“Nothing.” Rolling her eyes, she shook her head. “It’s a c**k cock.”

He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. “Ah, then touch that very naughty part of my anatomy.”

Lifting her thighs, her hand slipped down and gently grabbed his dick. “Here.”

Briefly he closed his eyes as he grew hard again, and then peered at her through his lashes. “So that’s a cock? Who knew?”

“I can’t believe it.” She punched him in the chest and he made an unf sound. “You knew the entire time.”

“I’m an excellent guesser.” The tip of her thumb rubbed his piercing and he groaned low in his throat. “What about the beaver?”

“Obviously, it’s, well, you know,” she said, that blush of hers becoming redder by the second.

He rose up on his elbows, very aware that she had begun to stroke his cock. His hips lifted to meet each down stroke. “If you can’t use your words, darling, then use your hand. Your less occupied hand.”

Her head turned to the side as her hand inched toward where he wanted to be again. “I can’t. I know I should be able to, but I can’t. I’m embarrassed.”

“Don’t be.” He cupped the side of her face. “Look at me. Between us, everything is shameless.”

She turned her head, lips brushing his palm. “Why would anyone want to change a man who says things like that?”

“What you do to me.” He pulled her down to him, finding her mouth easily. It opened eagerly under his, their tongues slipping and sliding against the other, as if she couldn’t get enough of him. She kissed him endlessly, taking his breath and making it her own. Taking his heart, his soul…his everything.

All of him belonged only to her. Forever.

Rolling her under him, he drove himself inside of her and she gasped his name. The initial clasp of her inner muscles as she tried to accommodate his size was nearly his undoing. She was so damned hot, tight, and wet he couldn’t speak. Couldn’t tell her how bloody good she felt. How perfect she was in his arms. How he was falling in love with her even more.

It should have scared the hell out of him.

But it didn’t. It spurred him on, the sound of her sexy moans filling his ears. Her hands gripping him to her, fusing their bodies and sending him closer to the edge.

Daisy wrapped her legs around his lean hips. She couldn’t get past the sensation of Sebastian inside of her, thick, long, and pierced. She couldn’t get past the sensation that it felt like nothing was between them. Flames of desire licked at every nerve ending, burning her. Sebastian’s hips rolled, the muscles of his back gathering and flexing under her palms.

“Oh,” she moaned. Her back arched, and he was there, tongue licking a hot path up her throat.

“Christ…I’ve never felt anything so good.” He drove into her hard, unrelenting, as he laced their fingers together. Stretching her arms above her head, he moved in firm, hard strokes. Not sex, not making love…more than that, and yet all of that.

She shivered, desire and unadulterated lust twining.

Suddenly, he pulled out of her, kneeled between her legs and gave her sex a long, luscious lick, his tongue firm against her sensitized clit. “I could eat you for hours,” he murmured and she flushed hot. “Make you come on my tongue and my fingers, over and over until you couldn’t take it. Then I’d thrust inside of you, make you come on my cock. I’d come inside you, yeah? Fill you up, until it ran down your thighs. You’d be mine. ”


He tilted his head to the side, mouth thinning like he wanted to argue. “No?”

“You’d belong to me… and I’d belong to you.”

“All yours.” His handsome face turned harsh, his eyes glittering as he crawled up her body. “All mine.”

Large hands parted her thighs and he thrust deep, jolting her. He set a hard pace, one that she strained to keep up with, until he cupped her bottom and lifted her to meet him. She flung her arms out, hands searching for purchase and finding the headboard. Her fingers curved around the largest of the spindles.

Rain poured, hitting the windowpanes. Thunder rumbled. Elements outside mirroring their lovemaking.

For long moments he kept her on knife’s edge, her orgasm at his fingertips. Their bodies became slick, their breathing harsh, and kisses sweetly fierce. His thumb passed over her clit, a sweeping caress that made her hips jerk and her ni**les tighten to hard, needy points.

“Like that?”

Another caress, and then firm, circular motions that made stars spark behind her closed lids. “Yes.” He thrust deep and her eyes opened. “Ung…More.”

“Whatever my lady wants,” he murmured, and then did something with his fingers that made her sob his name. So close. She was so close that she wanted to scream.

“Please,” she whispered, desperate for this sweet torture to end. Desperate for her climax that only he could give her. He was ruining her. Ruining her for any man that wasn’t him. “Please.”

He ground his palm against her and her body bucked, pleasure tearing through her and carving out a path that only Sebastian could ever travel.

It was too much.

It wasn’t enough.

A low growl left him. His fingers dug painfully into her left hip as he surged deep, emptying himself inside of her as her sex clenched around him. His sky blue eyes widened as her name seemed to be ripped from his throat.

He slumped over her, keeping most of his weight on his arms and off her. She pressed kisses to his face and throat, lightly tracing the tattoos on his shoulders with the tips of her fingers.

His head lifted and he smiled at her, blond hair all mussed just the way she liked it. “About work tomorrow.”

She wrinkled her nose and drew her brows together. After that, he was thinking of work? “What about it?” she asked warily.

“I’m taking a holiday,” he said and kissed the tip of her nose. “For a fortnight at least. You can extend your holiday here for a few extra days, yeah?”

“Fortnight? Translation, please.”

That sexy smile of his widened. “My little American. Two weeks.”

“Thank you, my earl of the enormous cock.”

He grinned. “Now that’s better than all the other ignoble titles you’ve given me.”

“You like all the titles I’ve given you. No one else dares.”

“Daring women are very sexy.”

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