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“Is that mine?”

“Not now it’s not. You leave it, you lose it. It’s awesome to sleep in.” She winked at him just as the kettle started to make a noise to let them know it was ready.

She hummed as she made them both a cup of coffee.

“You want some?” he asked, holding out the Chinese food.

“Nah. I’ve already brushed my teeth.”

“And showered.”

“Yep. No wasting time here.”

They finished their cup of coffee, and he watched as she stretched, releasing a yawn. “I better be heading back.”

“It’s late, Pie. You don’t have to leave. My bed is more than big enough for the two of us, and you can sleep naked if you want. I don’t have a problem with that.”


“I always carry a spare in case I need one.” She put their cups in the sink, and he followed her through to her bedroom. While she climbed beneath the sheets and left him a lamp on, he quickly rushed to the bathroom, changing out of his clothes, keeping his boxer briefs on. He took his gun to the bedside table and climbed in, turning off the light.

He rolled toward her, and she was smiling.

“You bring a gun to bed?”

“You never know who might decide to drop in.”

She wrinkled her nose. “I don’t mind you bringing a gun, just so long as you know how to use it.”

“Oh, believe me, I know how.”

She chuckled. “Well, I don’t see us getting attacked tonight, Pie. Good night.” She leaned over, kissed his cheek, and moved back into her own spot.

Pie watched her close her eyes, and it wasn’t long before she fell asleep. He saw her body go into that relaxed slumber. Staring at her, he smiled.

Even in sleep he found her cute.


“Dr. Strong just completed another successful breast implant. Isn’t it wonderful?” Tiffany said.

Pasting a smile on her face, Lindsey glanced at their newest worker. Tiffany was a difficult young woman. She had her whole life ahead of her, early twenties, fresh-faced, and had that sparkle in her eyes that promising actresses always seemed to have. She wasn’t jaded by life yet, or by being told she wasn’t thin enough or pretty enough. But, and this was a big one, she felt that being a “beautiful undiscovered actress,” meant she didn’t have to work. That she was only there waiting to finally be seen, to get that big role that would make her a star. It made her incredibly difficult to work with.

Lindsey never wanted to be an actress, nor did she want to be in this job, but it paid better than most, even if it did mean dealing with the male ass that she worked for. One of her bosses was okay, and he seemed a stand-up guy. The other gave her the creeps, and she hadn’t liked him from the start. But, again, it was good money, and they were both damn good plastic surgeons.

“Totally,” Lindsey said, glancing down at the appointment sheet. Another week and they were fully booked again. Biting the end of her pen, she began to make the calls to confirm that their clients would be able to make it on time.

Dr. Strong, one of the owners and the best plastic surgeon in town, hated it when he was sitting around waiting when he could be making someone else’s life prettier.

Once that was done, Lindsey saw that Tiffany was filing her nails at the same time as reading one of her many manuscripts. She was always disappearing, but, seeing as she was screwing one of the doctors that co-owned the practice, Lindsey didn’t have a way of complaining to anyone.

When clients came in, Lindsey dealt with them as Tiffany kept on doing her own thing.

Once they were seated, Lindsey went to make sure the nurses had everything they needed.

Marie, one of the nicest women in the office, smiled over at her. She was going over a medical form.

“Hey, Lindsey, how are you doing?”

“All the work, as usual.” She placed a cup of herbal tea on the desk. “You? How are the kids?”

“They’re growing up way too fast. I’ve spoken to Rich and to Brian, but as yet, nothing.” Rich, short for Richard, and Brian were the two surgeons. Richard was the one screwing Tiffany, while Brian was the family man and the one who kept the surgery going.

“It’s fine. You and I both know why they won’t fire her.” The moment Tiffany entered the surgery, Lindsey had known she was trouble.

“Did you have fun last night? I know you were going out with that hot biker boyfriend of yours.”

She rolled her eyes. “Pie is so not my boyfriend. We had fun. I’m trying to set him up on a date, but at the moment, he won’t have any takers. I sometimes wonder about that man.”

“Or maybe he just wants to spend time with you.”

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