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“Hell, yes, now I want you to come and eat before everything gets cold.” He kissed her shoulder, and she watched him walk away.

Licking her dry lips, she glanced back at her reflection in the mirror, feeling on fire and so happy. She couldn’t believe how quickly her life had turned around, but she was more than thankful that it had.

Pie was hers.

She belonged to him.

Leaving the bathroom, she found him sitting cross-legged on her sitting room floor, completely naked with his flaccid cock touching her floor. Leaning against the doorframe, she smiled at him.

“Something tells me I’m being adorable right now?”

“Just a smidge, very adorable.”

He winked at her. “Come and eat, babe. I want you to keep your strength up for what I have planned next.”

“And what could that be?” she asked.

“There’s one hole I’ve not made mine yet.”

Her hunger built, but it wasn’t for the food. It was for something else.

Chapter Eleven

“You want her to be your old lady?” Duke asked.

“Yeah. The next party we have, she’s mine. Anyone can sit in, I don’t give a fuck. Just know that she belongs to me,” Pie said.

They sat in church going over another of Diaz’s propositions for a gun run. They also had Ned Walker reaching out to them, but with the memory of Abelli, another mafia man, getting in deep with Walker, or even anyone he was associated with, held no appeal.

The club knew that with The Skulls and Chaos Bleeds MCs going clean, Ned Walker needed a new club to do his runs for him, and to keep Vegas running. There were always going to be takers for that position. The Trojans MC were not it.

They had their own deals to make, and their own lives to live. There was no way Duke would ever accept being second best to Ned Walker’s first choice.

Duke held his hands up. “Look, man, an old lady is for life.”

“Speaking from the man who shot his,” Dime said, smirking.

“She interfered in the wrong shit.” Duke’s first wife had nearly gotten Holly killed. Pie recalled the day, and how close to the edge their Prez had been.

Duke had never loved anyone the way he did Holly.

Dime laughed. “So, we don’t really have an old lady for life.”

“Wait until you find one,” Daisy said. “There’s nothing better.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Let’s move on. This dick is not being trapped by any pussy. I like all of your old ladies, and yes, I’ll die for all of them, but there’s no way I’m sticking my dick into just one.”

Pie chuckled. “I think that was my line over a year ago.”

“Yep, it was,” Chip said. “Oh, yeah, at the same time you were trying to take Kasey from me.”

“Some chicks need variety,” Pie said, laughing. He liked Kasey, cared for her, but he didn’t love her. She didn’t get the fire building or even smoldering inside him. Whereas Lindsey, just thinking about her filled him with an excitement that couldn’t go away.

“So, next party Pie and Lindsey become a couple in the eyes of the club. Is this going to head to a marriage?” Duke asked.

“Yep. I already have the rings picked out. Look.” He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the engagement ring. Even though he’d told her they were going to get married, he had every intention of asking her. Maybe after the old lady ceremony. Until then though, he was keeping a hold of this.

Opening the lid, he showed it off to his club brothers.

“Anyone right now feeling like a fucking pussy?” Pike asked.

“You think she’ll like it?” Pie asked.

She’ll love it,” Landon said. “Lindsey likes pretty things, even though she does try to hide it.”

He turned the box around to look at it, more than happy with his purchase. Now all he needed was to be able to ask her.

“So, moving on from Pie’s very sexy love life. Let’s talk about Matthew. How are we feeling he is getting on?” Duke asked.

There was silence around the table.

“Look, the little shit may be my son, but I told you, he gets the same treatment as everyone else. He can’t go through life believing I’ll pick up the pieces. I think this is real for him. He’s not playing bikers and shit like that.”

“This is real, all right,” Pike said, leaning forward. “Whatever I ask him to do, he does it. No questions asked. Not even any mouth either. He’s progressing well.”

“He did ask me how long I was prospecting for. I told him straight a couple of years between college,” Landon said.

“We’re going to need to see how he fights,” Knuckles said. “We’ve all held off that because he’s your son, Duke.”

“I can only protect him so much. Don’t kill him, that’s all I ask. So the next party we’re fighting and fucking. That’s good to know.”

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