She could lick it off... She could lick anywhere she wanted to. Hopefully the thought would occur to her...

* * *

It was like being caught up in a hot, sexy, whippy storm, Rowan thought. One moment she’d had a peach in her hands and mouth, the next moment they were filled with a hard, sweaty, sexy man.

With the peach still in her hand she made a sticky path of juice across his shoulder, down his pec and over a flat nipple, lightly covered in blond hair. Dropping her head, she watched a bead of juice hit that nubby surface and shot her tongue out and licked it up, sighing as she tasted the saltiness of his skin, felt his muscles contract under her tongue.

‘What’s good for the goose...’ Seb muttered, pulling the half-eaten fruit from her hand.

Rowan’s eyes clouded over as he pulled the triangle of fabric covering her right breast away and touched her with the tips of his fingers, tanned against her much lighter skin. Her eyes watched his intense concentration as he played with her breast, running the wet peach over her distended nipple, alternating with subtle brushes of his thumb.

‘To hell with this.’

Seb tossed the peach onto the floor, wrapped one strong arm around her bottom and, with the other arm, lifted her onto the dining room table, yanking the chair out of his way. Rowan barely noticed that the chair had toppled over and clattered to the floor because Seb’s warm tongue was curled around her nipple and his other hand was burrowing into the back of her bikini pants, tracing erotic patterns on her butt.

He claimed her mouth again in a kiss that flew past heated and went straight to molten. Her legs, operating independently, hooked themselves around his waist and she scooted closer to him to feel that hard ridge against her mound.

Nothing else was important but to feel Seb, taste him, know him.

Seb pulled his mouth away and his hands, still on her breast and her butt, stilled. ‘Point of no return, Ro. Yes or no?’

Like she had a choice, Ro thought, dazed. There was only one answer and her body was screaming it. ‘Yes. Now.’

‘Here?’ Seb demanded.

She couldn’t wait—had no patience to climb the stairs to a bedroom, to spare the couple of minutes that would take. ‘Here. Now. Please.’

Seb muttered a curse and tried to step away. Rowan slapped a hand against the back of his neck and dragged him into a kiss that caused their feet to curl.

Seb yanked his mouth away and held up his hands. ‘Ro, one sec...condom.’

Rowan bounced on the dining room table, her body one long electrical current. ‘If you have to go upstairs for one I’m coming with you,’ she told him, deadly serious.

‘There’s a deal.’ Seb picked up his wallet from the counter near the door and cards and cash were scattered over the floor. ‘There should be one in here. Bingo.’

He held it up in his fingers as he stood between her legs again. ‘You going to do the honours or must I?’

Rowan smiled slow and deep as she pulled the little packet from his fingers. ‘Oh, I think I will. Why don’t you make yourself useful and get me naked?’

Seb nipped the corner of her mouth as she pushed his running shorts over his erection, down his hips. ‘That’s a hell of an offer, Brat.’

Rowan sighed as her fingers whispered the latex over him, encircling all that masculine strength in her fist. ‘I’m a hell of a girl, Hollis. Now, why don’t we slide your Part A into my Plot B and see if we fit?’

* * *

The luminous hands on the bedside clock informed Rowan that it was past midnight as she rolled over onto her stomach to watch Seb walk into his en-suite bathroom. She’d been in Seb’s arms, in his bed, for more than six hours. Six hours of intense, bone-dissolving, earth-spinning pleasure. She was one gooey, sexy mess and she wanted nothing more than to roll over and drift off to sleep.

Instead, she forced herself to sit up, then stand... Ooh, wobbly legs. The nearest garment was one of Seb’s T-shirts and she pulled it over her head, unable to stop herself from sniffing the collar for that special combination of soap and cologne that she couldn’t get enough of.

Just as she couldn’t get enough of his kisses, of the feel of his hard muscles under her hands, the way she felt...complete when he slid inside her.

In between their lovemaking they’d dozed, before one of them reached out for another kiss, another stroke, and they fell into passion again...

It was time to face reality. She didn’t want to, but she had to.

She didn’t know how to do this. She didn’t do this... Well, she had—but not enough to feel comfortable waking up naked in his bed, with his room looking as if a hurricane had hit it after them rolling around like maniacs and bouncing off the furniture. She didn’t want to stay but she couldn’t just leave.

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