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“Did you ever want kids?” Pie asked.

“Wow, you just kind of blew that one out, didn’t you?”

“Did you?”

“Yeah, I think I did. A couple of them.”

“You’d make a good mom.”

“Ha, I doubt that’s in the cards for me. Come on, hotshot. Stop being miserable and let’s go and join the others.”


“You and Pie are getting really close,” Kasey said the following day.

Lindsey listened with only half an ear because she was too busy making faces at the little guy. They’d decided to name him Liam, even though Lindsey had wanted a different name, but Chip had told her straight, he was the father, while she was merely a godparent. She wasn’t just any godparent though. She was Liam’s aunt, especially as she’d declared Kasey her long-lost sister.

“I like him. He’s a good friend.”

“Chip told me he doesn’t spend as much time in the clubhouse anymore. The sweet-butts are even talking.”

“What do you mean?”

“He won’t hang with them.”

Lindsey shrugged her shoulder. “He’s looking for the right woman. I don’t see a problem with him deciding to step away from screwing everything with a vagina. No, we don’t, do we? We don’t see a big problem with that.” She started to talk in a baby voice and tickled Liam’s ribs.

Picking him up, she made her way out to where Kasey was folding up some laundry.

“You know we’ve got a spare room,” Kasey said. “You could move in with us. I don’t like the thought of you being at that place all by yourself.”

“Don’t you worry about it. Chip puts up with me because I’m a good babysitter, but we all know he wouldn’t like me living here full-time.” She stroked Liam’s back. “How are you holding up?”

When Liam was first born, he wasn’t the easiest of babies, up all hours of the night, and barely giving Kasey two minutes to sleep. Lindsey had come in to take a few night shifts to help her friend.

“I’m doing much better. He sleeps through the night now, and in the morning he’s always hungry.”

“That’s because he’s a chunky little cute pie. Yes, you are, and I could eat him all up.” She pressed her lips to Liam’s cheek and pretended to nibble him while making nom-nom voices.

“You’re really good with kids.”

“It’s easy to be. They’re cute.”

“So, this party. Do you really want to go?”

“Marie wants to go, to have lots of fun. She’s married, and her husband gives her a couple of nights a week where she doesn’t have to be mom or anything else. It’s a pretty good arrangement.”

“So sweet of him.”

Lindsey detected the heavy sarcasm. “It’s not your husband.” She thought it was a pretty good deal between Marie and her husband, but not something she could have agreed to. When she found her Mr. Right, she hoped that not a day went by that she didn’t want to be with him.

Her ideals when it came to love were still very naïve, even though she’d been burned a couple of times by men claiming to love her more than anything else in the world. Still, she believed in love, and if that meant getting her heart broken, then that was the risk she was willing to take.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a bitch. Chip and I, we don’t get as much time with each other as we used to. He’s busy with club stuff, and I’ve got Liam.”

“You’ve got the best job in the world. Let’s face it, Liam is the best-looking guy around.”

Kasey walked toward them and stroked Liam’s cheek. Liam took his mother’s finger and began to suck on it. “I love him so much.”

“I don’t doubt it. Would you like me to take him tonight for you and for Chip? Get dressed up. Have a nice meal, hot sex, maybe even take a long bath. What do you say?”

“I couldn’t ask that.”

“You’re not asking. I’m offering, and I want to do this. Please, let me.”

Kasey took a deep breath. “If you’re sure.”

“I wouldn’t say I was sure if I didn’t offer.”

“Okay, then.”

“Do you have his car seat? And I’ll get everything set up.”

Kasey got everything that she would need from diapers to bottles, and some of his toys. They both got her car filled, and Lindsey strapped in the car seat, making sure she could see him in her mirror.

“Thank you,” Kasey said.

“You can call any time but make sure you’ve not got cock in you when you do.”

Kasey’s face turned red. “That was one time.”

“And I’ve got Chip’s groan etched into my brain like a horror movie moment.” Lindsey hugged her friend. “Have fun. That is an order. Relax, take it easy.”

She climbed behind her wheel and took off. It wasn’t long before Liam was asleep as she drove back to her apartment.

This time she didn’t put any music on and listened to the sound of the world passing her by. The drive was short and sweet as she pulled up into her spot, parking the car. Going to the trunk of the car first, she put the three large bags of baby stuff over her shoulder, crossing the straps over her breasts before grabbing the baby carrier. “I’m going to lose so much weight carrying you up those stairs, sunshine.” Pulling the carrier from the car, she walked into her building, going to her apartment box to grab her mail. Seeing it was mostly junk mail with one bill actually perked her right up.

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