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“Can never be too careful in this world, Liam,” she said to the still-sleeping baby. The elevator was still out. “Time for us to head on upstairs. Don’t worry, sweetheart. You stay, rest, relax, do all those wonderful things that kids do.”

She walked up the flight of steps and knew she was going to get onto the landlord to fix that damn elevator. This was a one-time deal for her with Liam unless she offered again, but there were other mothers in the building. They had a right to a nice lift every now and again. Leaning her back against the wall, she took a deep breath and pushed some of her hair off her face.

Finally at her door, sweaty and gross, she entered her place. It was pristine, and she loved her space.

She missed Kasey a lot, but she wasn’t going to be the kind of friend that always seemed to be a third wheel. There were times she still felt that now. With Liam on the floor in his car seat, sound asleep, she unpacked his things and placed them within reach in her small apartment. With that all done, she moved onto the next stage and that was coffee.

It wasn’t long before Liam woke up, and then chaos ensued. He needed to be fed, then changed, and she had no choice but to wash him out of the onesie he wore as he’d shit all over it.

She didn’t even realize it was past eight when someone knocked on her apartment door. Checking through the peephole, she saw it was Pie, and opened up.

“Did we have a date or something?”

“Nope. I thought I’d stop by. Why do you have Liam?”

“I saw Kasey today, and I wanted her to have some alone time with Chip. Why? Do I look frazzled?”

“You look adorable. Your hair is all out of place, and there’s vomit on your shirt. I think you’ve got slather down your chest, but you have this huge fucking smile on your face.”

“Liam decided to teach me exactly how much a baby could crap, didn’t he? Yes, he did.”

Pie laughed. “Here, let me take him.”

“You want to stay?”

“You look like you could use a shower, and I don’t mind, really. I’ve handled kids before. This boy will be a piece of cake.”

He took Liam, and Lindsey felt the brush of his fingers against her breast. Was it an accident? She didn’t know. Her body came to life at the briefest of touches though.

Excusing herself, she rushed toward the bathroom, quickly stripping off her clothes, and stepping beneath the hot steaming water. It felt good to have the water wash down her body.

Her nipple where his fingers had grazed felt sensitive. Glancing down at her body, she cupped her tit, stroking her thumb across the tight nipple. Closing her eyes, she imagined it was Pie touching her, pinching her before sliding down her body. Dipping her hand between her thighs, she stroked her pussy.

Teasing her clit, she glided down, pressing two fingers inside, then drawing them back up to play with herself.

She was so wet, and she imagined Pie tearing off all her clothes. He wasn’t nice or sweet. He took what he wanted and only when his cock was balls deep inside her did he hold her down and make her take him. He was the one in charge. He controlled her, and his dick was the thing of dreams.

Gasping, she sped up as her orgasm neared, needing that release, that pleasure. When she came, she said his name on a moan.

She was coming down from her high when Pie’s voice interrupted her.

“Lindsey, you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Why?”

“I thought I heard a noise.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. We’re all good.” She took a deep breath and hoped that he’d not heard her orgasm. Resting her head against the tile, she smiled. That was the best feeling she’d experienced in a long time.

Chapter Four

“So, you’re the boyfriend,” Marie said.

Pie forced a smile. Lindsey had wanted him to go to this party and he’d even offered to change into a suit or something, but she’d been more than happy for him to stay how he was, complete with the leather cut.

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Lindsey rested her head against his shoulder. His arm was pressed between the valley of her tits, and their fingers were locked together. To anyone else, they were together, but he wasn’t about to argue that.

“Right,” Marie said, looking at how close they were.

“Where is everyone?” she asked.

“On the dance floor.” Marie pointed toward a small group of people. They were all dressed in suits and looking like they were in the peak of shape.

“I’ll go and grab us a couple of beers,” he said, kissing her head. “You’re sure.”

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

Leaving his girl with Marie, he made his way toward the bar. Several women checked him out, but he wasn’t interested in any of them. Watching his woman, he saw the rest of the group leave the dance floor. One of the girls completely ignored Lindsey, while several gave her a hug. He noticed the two men that were completely full of themselves and figured they were the two doctors.

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