“V,” he ground out, swiveling his hips closer to me as I used both hands to pump him.

More knocks. More yelling from Blair.

“Dammit!” He stilled my hands. “Look, we have to stop, okay? Not only are they waiting, but this is your boss’s office.”

Reality hit. Fine. I rubbed my face and pushed down my need for him. Why did I always do the wrong thing when it came to him? First, I’d kissed him, and now I’d practically begged him to fuck me. I sat back. I needed to breathe.

He kissed me gently and stood to tuck his shirt in. “Plus, I need to check on Blair. We’re supposed to go to a club tonight for pics.” He touched my face. “You wanna come too? Maybe we can sneak—”

“What? Sneak in another office? A bathroom?” I stood as well. Nope. This was all wrong.

“Okay, if that’s out, then let’s meet back at my place later, then. What do you say?” He cupped my shoulder and tried to pull me to him, but I resisted.

I pulled out of his touch and adjusted my bra, refusing to meet his eyes.

How could he be so cool now?

“I don’t think so.”

He stiffened at my sharp tone. “Hey, don’t be mad at me. I was up front with you about her.”

The old me reared up. She’d been doing it more and more lately, and I was glad to see her. “Yeah? Well, let me be upfront. I don’t play second violin. I play first. Always.”

He groaned. Exasperated. “Listen to me. I want you in my bed. I’m done trying to stay away from you, V, but we have to make sure the press doesn’t know. It would look bad if I was caught ‘cheating’ on her.” He stroked my face, his hands trailing down to my breasts where he thumbed my nipples.

My heart dipped. “Wait. So this is just about sex and you want to keep it a secret?”

He shrugged, a wary look growing on his face. “Don’t you? You don’t seem like the type to like the kind of attention I garner.”

“I won’t share you with Blair, even if it is pretend.” I inhaled a sharp breath. “I’ve been running from relationships for two years, Sebastian, and I’m ready to stop. I didn’t even realize it until now but—I want something more. I’m ready.”

He stiffened and took a step back from me. “Don’t make me choose between you and her, because she’s my career.”

“You don’t need her to make it big, Sebastian. Make other movies.”

“This one will make me a star.” He paced around the room. “My brother gave up his music for me. He quit his band and raised me, and I—I want to make him proud, V. I don’t expect you to get it. Apparently, you’re an heiress.”

I threw up my hands. “You live in the Hollywood Hills. Isn’t that making it?”

“I want more, V. I always have. Maybe it’s because I started with nothing.” He rubbed a hand through his hair, straightening it where I’d mussed it.

“Are you sleeping with her?”

He crossed his arms. “This feels like an interrogation. You don’t own me, V.”

He didn’t answer me. Which meant yes.

I wiped at my lips. Trying to scrub him off me.

His chest heaved, an uncertain expression on his face. “Look, I don’t want to fight with you. I just want to have fun.”

He wanted to get laid.

I gave him nothing but silence as I buttoned my dress.

He sighed. “I’m trying to give you honesty here.”

“Well, it hurts,” I whispered.

A mask fell over his face, distance building in his eyes as he stared at me. Regret and perhaps even sadness flashed over his face. “Shit. I never want to be part of your pain, V.”

More knocks. More whining. This time I twirled around and opened the door.

Spider bounded in with Mila and Blair right behind him.

“Cover your eyes, girls, they’re naked,” he exclaimed and then laughed at our expressions. “What’s up with the weird faces? Wait, were you two shagging? For reals?”

“No,” we both snapped.

Sebastian slipped on his jacket and nodded his head toward the door. All businesslike. “What did we miss out there?”

Spider smirked. “Ah. You missed dessert and Blair’s scintillating conversation; Harry had to leave, it’s past his old-man bedtime; and most everyone in the room took pics of you carrying V around like some kind of modern day Rhett Butler. I predict a full-color spread in the Hollywood Insider tomorrow.”

Sebastian groaned.

“You and I had a deal, and you’re ruining it with this girl,” Blair bit out. “No one crosses me, Sebastian.”

“Chill out with the drama. I had a panic attack, and he was helping me,” I said to her. “That was it.”

She gaped at me like I was an idiot. “Reporters spin what they want, and him leaving me for some upstart is huge. Hello, Brad and Jennifer? Demi and Ashton?”

Please. No way was she that big.

Spider swatted her on the butt. “Come on, Blondie, I’m sure there will be more pic opportunities for you and Sebastian later. Let’s get you to the club where you can shake that arse.”

She sent Spider a cutting look and took Sebastian’s arm. “You ready? I’m sick of this place and your friends.”

Sebastian exhaled heavily, his eyes on me. Of course, he’d chosen her—we barely knew each other.

He looked at Mila. “You mind making sure V gets home?”

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