He nodded and we were quiet for a moment until, “So, how do I smell?” he asked.

The words tumbled out. “Like the brine from the ocean just as the sun is coming up. Like the softest, most expensive man’s shirt I’ve ever touched. Like the most delicious piece of chocolate I’ve ever had on my tongue—” I stopped short and buried my face in his shoulder. “Gah, I went too far, didn’t I?”

He tipped my chin up. “You sound like you’ve put some thought into it.”


“So you think about me?” he asked.

I nodded. “Mostly at night when I play … and then later when I go to bed. I see your face, and it helps me sleep.”

He pushed a stray hair out of my face, his fingers tracing the curve of my cheek. “You’re different, V, not like anyone else I’ve ever met.” His voice was husky.

“Different like I might need to check myself into a sanitarium? Different like I might need to use stronger deodorant?”

His gaze captured mine. “Different like I’ve never met anyone with eyes the color of lavender. Different like hearing you play, then seeing you nude was the highlight of my year.” He stroked my lips with his fingers. “Different like your mouth is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“What about Blair? She isn’t your girlfriend?”

He paused, a struggle on his face until he seemed to come to a decision. He exhaled heavily. “It’s just pretend for the media so I can get more clout in Hollywood, specifically a Hing move.”

“Oh.” That was a surprise. “So you don’t want her?”

“You’re the one I want, V. I want to take you to the fucking stars with my mouth. I want to make you come so hard you can’t even think of me without wanting my hands on you …”

I moaned. He’d escalated fast.

“Exactly,” he whispered as his lips took mine. His hands held my face, his fingers splayed out against my cheeks as he explored my mouth with a gentleness that broke me.

But I wanted more. Heat. Sharpness. Roughness.

“Harder,” I managed to say when our lips separated.

His chest rose as he stared at me intently. “I didn’t bring you back here for this, but if we start, I can’t promise I’ll stop this time.”

“I didn’t ask you to stop.”

He growled and came back at me. Desperate. Clutching his hair, I gave it back to him tenfold. Our lips were wild, greedy, hands and mouths and teeth demanding payment from the other, as if we’d waited an eternity to find each other.

This is what I’d craved since the moment I’d played for him.

“Can I touch you?” he breathed, his eyes heavy-lidded, imploring me to say yes.

I nodded and unbuttoned my dress until it slipped down my shoulders and drifted to my waist.

“V, you’re too much,” he hissed and tugged my demi-bra down until my breasts spilled out. He traced light circles around my areolas, making me crazy until finally he fingered my nipples and twisted.

I gasped. “Just like that,” I whispered. “Again.”

His mouth captured my breast, his tongue lashing at my tender skin, teasing me with flicks and pulls. His teeth nibbled at me, and I arched my back. Closer. Yes, yes, yes. I bit his neck, and he dug his fingers into my waist and groaned.

“Yes,” I breathed as he shoved my dress down further, his fingers teasing the waistband of my panties.

He pressed his forehead to mine and stared into my eyes. “I’ve been dreaming of this since you played that first night. I’ve wanted my cock inside you while you played … you on my lap, my hands on your ass, your tits in my face … damn, it sounds weird when I say it out loud.”

Desire knifed through me. “I like it,” I breathed. “Say it again.”

“Straddle me first,” he said.

I did and he shuddered as I ground myself against his hardness.

He tossed his head back. “V, don’t ever stop what you’re doing.”

I didn’t plan on it. My dampened panties slid over his jeans as he massaged my breasts, his fingers plucking my nipples, stretching them out. I arched my back, my body burning to have him inside me. Yes.

He tore out of his jacket like a madman, and I helped yank his shirt off, until finally our flesh met skin to skin. His muscled pecs quivered as he clutched my back and held me, his breath coming in gasps.

“You’re shaking,” I murmured.

“I’m fucking dizzy over you, V.” The words came out haltingly as if he didn’t understand it.

“Me, too.” I unzipped his pants, eased my hand inside and stroked him. Full disclosure: his cock was a monster, at least eight inches and as wide as my wrist.

“Scared?” he teased as I paused to take him in.

I licked my lips. Maybe a little. I didn’t know if he’d fit.

“I’ll go slow,” he promised huskily, cupping my face.

Tapping noises seeped into my consciousness, voices invading our sanctuary.

“Fuck!” Sebastian said on a groan as someone called his name and then mine.

Then a softer voice whined. Bubbles.

“V, we have to stop,” he said, his voice laced with heavy disappointment. He pressed his lips against my neck, bit me gently and then kissed the spot. “Spider’s liable to burst in on us.”

“Tell them to go away. I want to put my mouth on you first.” I stroked him, my fingertips ghosting over the head and twirling, rubbing the wetness from him down his length.

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