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Lindsey was like every other woman, but there was something different about her that called to him. It wasn’t just the way she looked, which was beautiful, curvy as fuck, and hot. Her tits weren’t as big as some, smaller than others, bigger than others as well. Her hips were rounded, as well as her stomach. She had strong, smooth thighs, but it was her confidence he was drawn to. He adored her personality and her energy. The sparkle that she had with her all the time.

She didn’t give a shit what anyone said about her and she always had a smile. At first, when he met her, he thought it was all bullshit to just get in with the club. She had been neighbor to Kasey, who also happened to now be Chip’s old lady. Chip was another member of the Trojans MC. Kasey had brought Lindsey around, and as Pie watched her, he’d thought her attitude was just to get in the club, to either be a sweet-butt or an old lady.

She’d proven to want neither as she loved the old ladies so much, it was why she kept coming around even without Kasey. Lindsey had once said to him that even though she loved sex and wanted it regularly, she didn’t want to be passed around the club like an available hole. She never wanted that.

Over the weeks, he’d come to find that even though she was open, honest, with completely no filter, he enjoyed being around her. She was refreshing.

He was bored of all the women playing coy, of trying to get him to be some fucking mind-reader. He wasn’t interested in trying to learn other people’s problems.

Lindsey, to him, was a breath of fresh air.

“I love the stars. They are so pretty.”

“How much did you drink?”

She lifted up, released one of his hands, and nearly fell to the ground, but he caught her, tugging her close.

“I’ve got you.”

She giggled. “I know you do. You’ve always got me, Pie.” She cupped his face and her lips were on his, but it wasn’t a sexy kiss.

It was a peck on the lips before she pulled away with a giggle.

“Hey, no fair,” he said. Sinking his fingers into her hair, he held her close. They were breathing deeply, and he wanted to kiss her, to put his lips on hers, and to see just how sweet she tasted, but he stopped himself.

This wasn’t good.

Lindsey was his best friend, and that meant he had to respect her decision and what she wanted.

Kissing her wouldn’t do either of them any good.

“Come on, I better get you home.”

The fresh air had clearly gotten to her, and now she was a little more buzzed.

“Yeah, I think I need to get home.”

They walked back to his bike. Climbing on, he handed her the helmet.

“No fair.”

“Totally not fair, but you’re drunk and I don’t take risks with your health.”

She did that sexy pout that she loved to do and normally he caved, but not tonight. “Remember, you’re drunk. You do as I tell you.”

“I’m not completely drunk. I only had, like, a few shots.”

“And I had one beer.”

She put the helmet on, and he heard her sigh. “This right now, totally sucks. It stinks in here. Did you kill someone wearing it? Ugh.”

“Don’t throw up in it.”

“Please, I’ve not vomited in such a long time. I’m not a pussy. I can handle my drink.”

She climbed onto the bike, wrapped her arms around him, and the helmet gently touched his back, which he found so utterly sweet of her.

That was another thing he loved about Lindsey. She couldn’t hurt a fly or anyone else. She was just one of the nicest, sweetest women he’d ever known.

Riding back to her apartment, he made sure to be careful on a few of the hard turns just in case she fell asleep.

He didn’t want anything to happen to her.

Once he was at her place, he parked.

“Home, sweet home,” she said, pulling off the helmet he’d given her. “Ugh. That was disgusting.”

“You’re safe though, right.”

“Please, you’re a safe rider, Pie. I trust you. Are you coming up? I don’t mind making you a coffee.”


He had no interest in going back to the clubhouse.

The elevator was still shut down, so they walked the several flights of stairs to her room.

“Why don’t they get that fixed?” he asked.

“They will when they can. I don’t mind. The steps are good for me. After a long day at work, it helps me to shake off all the crap.” She let them into her apartment, and she breathed out a sigh of relief. “Home.”

She went straight to the kettle, pouring water into it before placing it on the stove.

“Will you watch that for me?”

Before he could say anything else, she was gone, and he went over to her fridge. Opening it up, he pulled out a carton of Chinese food, which he had just the other night. He grabbed a fork and was eating when Lindsey came back a few minutes later. Her hair was damp, her face clear of makeup, not that she wore a whole lot. She also had on a large t-shirt, which looked like the one he’d worn the last time he was there.

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