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Her mouth had been on his dick, taking him to the back of her throat. He’d gripped the back of her head, thrusting into her mouth, making her choke on his length, and she’d loved every second of it. When it came to his climax, he’d made her hold his cum in his mouth. He’d demanded to see it, and then only when he’d seen did he let her swallow. Afterward, he’d asked to see, and she’d stuck her tongue out.

Rather than be a bit weird though, they’d curled up on the bed, and fallen asleep together. In the morning, he’d still been pretty out of it, and she’d left him on the bed.

Since then, she’d worked late and gone to Kasey’s.

So far, she’d avoided him, but she knew there would come a point when she couldn’t do that.

He didn’t deserve to be kept in the dark.

Pushing some of her hair out of her eyes, she glanced in the mirror of the work bathroom, and saw she looked tired, exhausted.

Clarissa had been a bit of fun, something to get him back in the saddle even if she’d hated the woman’s mouth on her.

Only the look in Pie’s eyes had kept her going. She’d been willing to play along for him. Running fingers through her hair, she winced at the greasy feel. It had been a couple of days since she’d washed it.

At least it didn’t look greasy.

Stepping out of the bathroom, she didn’t see anyone in the building, which wasn’t unusual. She’d been one of the last ones to leave.

The building had security, so they would lock everything up.

Heading back into the staffroom, she opened up her locker and pulled out her bag. Checking her cell phone, she saw several missed calls from Pie. Her thumb hovered over his name, and she was tempted to call him, but decided against it.

Can’t keep avoiding him.

You were there every single step of the way.

Cock in your mouth and all.

Stepping away from her locker, she jumped as she heard the door close.

Spinning around, she saw Richard standing in the staffroom.

“You scared me. I thought I was the only one here.”

“Yeah, I had heard that you liked to stay late just recently.” He walked a few steps left, then right. Pacing, looking at her.

She didn’t like the look in his eyes.

“Well, I better get going.”

“You know when you first started here I figured you’d go under the knife within months,” he said.

“I told you from the start I wasn’t interested in changing who I am.”

“You’re beautiful, I get that. A few pounds heavier than when you started, but it suits you. I could make you perfect.”

“Never wanted to be perfect.” She held her bag tightly on her shoulder. “Not everything needs to be changed.”

“If I allow people to think that, I wouldn’t have a job.”

She shrugged. “There are plenty of people out there who want to change. I better get going.” She stepped up to the door, but he stopped her, standing in front of her. “Let me pass.”

“I’m talking.”

“We can talk tomorrow.”

He caught her shoulders, and she tried not to flinch, but he caught it. She saw the smirk on his face.

“Cut it out, Richard. I mean it. I’m really tired.”

She went to pull out of his arms, but he held her firm. When he ran his fingers through her hair, she pushed at his arm, but he was stronger than she was.

“Let me go.”

“I’ve been a patient man. Dancing to this tune of yours. You’ve been flirting with me for months.”

“Are you crazy? I’ve not done any such thing.”

She made to push him off, but he cupped her breast and she jerked out of his arms, shaking her head.

“You want me, Lindsey.”

“You’re crazy. I don’t want you.”

He reached behind him and flicked the lock of the staffroom door. That sound echoed throughout the room, and her heart started to pound.

She’d been doing so well avoiding Richard.

There’s no way she’d show weakness, cry, or give him that kind of satisfaction. He stepped into the room, and she backed away, which was a big mistake. He slammed his hands against her head, trapping her as he pressed his body against hers. The bag fell from her arms as he moved in to kiss her.

“You want it, Lindsey. I’ve heard you talking with Marie. You want a nice piece of cock. A slut like you.”

“No! Get off.” She hated the sob in her voice as his hands were everywhere and she tried to fight him off.

Tears flooded her eyes, and she kept on fighting. Drawing her hand back, she slapped him across the face.

Big mistake.

He drew back his fist, shocking her as the pain splintered inside her.

The force of the blow knocked her to the floor.

She cried out as he pulled her hair, lifting her back up, and moving her toward the sofa.

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