“To make things right with my brother?” Christian asked.

“Ah-ha! Wait…what?” Sebastian asked.

His brother rolled his eyes. “She is pregnant and I did need someone to talk to. Who better than my big brother? See you next Thursday.” With that, Christian opened the door and strolled out, leaving Sebastian standing there, staring after him.

He stared at the door, long after it closed. This was it, his opportunity to make everything right with all the people he loved.

His phone buzzed. A text from Liam.

Mark your calendar full for next week. We’ve meetings lasting into the weekend with Chen Software. Seal this deal and you’re in.

This account was even bigger than the last. Bowing out of negotiations, even for family, would be looked upon unfavorably. Romanov Industries needed him to get this account.

There were no guarantees that his new relationship with his brother would last. Hell, by next week, they could be at each other’s throats and ready for blood.

As for Daisy, that was an even longer shot at success. He’d hurt her—really, really hurt her—with his thoughtful lies. With the manufactured webpage he’d built. With the bit about Kate. With everything.

Every night he made himself relive their last conversation and the shattered look on her face. How it was drawn tight with pain. Her full lips trembling when he’d rejected everything she had to offer, including their child, by firmly placing himself in the absentee father role

He wanted to be more than that. He wanted everything life had to offer him. And his everything in life was Daisy and their unborn baby.

Rubbing the back of his neck, he briefly closed his eyes. He’d be lucky if she even looked his way at the wedding, much less spoke to him. Yet another relationship with no guarantees.

But if he closed the deal with Chen, then he was guaranteed to get his old position back. His old life back, his old everything back.

Where’s your sense of adventure? He heard Daisy whisper in his mind.

His phone buzzed again. Another text from Liam, confirming dates and times. Sebastian’s thumbs hovered over the keyboard for a heartbeat, and then he texted him back.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

“You’ve outdone yourself, Daisy,” her aunt Leah exclaimed, floating by her with a dreamy smile. “I swear, sugar, your momma would be so proud.”

Daisy smiled and thanked her, heading to the kitchen with an empty tray. She knew Leah wasn’t expecting a response, not really. She was too caught up in the wedding, but who could blame her? The ceremony had been something out of a fairy tale.

The reception had been a huge success. She’d given out more business cards in the past hour than she had in all the years she’d been doing business. A quick glance at her email on her phone confirmed that at least a dozen guests had already contacted her about their events.

Business-wise, she couldn’t ask for more.

Personal life-wise, she was an emotionally wreck. All she had done for the past month was cry and watch stupid movies about people who fell in love.

She’d had doctor appointments, lawyer appointments, more doctor appointments…she’d been probed, blood draw, weighed, and measured. Yesterday she’d heard the heartbeat of the baby, seen it wiggle and move on the screen. All she could think about was that Sebastian should have been there to share the moment with her, and not Haven, who’d let her cry for hours on her shoulder after the appointment.

All she could think about was she was as alone now as she ever was, but in about six months, she’d be very busy and very not alone. In another week, she’d be three months pregnant. In another three weeks, she’d be able to find out if she were having a little boy or girl.

The only thing that had gotten her through it all had been the support of Isabella and Haven, and the sudden rush of having to come up with Zoe and Christian’s menu—two months ahead of schedule.

At least Zoe and Christian had decided to hold the wedding at their house, in their beautiful backyard. A genius move if anyone asked her. They could totally control almost everything, including who was allowed inside the festivities.

“Must be nice,” Daisy muttered.

If she had had her way, there would be one guest that wouldn’t be eating her food. Oh no. And he certainly wouldn’t have been allowed to stand beside his brother, looking like a fairy tale prince come to life in his tux. Right down to the sun shining on his golden hair and the boutonniere pinned to his jacket that was the exact shade of his eyes. She’d been able to steal a few minutes to watch the ceremony, but he hadn’t even notice her. Not that she would know what to do if he had.

Most likely she would have done something dumb, like run up to him and kiss him, then punch him in the gut for being the earl of Asshatland.

“You doing okay?” Isabella asked, intercepting her at the back door to the house. “Not overdoing yourself? Are you drinking enough water?” She looked stunning, wearing a blue and orange chevron printed dress with orange heels. Vacationing in the islands had been good for her, though Daisy knew her best friend wasn’t over what her ex had done to her. Not by a long shot.

“I’m fine. Thanks for checking on me.”

Tawny eyes narrowed and she handed Daisy a glass of water, crossing her arms and tapping her foot until Daisy had no choice but to drink it.

“There. Anything else, Dr. Edwards?”

“For you to sit down for more than five minutes.”

“I’m pregnant, not dying.”

“Just wait until the morning sickness starts.”

It already had. “Because you’ve experienced it how many times?”

Isabella rolled her eyes and then smiled. “Fine. I’ll stop being so pushy, but are you sure you’re okay—emotionally, I mean?”

“Not really, but what can I do about pregnancy hormones?” Daisy asked with a little wink. She gave her friend a quick hug. “Go on and have fun. The band’s really good—some guy named Jaxon Hunter is the lead singer.”

“Mm-hmm. I will, but if you need me for back up…” Isabella words trailed away as Sebastian’s best friend walked by. Liam looked back, his dark gaze raking over Isabella before heading to the dance floor.

“Who is that?”

“Liam Stewart, best friend of my baby’s daddy.”

Disappointment shone in Isabella’s eyes before she frowned. “Oh, never mind, then.”

Daisy grinned, the first one that had felt real all day. “It wouldn’t be disloyal of you to dance with the man, if you want. I heard from Zoe that his fiancée left him for another man. So…you two have a lot in common.”

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