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“Fuck off, man.”

“You think this is going to get easier. The club is waiting, man. They want to see the mighty fall.”

Seeing no reason to put it off anymore, Pie left his room, closing the door. Walking behind Dime, he knew his club brother would make sure that everyone knew he’d arrived.

“Lookie, lookie what we have here, everyone. How does the mighty fall? Don’t we all think he looks so sexy and dashing?”

Several of the guys whistled at him and whooped. Several gave him a sexy dance, and he ignored them all.

“Don’t forget to bag it. We don’t want more little Pies running around.”

Giving Landon the finger, Pie left the clubhouse, and made his way toward the car that the club used. He’d already made sure with everyone else that he could use it. Climbing behind the wheel, he started up the car and sighed. Just the purr alone made him hot.

Tonight wasn’t about fucking, or at least, not about just fucking. This was about him and Lindsey.

Pulling away from the clubhouse, he stopped at one of the florist’s shops near her apartment, and then parked outside. The elevator was working, and holding the flowers in his hands, he stepped up to her front door and knocked.

Seconds later, she opened it and completely blew him away.

He’d not done the red cocktail dress justice in his fantasies. Her tits were pressed together, showing a beautiful cleavage that he wanted to rub his face against, and lick each mound before taking her nipples between his teeth and biting down.

His cock started to harden at the thought alone, and he needed to stop, to get himself under control. This wasn’t a quick fuck he was after, but something more, something deeper.

“Hey,” she said.


“Those for me?”

“Yes, yes, they’re for you. I got them on the way over here.”

“Ah, come on in if you have the time.”

“I have a few minutes.” He stepped into her apartment and noticed the freshly painted cream walls. “You weren’t kidding about decorating.”

“I like to keep a nice clean space, you know. To have everything in order.” She placed the flowers in a vase. “I’d not painted in so long, and it needed a freshen up. I needed to freshen up.” The flowers were put on the table. “Are you ready to go?”

“You look stunning.”

“And so do you. How did you escape the club looking like that?”

“Oh, I didn’t escape. They made sure I was aware of how sexy I was.” He gave a small twirl. “Do I meet your standards?”

“Hell, yeah, you’re looking good, like, really good.”

“I thought a French restaurant would be a nice, refreshing change.”

“Okay.” She grabbed her bag and keys.

He took the bag from her and tossed it into her apartment.

“I’ll need that.”

“Tonight is on me. You don’t have to worry about spending a cent.”

“I don’t mind paying my way.”

“I’ll be insulted if you persist.”

“Fine, fine. Be mister bossy. I don’t mind. More money for shoes and underwear.”

“You’re straight out of a guy’s fantasy book.”

She giggled. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

Leaving her apartment, he waited as she locked the door and he had to walk her to elevator.

“Force of habit to take the stairs.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“Did you come on your bike?”

“Not this time. You get the nice car treatment.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“I have my moments.”

Still holding her hand, he led the way outside to the passenger side of the car. Opening the door for her, he helped her inside, loving the little giggle that she granted him.

Once she was safely inside, he moved around to the driver’s side once again, strapped in, and took off toward the restaurant that he’d booked even before he went away on club business.

“Did you cut your hair?” he asked, noticing the shorter length.

“I only had a trim. I didn’t think anyone would notice.”

“When it comes to you, I notice these things.”

“I can see that.”

It was how he knew she’d stopped being just a woman to him and started to mean something more. He noticed her hair, her mood changes. When she was sad or in pain. He wanted to make her happy, and of course he wanted her to crave him the same way he did her.

“How was your ride?” she asked.

“It went well.” Whenever they dealt with Diaz’s crew there were rarely any hiccups. Diaz paid the cops to look the other way, and transporting guns was a piece of piss. The only problems arrived if Diaz’s enemies decided to try to steal. So far, nothing like that had happened.

They were always on their guard though.

“How was work?” he asked.

Her job still created a bit of friction between them. He wanted her to quit to get away from any memory of what Richard did to her, while she seemed determined to stay there.

“It was good. The new surgeon is really nice. A first-time dad and constantly sharing pictures of his little girl. She melts my heart.”

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