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“No. No. No.” She clawed at his hands, fighting him.

This was so far out of control.

Any way she looked at it, everything was over.

She had to get him to stop.

He pushed her up against the sofa and caught her hands as she kept pushing him away. With both of her hands trapped behind her back, she couldn’t fight him.

Today of all days, she’d worn a skirt, and he pushed it up her thighs.

She screamed at the top of her lungs, sobbing, crying, begging for him to stop. To leave her alone.

She couldn’t handle this.



Just as he tore at her panties, the door crashed open, and there stood Pie. He took one look at her, and something crossed his face that scared the shit out of her.

Suddenly she was let go, and she scrambled away.

The sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room.

She covered her ears, trying to block everything out.

“You sick fucking bastard,” Pie said.

The sound of a body hitting the floor seemed to jerk her out of whatever stupor she was in.

Pulling herself up to her feet, she saw Pie standing over Richard. Her boss had a bloody face and was trying to crawl away from Pie. Within a matter of seconds Pie had fucked him up so bad.

She watched as Pie brought his foot down on his back, and Richard collapsed.

Lindsey gasped as she watched Pie grab Richard’s head, and with the twist of his hands, he snapped his neck.

She covered her mouth, shocked, scared, terrified.

Pie had just killed her boss.

Right there.

In front of her.

Pie was panting as he stepped back, his gaze moving around the room until he saw her.

Her face hurt so bad, as did her body. He’d pushed her against some of the furniture, and her body ached.

“I’m so sorry,” Pie said, cupping her face.

She was in a bit of a daze, not really sure as to why he was apologizing to her. It wasn’t her that was dead.

“You killed him.”

“I know. He shouldn’t have put his hands on you.”

“This is … Pie … this is a big deal.” The tears wouldn’t stop. She was so afraid.

“I’ll deal with it.” He pulled her close at the same time as he held his phone to his ear. “Diaz, I need you to come and help me out here, man.” There was a pause. “He doesn’t know yet, but I’ll tell him. I’ll pay.”

He snapped his cell phone shut.

Her boss was dead.

Her boss had tried to rape her.

And now Pie could be in trouble.

She couldn’t stop shaking. Pie ran his hands down her back, trying to comfort her. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to be comfortable again.

When had her life gotten so crazy?


“What the fuck were you thinking?” Duke asked.

Pie stood in the clubhouse, staring at his Prez. Diaz had already come with his crew and cleaned up the mess. Lindsey was in his room right now, and her face was a fucking mess from being hit.

“I didn’t think.”

“That guy owned half a practice, Pie. This shit doesn’t just go away.”

“I walked in as he attempted to rape Lindsey, Duke.” He stared him in the eye. The club was there, watching him. “You think you were just going to think straight if you saw that shit happening to Holly?” He turned looking toward Pike. “Or Mary?” Then to Raoul. “Zoe?” Then looking at the rest of the group. “Leanne? Maria? Beth? Kasey? You tell me. Would you have just hit him? Maybe told him off? She was screaming for him to stop. For him to get off her. Begging him. You think that shit doesn’t mess with a man’s mind?” He turned back to Duke. “I fucking snapped. Okay. A switch was flicked, and there was no going back for me. He had to go. You’ve seen her face. He hurt her. I’m sorry, and I’ve already paid the five grand that Diaz needed.”

“This could still fall back on you, Pie. You think we can control that shit?”

“We’ve done this before, and you know what, we’ll do it again. I don’t regret taking him out. I won’t.”

“Diaz is good on any blowback,” Raoul said.

“What about the fact he was partners in a plastic surgery clinic?”

“People have a lot of secrets,” Pie said. “I don’t care what anyone said, but I took out a monster today. Hey, maybe I should call the Billionaire Bikers MC. They’d probably congratulate me for taking out a fucking sexual predator.” He glared at Duke.

“I don’t have a problem you killing someone, Pie. The more the fucking merrier. What I got a problem with is if this falls back on you. I don’t want you landing in jail for that piece of shit. You got me.”

“I won’t. Can I go now?” he asked. All he wanted was to go to Lindsey. To wrap his arms around her, pulling her against him, and let her know nothing else in the world would hurt her.

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