“Why the hell would I pull out?”

He was on edge, she realized, and would soon snap. Wouldn’t it be a completely erotic sight to see him snap, now that she was back in control again? Always she would fight for this kind of control, even though surrendering to him had felt so blissfully good.

“You don’t have to, because I’m on the pill.” She nipped at his bottom lip. “So you can go hard and deep and never, ever pull out. You can fill me up until—”

He shoved her hand away, gripped her thighs, and began to push inside. She made a noise of discomfort. The sheer size of him was amazingly good and bad.

“Okay?” he breathed.

“Yes.” But it did hurt a little. She hadn’t been with another man since Darius, before Ivy had been born. Only, she couldn’t tell him any of that. It was too much exposure for her heart and soul.

Suddenly, he pulled out, and she clutched at his back. “What are you doing?”

“You’ll see,” was all he said before he pushed down her body, and palmed her butt in his big hands, lifting her to his mouth. “You almost made me forget about what I’ve been dying to do to you, with that dirty talking you were doing, sweet thing.”

She squirmed, not used to being on display like this.

Once again, he’d taken over and she felt helpless to stop him. His head dipped, black hair brushing against her pale thighs. The first long lick of his tongue made her curl her hands into tight fists, the second had her begging for more, and the third, well, there wasn’t a third.

Instead, he settled himself between her thighs and feasted. “I delight in the taste of my lover,” he whispered.

She caught the grin, the heated look in his eyes, right before he sucked her clit into his mouth. “Angel, angel,” she chanted, teetering on the edge of what she knew would be an earth-shaking orgasm.

He sucked harder, and she almost screamed his name.

“Love hearing you say that,” he growled, crawling up her body. “Say it again.”

“Angel,” she moaned as he slid inside her. She gasped, and her eyes opened wide.

Gabriel gazed down at her, his face tight. “I’m not sure how long I can last.”

“Me neither,” she confessed. Forget control. All she wanted was him.

His head dropped, and he began to move.

Oh God, he moved and stroked and touched her in just the right spot, gave her clitoris a little pat that made her arch off the bed and into him. He did it again and drove himself so deep that she swore she could taste him in her mouth.

“Like that?” he asked roughly

Burying her face into the crook of his neck was her only response. He didn’t let up, didn’t give her a chance to find her bearings, or even to think of what she should do next. Where she could touch him and make him—

He shifted, the head of his c**k hitting her in just the right spot, and she saw stars.

Widening her legs, she fisted her hands in his hair and brought his mouth to hers, kissing him. And kissing him some more, until she came, crying out his name and begging for him to never stop.

“Don’t stop. More,” she said, dragging in a breath.

“I have to—”

“Do it.”

He drew in a ragged breath, his chest heaving. “You’re sure?”

She plunged her tongue inside of his mouth and wrapped her legs around his waist. He bucked against her, driving deep and hard, until finally, finally he melted into her and groaned her name… Until he returned her frantic kisses with tender ones.

He gently brushed the hair out of her face, his blue eyes soft and blazing with love. For her. A part of her wanted to deny it and chalk it up to his first time, but a larger part of her, the part of her who wanted to be loved and cherished, refused to be ignored.

“That was amazing,” she said.

He grinned, all boyish and proud. “So, a repeat performance wouldn’t be out of the question?”

She shifted beneath him, eyes widening when she felt how quickly he was filling her again. “Already?”

“I’ve been waiting a long, long time,” he said, then sucked on her bottom lip and let it out with a little pop. “Practice makes perfect, and I want every time to be perfect with you.”

“It already is,” she heard herself say. He pulled away a little, tilting his head to one side. She put her fingers against his lips. “Please don’t.”

He kissed the tips before nudging them out of his way. “My sweet wife, I’d never use what we say here and now against you. I’d never throw it in your face when you let down your walls and allow me inside.”

Tears threatened her resolve.

“Don’t you know what an honor it is for me? Don’t you know how much I cherish you and what we’ve already done?”

“Gabriel,” she began, but the words wouldn’t come, and thankfully, neither would the tears.

He swept his lips over hers. “It’s all right, sweetheart, but maybe one day you’ll let down all your walls and not be so afraid to let me see the real you.”

His words made her all gooey inside, yet at the same time, made her stiffen against him, but he took it as a sign to move.

And thank God he did, because when he moved, she stopped thinking and started feeling him. He surrounded her, held her, and whispered words of love that didn’t require her to say anything back.

Her angel didn’t require anything from her at all, but for her to be her, and that was the best and the worst thing about their situation.


“This is for you. It’s a wedding present.” Gabriel handed her a large, brightly wrapped box after they’d eaten breakfast in bed. He’d loved waking up with her this morning, kissing her and sliding inside, moving in slow glides until she’d urged him faster and harder. He loved the look on her face when he made her lounge in bed while he cooked her breakfast.

Honestly, he loved everything about her. Always had and always would.

“I have one for you, too,” she said, setting her present down beside her before slipping from the bed and padding over to the closet. She still hadn’t unpacked, but he’d been keeping her occupied, so… She came back to bed, smiling shyly as she handed it to him, and crawled back in bed. “I had a little help picking it out. I needed to make sure you didn’t have this one.”

“You first,” he said. He watched as she carefully opened the present, not tearing into the wrapping paper or breaking the bow. “We have a ton of presents to go through, you know?”

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