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Sliding her fingers between her thighs, she teased herself to the edge of an orgasm but didn’t allow herself to come.

With Pie rock-hard again, she got to her feet and stripped off her clothes.

“What the fuck did I ever do to deserve you?” he asked.

“You came straight from my dreams.” She kissed his lips and moved toward the bed. “I want you to fuck my ass.” She reached behind her and spread her cheeks wide. He’d been wanting to do it for some time, especially since the last, and he’d been pestering her about it all week. “You want it, baby.”

“Fuck, yeah.”

Within seconds his clothes were off, and he had a tube of lube in his hands. She watched as he prepared his cock, getting it all nice and slick, ready for her. Watching him over her shoulder while she played with her pussy, she waited.

He stepped up behind her, and the first stroke across her anus set her on fire. Her need for this man only seemed to get stronger and rarely dissipated.

“Straight out of a fucking dream,” he said.

He pressed a finger inside her ass, pushing past that tight ring of muscles. She breathed out, making it easier for him to prepare her with the lube. Once she was nice and slick, the head of his cock pressed against her anus, and she whimpered as slowly he started to thrust inside her. The pain shocked her, as it always did with anal, but as she teased her clit, it soon gave way to the pleasure that she knew was to be had with his cock in his ass.

When a couple of inches of his dick was inside her, his hands moved to her hips, and slowly, he thrust all the way until he was balls deep. She released a moan, desperate for more.

“Fuck, baby. You feel so perfect. So mine, so everything.”

“I love you, Pie,” she said.

He pulled out of her ass only to thrust back inside. Over and over he worked her anus, turning the pain into pleasure, making her crave her orgasm.

She teased her clit, and this time, she didn’t stop at the crest. Flying over the edge, she came, pushing back against him, wanting him to fuck her harder. Pie gave her exactly what she wanted, and she moaned, feeling his cock as it slid all the way out only to fuck back inside her. The pain, the pleasure, it all combined, setting them both aflame.

Pie finally came, and when he did, she felt every single pulse and jet of his cum as it filled her ass, branding her.

They collapsed to the bed, his cock still in her ass. Neither of them was ready to move. Pie held her hands, and they locked their fingers together. For a long time, they’d been doing this, most of their friendship, and it had seemed like one thing in an endless list that they did with each other. Holding hands, kissing, their laughter had all been building to this very moment.

“That was the perfect proposal,” she said.

He chuckled. “I had planned for something better, you know, something for us.”

“There couldn’t have been anything better than what you gave me.” She looked behind her, and he kissed her neck. “It was perfect in every way, and I’ll remember the day you made me your old lady, was also the day you decided I was to be your wife.” Leaning back, she pulled his head down, kissing his lips.


Two months later

As per Lindsey’s demands, the wedding was to take place in the Vale Valley church, and the reception was to be held in the Trojans MC clubhouse. Kasey was her matron of honor, and the old ladies her bridesmaids.

When he’d asked Lindsey to marry him, not once did he suspect that she already had the perfect wedding planned for herself. She knew exactly what she wanted, and he’d been more than happy to give it to her.

He stood with the rest of the club, wearing a tuxedo, waiting for his woman. Kasey had already told him that the dress was so perfect that the moment the saw it, he’d fall in love.

No matter what Lindsey wore, he’d love it because he loved her more than anything else in the world.

Duke stood in as his best man. It made sense to him to have his Prez by his side in this moment.

“You nervous?” Duke asked.

“No, I want to make her my wife.” He looked toward his Prez. “I love her, man, more than anything.”

Duke slapped him on the back, and the moment the wedding song fired up, he waited. The bridesmaids came down the aisle, dressed in purple. He didn’t pay any attention to them. He watched his woman. She stood at the back, her hair falling around her in waves. The white dress she wore had thin straps and molded to her body but flared out at the hips. Lace covered her chest, and he saw her tits pushed together. The wedding dress was sexy and beautiful. It screamed Lindsey.

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