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This was a fucking huge step for the both of them.

She tilted her head to the side. “I’ve not been with anyone for a long time, Pie.”

“Me neither.”

She reached out, grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him into her apartment. She slammed the door closed, pressing him up against it. “And I want you, Pie. I’ve been wanting you for a long time.”

He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around, pressing her against the hard wood. “And I want you.” Sinking his fingers into her hair, tilting her head back, he glanced at her lips before staring into her eyes, unsure. What if she remembered Richard?

“Don’t,” she said. “I can see it in your eyes, and I don’t want you to think of him right now, or ever. Don’t let him come between us.”

Fisting her hair a little tighter, he brought his lips down, slamming them against hers. Her hands moved up his chest, pushing off the jacket. He released her hair long enough to let the jacket fall but wouldn’t let go of her lips.

When he slid his tongue across her bottom lip, she opened up with a gasp, and he took full advantage, plundering inside her mouth.

“Fuck, I want you,” he said, muttering the words against her lips. “I want you so badly I can fucking taste it.”

“Please, Pie, I need you,” she said, moaning as he kissed down her neck, sucking on the flesh.

His cock pressed against the front of his pants to the point of pain. He was desperate to get inside her, aching for it even.

Moving away from the door, he broke the kiss to spin her around. Taking the zipper down, he was careful not to tear the dress.

“You like it enough to be careful?” she asked.

“One day I’m going to slide this dress up and fuck you with your legs wrapped around my waist.”

“You like it dirty?”

“I love it dirty, hot, and everything in between.”

She whimpered as the fabric slid down, and he ran his hands up her back, moving to her stomach to cup her lace-covered tits. Pulling the straps of her bra loose, he peeled back the cups that protected her perfect tits and stroked her nipples.

“You want me?”


He pinched the hard buds before cupping her breasts in his hands, feeling the weight of them as he pressed his cock against her curved ass. “I want inside you, Lindsey. I want to feel that sweet little cunt on my dick, fucking me.”

Once again, he turned her to face him, and he picked her up, leading her toward the bedroom.

“First though, I’m going to taste that pussy I’ve been dreaming about for a long fucking time.”

When he put her on top of the bed, she suddenly stood up and attacked his clothes. Together, they fought to get the other naked, and he was the one victorious first, the lingerie she’d worn now on the floor in pieces from his grip.

Lindsey went to the floor, opening his belt, gazing up at him while licking her bottom lip.

“You want my dick in your mouth?”


He kicked off his pants, pushing them to one side as Lindsey was already pulling on his boxer briefs. He released a little chuckle at how fast she was trying to get him naked.

Pie loved the fact she wasn’t afraid to go after what she wanted.

With his briefs off, her hand wrapped around his length, and he let out a hiss. “Fuck!”

Her tongue licked across the front where his pre-cum spilled out of the tip.

Wrapping her hair around his fist, he drove his cock into her mouth and moaned as he hit the back of her throat.

Lindsey didn’t let go though. She swallowed him down with a groan, the sound vibrating up his length, going straight to his balls.

Staring down, he watched as she continued to bob her head on his dick. He saw the saliva that coated his shaft before her mouth covered it.

He wasn’t a small man, and Lindsey fought past her gag reflex, sucking him.

With the feel of her mouth, knowing Lindsey was finally in his arms, he came close to exploding, but this wasn’t how he wanted to go. Far from it.

Pulling her mouth off his length, he used his grip in her hair to get her to her feet. Claiming her lips once again, he pushed her to the bed. Before she had time to move further on the bed, he spread open her legs and stared down at her perfect pussy. There was a small dusting of hair that hadn’t been there a few weeks ago.

He didn’t mind the hair or having her bare.

Spreading the lips of her cunt open, he saw her perfect hole and swollen clit.

Sliding his tongue across her clit, he teased down to plunder inside her. She screamed out his name, begging him not to stop. He didn’t want to stop, not for a single second. She tasted so fucking good.

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