Rowan frowned, took the box, flipped open the lid and saw that it was a credit card. He was giving her a credit card? What on earth...?

‘There’s enough money there to buy you ticket anywhere in the world, any time you want to go. Enough for you to book into any hotel you want to, buy what you want to. It has a heck of a limit in that it doesn’t have a limit.’

‘Seb. Why are you giving me a credit card? I don’t understand.’

Seb licked his lips. ‘It comes with a couple of conditions.’

‘I’m listening.’

‘I’ll pay for everything, but you have to promise to say goodbye, to tell me that you’re going. No walking out. And you can’t use it after we’ve had a fight. You have to give us—me—a chance to work it out before you run.’

Tears tumbled. That was fair. God, that was so fair. She nodded furiously. ‘Okay.’

‘And you have to promise me that you’ll always come back, because if you don’t I swear I’ll find you and drag you back home. I love you. It took me nine years to find you and I am not letting you go again.’

‘Oh, Seb.’ Rowan used the heels of her hands to swipe away her tears. It was such an enormous gift, such a demonstration of how well he knew her, how much he trusted her.

‘Is that a deal, Brat?’

Rowan nodded. ‘Deal.’

‘Good. I told you we could work this out. Do you love me?’

‘So much!’

‘And I love you.’ Seb’s eyes brimmed with all the emotion he usually tried so hard to suppress. ‘So explain to me—again—why you aren’t over here, kissing me stupid?’

Rowan sighed as she moved into his arms. ‘Another very epic fail on my part. Must try harder.’