My lashes lower, and his mouth is on my mouth, my tongue reaching for his tongue, but already, he’s moving lower again. His mouth is on the other nipple, suckling, licking. Oh God. I’m spiraling again, and it’s all so damn good. He moves lower, his tongue caressing a path right to my belly button, where it teases the sensitive skin, but my body is all about where he licks next. Where I want him to lick next. He licks lower, a line that heads toward my hip where his teeth scrape, his tongue licking the pinch he’s created. But then he’s gone, and I don’t know where he went. I don’t know how it happens, but suddenly, I’m back on the ledge, the wind whipping at my back and at my legs.

I jerk to a sitting position to find Jax now naked, his cock thick, jutting forward, his body perfect lines of lean muscle. His eyes meet mine, and in a blink, he’s back over me, pressing me to the mattress, his hands pushing my hands back over my head. “Don’t move, baby.”

He doesn’t understand. When I lay still, my mind is wild, not my body. “I want to move. I want to touch you. I want you to stop teasing me.”

He eases lower, his breath a warm fan on my lips. “The only way to forget that ledge is to be completely right here with me.”

“I am.”

“No. You aren’t. I can almost feel you thinking about more than what comes next.”

He’s right and I start to tell him so. “I’m—”

He leans in and kisses me. “Mine for the night, if you let that happen. Are you going to let that happen?”

“Yes,” I say, no hesitation in me.

His eyes narrow, searching mine, and then he’s straddling me, pulling my wrists together. The next thing I know, he’s reached for his tie, and I now know his intent. He plans to tie me up.



Panic driven by the past undoes me. I don’t think. I just react. Breathing hard, I sit up. “Jax.”

He catches the back of my head and kisses me, a long stroke of tongue that somehow still manages to heat my skin and my body. “I won’t hurt you. Never, ever will I hurt you.” His voice is low, raspy, affected.

“Not tonight, Jax,” I whisper because I feel how much he wants my trust; I feel it, and I want to give it to him, but I can’t do this.

“Tonight. Trust me, Emma.”

“I do, or I wouldn’t be here, but,” I hesitate, “this isn’t about you. I promise. And I’ll explain at some point. I’m just—not now. Not tonight. I don’t have the capacity to talk about this after the Brody thing. I don’t, Jax.”

His hand goes to my cheek and tilts my gaze to his, his inspection probing before he tosses the tie and cups my face. “Not tonight. Fuck, baby. I’m sorry.” He rolls us to our sides and catches my leg with his, aligning our bodies. “I’m so damn sorry.”

Relief washes over me, and damn it, this man is trying to steal my heart. I’m going to fall in love. I probably already have. “You have nothing to be sorry for. You listened. You stopped. And for the record, you can tie me up. Just not yet. Okay? Just not yet.”

“You have no idea how many questions that reply just made me want to ask, but I won’t. You tell me when you’re ready, and Emma, I’m going to make sure you trust me, that you know you can. I’ll earn that trust.”

“You’re off to a pretty good start, Jax,” I whisper, though I don’t know how I can ever tell him my past, but he doesn’t make me think about that right now. He kisses me, and it’s tender and passionate, a kiss that is so much more than a kiss. This kiss is everything I can’t define, everything I have never known with a man. He tears down my wall. He lifts me up. He buries the past.

His lips part mine, and he whispers, “You weren’t supposed to happen, but I’m damn glad you did, Emma.” He rolls me to my back, his lips curving. “Don’t move.”

I can’t explain how charming the teasing note in his voice is, or how intimate this moment is, but I smile with him, I smile inside and out. He kisses my shoulder and then he’s easing back down my body, easing my legs apart, his mouth lingering on my belly, his eyes meeting mine. “Any objections to me finishing what I started?”

My cheeks heat with the very idea of what he’s asking me. “No,” I whisper. “No objections.”

He inches down just a bit more, his breath a warm tease on my clit. “Can I lick you here, Emma?”

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