Under his touch... This was where she felt alive, powerful, connected to the universe and sure of her place in it. When she kissed him she felt confident and desired and potent. Like the best version of herself. Ryan’s mouth left hers and he feathered openmouthed kisses across her cheekbone, along her jaw, down her neck. Jaci shivered when he tasted the hollow of her collarbone.

“We’ve got to stop making out in cabs,” Ryan murmured against her skin.

“We’ve got to stop making out, full stop,” Jaci tartly replied.

“News flash, honey, that’s probably not going to happen.” Jaci felt Ryan’s lips curve into a smile against her neck. The backs of his fingers brushed her breast as he straightened and moved away from her, his expression regretful. He looked past her and Jaci finally noticed that they were parked outside Ryan’s swish apartment building.

“Come inside with me, please.”

How could she resist the plea in his eyes, the smidgen of anxiety she heard in his voice? Did he really think that she was strong enough to say no, that she was wise enough to walk away from this situation, to keep this as uncomplicated as it could possibly be? Well, no chance of that. Her brain thought that she should stay in the cab and have the driver deliver her home, but the need to erase the distance between them, to feel every naked inch of him, was overpowering. She wanted Ryan, she needed him. She was going to take him and have him take her.

The morning and its problems could look after themselves. Tonight was hers. He was hers. Jaci opened the door and left the cab, teetering on her heels as she spun around and held out her hand to Ryan.

“Take me to bed, Ry.”

* * *

Ryan enjoyed women; he liked their curves, their soft-feeling, smooth skin, the small, delicate sounds they made when his touch gave them pleasure. He loved the sweet-spicy taste of their skin, their pretty toes, the way their tantalizing softness complemented his hard, rougher body.

Yeah, he liked women, but he adored Jaci, he thought as he slowly pulled her panties down her hips. Naked at last. Ryan, minus his jacket and black tie, was still dressed and liking the contrast. He dropped the froth of lace to the floor and sat on the side of the bed, his hand stroking her long thigh, watching how her small nipples puckered when he looked at them. He’d had more than his share of women but none of them reacted to his look as if it was a touch. There had never been this arc of desire connecting them. He’d never felt a driving need to touch anyone the way he wanted to touch her.

It was both terrifying and amazingly wonderful.

“What are you thinking?” Jaci asked him, her voice low and sexy. Ryan usually hated that question, thought it was such an invasion of his privacy, but this time, and with this woman, he didn’t mind.

“I’m thinking that you are absolutely perfect and that I’m desperate to touch you, taste you.” Ryan was surprised to hear the tremble in his voice. This was just sex, he reminded himself. He was just getting caught up in the moment, imagining more than what was actually there.

Except that Jaci was naked, open to his gaze, her face soft and her eyes blazing with desire. And trust. He could do anything right now, suggest anything, and she’d probably acquiesce. She was that into him and he was that crazy about her.

Jaci sat up and placed an openmouthed kiss on his lips. He put his hand on the back of her head to hold her there as her fingers went to the buttons on his black-and-white-checked shirt, ripping one or two off in her haste to get her hands on his skin. Then her small hands, cool and clever, pushed the shirt off his shoulders and danced across his skin, over his nipples, down his chest to tug on the waistband of his pants. Her mouth lifted off his and he felt bereft, wanting—no, needing—more.

“Need you naked.” Jaci tugged on his pants again.

He summoned up enough willpower to resist her, wanting to keep her naked while he explored her body. He’d had a plan and that was to torture Jaci with his tongue and hands, kissing and loving those secret places and making her scream at least twice before he slid on home...

He shrugged out of his shirt and removed his socks and shoes, but his pants were staying on because discovering Jaci, pleasing Jaci, was more important than a quick orgasm. It took all of his willpower to grab her hand and pull it from his dick. He gently gripped her wrists and pushed them behind her back, holding them there while he dropped his head to suck a nipple into his mouth. From somewhere above him Jaci whimpered and arched her back, pushing her nipple against the roof of his mouth. Releasing her hands, he pushed her back and spent some time alternating between the two, licking and blowing and sucking.

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