“I see you finally wore the Valentino. You look smashing.”

Daisy blinked at Kate, and then stammered out a thank you.

“I didn’t follow the two of you here.” Kate waved a cream-colored piece of paper at Daisy, before slipping it into her purse. “I was invited long before that.”

“I didn’t think you were following us.” Daisy craned her neck, wishing for Sebastian to show up with her water. “Where are you sitting?”


Daisy jerked her attention back to Kate. “Here here?”

Kate laughed, throwing her head back as she did, her ebony hair all caught up in a diamond tiara. She looked like a princess. “Have you bothered to read the name cards?”

“No.” Daisy picked up a card in the shape of a house. Sebastian Romanov, Earl of Spenserfield, was written in silver ink. She set it back down and read the one beside her. Kate Von Lichtenstein. A quick glance to her left let her know that her name wasn’t on that house either. A hot flush stole up her neck and down her chest. Where the heck was she supposed to sit? “Sebastian and I just arrived.”

Kate’s jade eyes were assessing as she raked Daisy with a snooty gaze. “I didn’t think he’d bring you to this.”

“Why not?”

“Because…” Kate exhaled. “I coming off as a real witch, aren’t I?”

“My momma said that if you can’t say something nice, then you shouldn’t say anything at all. So I’m going to keep real quiet while you dig yourself out of this one.”

“It’s hard to see you with him. It’s even harder to see him so happy, yet so anxious over you.” Kate gazed out into the ballroom, and Daisy followed her line of vision.

In the center of it all stood Sebastian, holding a goblet of water while talking with a rather imposing looking gentleman.

“That’s my father, the Baron,” Kate said. “He and Sebastian have much in common.”

Sebastian turned his head slightly, and she felt an electric surge go through her. It heated her, down to her very toes. Before they’d left this evening, he’d informed her what he planned on doing to her on the ride back home.

His sexy mouth lifted at one corner and he winked, like he knew she was thinking of that very conversation.

“And it appears you and I have much in common as well,” Kate murmured. “He is extraordinarily attentive in—”

“Excuse me?”

Kate’s eyes widened. “He and I were very young the first and only time we ah—”

“I get the picture.”

“It’s very hard to get over the man who’s your first love.”

Daisy pictured Glen’s face and made a soft noise. “Sometimes it’s easier than you think.”

“I’m not sure why I’m even here.” Kate placed her purse on the table. “This is torture.”

“The music’s not that bad,” Daisy said, hoping Kate would take the hint. “A drummer would be nice.”

Kate leaned forward in her chair, studying her. “If you were anyone but his, I would stay here beside you and spend an enjoyable evening. But I can’t. I thought I could, but it’s too damn hard.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Daisy said, grateful that she could face Sebastian’s ex with the truth on her side. “But I do love him, and I am his. All that said, I do hope you find someone who makes you happier than he ever could.”

“You’re very sweet. I don’t know if I could be so kind,” Kate said. A tear escaped the corner of one eyes and she brushed it away with a knuckle. “Maybe I should follow the Romanov example and find someone who’s not what people would expect.”

Then she rose, in a cloud of sweet-smelling perfume and designer silk, and left before Sebastian arrived at Daisy’s side with her water.

“Was she rude?”

Daisy took the water and drank greedily. “She was sad.”

He sat down beside her. “I’d forgotten she was to be my date for this.”

“Your date!” Daisy sat her drink down.

“The event was planned last year. It was her choice to attend this event anyway. She had to know I’d bring you.”

“Still…no wonder she was so upset.”

“But you’re not,” he said. “You’re glowing, in fact.” He slid his gaze to her stomach and then back at her face.

She blushed. “Now I am.”

He eased his hand inside the split in the side of her dress. It stopped mid-thigh but his hand did not. “You’re very warm, too.” She gasped as the tips of his fingers brushed her most intimate parts. “Very, very warm.”

“You’re making me hot.”

“I’ve placed my bid. Shall we leave before dinner is served?” He slowly slid his hand from where she was wet and slid a finger over his lower lip, then licked it. Her entire body throbbed in response, like one enormous beat of her heart. “My car is waiting.”

They stood as one, racing past everyone and not caring who turned up their nose or smiled fondly. Once the car door closed behind them, Daisy launched herself at Sebastian, kissing him hungrily. He laughed into her mouth and she drank in the sound.

A large hand eased up her dress once more and she moaned. He parted her, entering her with one long finger. Her inner muscles clutched at him. Working at the bodice, he managed to free one of her br**sts and wrapped a hot mouth around it. She arched, back bowing off the seat.

“Take your hair down,” he murmured against her wet flesh.

With hands trembling, she removed the diamond barrette he’d given her to wear tonight from her hair.

“Gorgeous.” He stroked her, easing another finger inside of her and curling them.

She grabbed his wide shoulders and held on for a moment.

The car began to move and she fell back against the seat again.

He stayed with her, his fingers teasing and the thumb he’d pressed against her swollen clitoris torturing her.

“Do you always get to third base in the back of a limo?”

Lifting his head from her breast, he gave her a puzzled look. “Third base?”

She glanced down. Her dress was around her waist and his fingers were sunk deep inside of her. “That’s third base.”

Comprehension dawned and he grinned wickedly. “Shall I tell you the truth or—”

“The truth,” she said. “Always tell me the truth.”

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