending sparks of pleasure right to where she throbbed and pulsated for him.

“Please,” she panted. Although she wasn’t sure if it was a plea for more or for him to stop.

His palm ground against her clit and she wished she didn’t have on jean or panties. “I have a place nearby.”

She whimpered, and he covered her mouth with his, tongue tasting and exploring. She grabbed his bicep and thigh, letting that hand go up to where he was hard for her. “How far away?”

“Fifteen minutes.”

Jumping to her feet, she grabbed her purse and phone. “Pay the bill and let’s go.”


They made it in twelve minutes.

She kissed him as he unlocked the door, as they tried to run up the stairs and into his bedroom. Finally, Sebastian grabbed her by her thighs and lifted her up, lurching down the hall. Muscle memory his guide.

He flipped on the lights, slammed the door shut, and set her on her feet. She kissed him again, plunging her tongue in his mouth until he moaned.

Sebastian ripped her sweater open, buttons popping and pinging as they hit priceless artwork and vases. He kissed his way down her neck, to her chest, and took the tip of a lace-covered breast into his mouth. She moaned his name, her hands going to the edge of his sweater and tugging.

“I want this off,” she demanded.

“Whatever you want.” He stopped kissing her long enough to get their clothes out of the way. Then he cupped her face and kissed her deeply.

She brought his face down to hers, with one hand on the back of his neck. “I want you,” she said, biting his lip.

“To do what?” he growled, shoving his hand between her thighs. She was hot, wet, and swollen. He eased a finger inside of her, then another. “This?”

“Yes..ung…yes.” Moaning, she moved against him, hard ni**les scraping his chest and hips rolling. In her next breath, he’d grabbed a condom from his pants pocket and dropped to the floor, pulling her on top of him. “Ride me.”

“I haven’t been in this position before,” she whispered and he tore open the foil of the condom and rolled it on.

Glen was an idiot. He should be shot, castrated, and hung out to dry, and Sebastian was more than happy to do all three to the man. Determined not to let his shock or inner thoughts at her confession show, he leaned up to kiss her. “Rise up on your knees, darling.”

Biting her lip, she did as he instructed. He grabbed the base of his dick. “Now sit.”

“Like this?” The tip of him went inside her, where she was hot, tight, and wet.

“Yes,” he hissed.

Encouraged, she took all of him, bottoming out on his groin. He grabbed her hips, helping her move. Faster and faster, he urged her to ride him. Damn, but she was a quick learner.

“I needed this,” he said on a groan. “I needed to be inside of you.”

“Me too,” she whispered. Leaning forward, she balanced her hands on his chest and rode him hard. Breasts bouncing, ni**les tight points, and hair falling out of its bun.

“There…like that.” Grabbing a thick lock, he wrapped it around his wrist and tugged her forward, grinding his body against hers. She came, blindingly fast and screaming his name.

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