“Tonight can’t come fast enough,” Gabriel said, brushing his mouth over hers. She shivered in response, her skin coming alive at the feel of him.

Summer tried to smile, tried to be cheerful and happy, but all she could manage was a little, “Mmm-hmm.”

It wasn’t until they had eaten and were driving away, with shoes tied to the bumper and a Just Married sign on the back of Gabriel’s truck, did she realize that she had no clue where they were going. She didn’t expect a honeymoon. There wasn’t enough time to plan one, and she had no passport to go anywhere.

“Where are we going?” she asked, because she was at least curious about his plans.

He grinned at her. “Home.”

Chapter Twenty

Gabriel held out his arms to Summer, and she went willingly into them, her body shaking. They were in the master bedroom of his house, and she knew what would happen next. She knew what he expected and what she wanted, and she knew that they were the same.


“Nervous?” he asked, his hands gliding down her back.

“I’ve done this before, remember?” She wanted to smack herself for saying that, for reminding him of the rumors and the truths he thought he knew about her.

“You don’t have pretend with me, not anymore,” he murmured.

She made a noise in her throat. “I’m not pretending.”

He leaned back, gazing down at her. “What you think I want isn’t what I want.”

“How do you know what I think?”

“It’s all over your face.” He rubbed the pad of his thumb over her cheek. “I want you, Summer Jean Holland Edwards and no one else. I want to make love to you all night and tomorrow and the next day. I want to love you for so long and so good that you’ll never want our honeymoon to end.”

Wanting she could understand. Sexually needing her, she could handle. “Lofty goals for a virgin, don’t you think?” she said with a teasing grin.

“I might still be a virgin, but I did some research so I wouldn’t be totally unprepared.” His gaze skittered away, and he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “But I completely understand if you’d like to wait until later.”

“Look who’s the nervous one now.” She stepped out of his embrace.

His gaze snapped back to hers. “I’m not nervous. I’m trying to be considerate.”

“Maybe I don’t want considerate.” She tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Maybe I want your hands and mouth all over me.” Boldly, she reached out and cupped him between his legs, licking her lips at the thickness and length she found. He groaned, low in his throat, and her confidence grew. “Maybe I want this inside of me. Right. Now.”

Gabriel didn’t move, and for one horrible minute, she thought he didn’t want her at all. But then his arm snaked out, and he grabbed her wrist, tugging her to him. He kissed her, hotly and tenderly, all the while working at the zipper of her dress.

Finally, it gave. He pushed the straps over her shoulders and down her arms, to where it fell and pooled around her feet. His own clothes were the next to go, until he stood hard and proud for her. All hard, tight abs with muscular thighs and long legs. His shoulders were broad and his arms, good Lord, his arms were muscular but lean.

“Do I meet your approval?” he asked, looking at her from beneath his lashes.

She gave him a saucy smile. “You’ll do.”

Grinning, he took her in his arms once more, sucked on her bottom lip and then glided his tongue along the seams of her mouth until she opened for him. The room seemed to move, but no, it was just him, guiding her to his big bed and laying her down.

He stretched out beside her, one hand propping up his head while the other touched her, traced the contours of her body. “Take off the bra.”

She unsnapped the front and threw it across the room, anxious for his touch. But to her surprise, he didn’t touch her br**sts at all, just made lazy, wide circles around them. Her ni**les grew hard, and his dark gaze didn’t miss it.

She sucked in air when his head dipped, when his tongue teased the tip of a nipple and his fingers slid inside her panties. Her thighs widened, and he wrapped his hot mouth around her nipple and began to suck.

“Oh,” she moaned, coming off the bed. His fingers slid through her curls, finding her as wet as she’d ever been in her life.

“Do you like this?” he asked softly against her skin while circling her clitoris.

She whimpered. “Yes.”

“Take off your panties.”

Once the lacy material had been removed and thrown to the other side of the bed, he parted her, and she grabbed his wrist. Always, she’d envisioned being the one in control, the one who pinned him to the bed and took his breath away, like the night she had on the sofa.

“Trust me,” he said, leaning up to kiss her on the lips. “Trust me to take care of you.” Finger by finger, she released her death grip on him. “Breathe, sweetheart.”

He kissed her again and again, while his fingers explored… while one of those fingers slid inside of her. This time, both of them sucked in air. Her lashes fluttered, and she caught a glimpse of his face. It was drawn taut, as if it actually hurt to touch her and kiss her.

“Angel,” she murmured, trying again to take control, to not let the emotions that simmered below the surface boil up and wash away her determination. “Let me ease you. Let me stroke you, put you inside of me… just let me—”

“No.” He slid another finger inside of her and she couldn’t stop her hips from moving against him. Then he began to move, all that wetness making her slippery. She not only felt how aroused she was, she could hear it.

It didn’t hurt, she thought. For once in her life, it didn’t hurt to let another take control. So, she completely surrendered to Gabriel’s touch… his kisses. She surrendered to his hands and mouth and beautiful words that she wouldn’t allow her mind to dwell on.

He lowered himself onto her, balancing on his elbows. His c**k nudged insistently against her thigh. “I’m—” She pressed her bare chest against his, and he hissed. “Not sure what you wanted to do for—” She glided her leg up the back of his leg and he shook. “Protection.”

“There are condoms,” she said, reaching between them and touching him. “But most men complain about the feel.” He frowned, and then his face went deliciously tight again when she cupped his balls. “Or you can go bareback and pull out.”

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