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Chapter Seven

“Your woman headed back to work?” Diaz asked.

“Yes.” Pie had spent the night with her. First, they’d gone through her apartment, tossing out all the bad food and shit that hadn’t been eaten. Then they’d aired out her place. He’d gone shopping while she cleaned. He’d then cooked as she showered, and they’d gotten back into their own routine before the party, before she started avoiding him. Before he’d killed her boss.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” Diaz looked at him.

“Do I look like a pussy?”

“Look, I’ve seen a lot in my time, but I want to warn you, okay? It’s not pretty what you’re going to see. We’ve done some bad shit in our time but rape? Nah, man, when a chick digs you, then you fuck her until she can’t remember her own name, let alone yours. A chick says no, you hold your hands up and leave it. You don’t force it.”

Rubbing the back of his head, Pie nodded. “I need to see this.”

“You better not be regretting taking this asshole out,” Diaz said. “After seeing the shit I’ve seen, I’m so fucking pleased you did what you did. Someone needed to. There are so many tapes here, man.”

Releasing a breath, he nodded. “Then, yes, let’s do this.”

He sat down in front of Diaz’s computer.

Diaz nodded at the guy who was manning the shit. Once the screen came to life, the man left them to it, so that there was only him and Diaz here.

“What the fuck, man?” Pie asked.

“I told you this is some sick shit, purely because this was clearly his porn stash and he’s the main star. Believe me, this is not new to me. I wish it was.”

Taking a deep breath, he didn’t know if this was the right thing to do or not. Rather than question his motives, he stayed seated and watched. This was personal to him because of what happened to Lindsey. He couldn’t get that shit out of his mind, and this fucker wasn’t just a one-time deal. From what he was seeing, he’d liked to rape women. It was how he got his personal kicks.

“These tapes have been edited?”

“Yeah, it would appear that your good doctor friend liked to make them himself. We found an entire system that allowed him to manipulate the tapes. Take out the shit you didn’t need. He had cameras all over the place, man. It wasn’t for security though.”

The first tape showed a redhead entering his place. They were both laughing to start off with.

Running a hand down his face, Pie kept on watching as the woman in question stepped into the living room. She looked at the walls that showed his many accomplishments in life.

When Richard entered the room, he gripped her from behind, pulling her back.

The redhead gave a little chuckle, shook her head, and pulled away.

“Sorry, that’s not what I was thinking about,” she said.

“That’s a shame. How about a drink?”

“I’d love to.”

“Take a seat.”

The redhead sat down on the sofa. She had this sweet smile on her face. Seconds later the monster suddenly came into view. The man he’d seen holding Lindsey down. He held two cups. “This is a perfect roast coffee. I have it imported because I love the taste. It’s strong, so go carefully.”

The redhead took a sip. “That’s so good. It tastes amazing.”

More time went by, and they were chatting, openly flirting. It wasn’t obvious, but Pie saw her change before his eyes. Her eyes seemed to go just a little wider and her lips pouted. She turned toward the doctor. Her entire body was open to him, looking almost needy where seconds before the coffee, that hadn’t been the case. If he’d not known anything about the doctor, he wouldn’t have been suspicious.

“You want me to fuck you, baby?” he asked.


“You want my dick inside you?”

“Hum,” she said.

She wasn’t fighting or arguing. In fact, she did seem to look like she was into the idea, but his gut was telling him it was all wrong.

“You want it? You want me?”

Again, another confirmation. Seconds passed as he kissed her. She didn’t fight him off. It’s was as if she wanted it. The tape kept on playing, luring them in.

“I noticed that he has two tapes,” Diaz said. “One copy has this section and it cuts off. The other, the one you’re watching, is intact and full.”

What happened next shocked the fuck out of Pie, even though he was expecting it, knew it was going to happen. Richard attacked the redhead, knocking her to the ground. Her face hit the table, and she was unconscious.

Tapping his fingers, Pie forced himself to stay seated at Richard dragged her by her hair through his apartment toward the bedroom.

“He had two bedrooms,” Diaz said. “One he clearly slept in. This bedroom he’d modified.”

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