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Climbing inside, key in the ignition, she pulled out of the parking lot.

Richard had always been a flirt and pushing the edge of sexual harassment. She’d seen women come and go with a click of her fingers. She shouldn’t put up with his crap. No one should, but when he was the actual boss in the company, there was nowhere else for her to go.

Her hands shaking and her stomach taut from the nerves, she put her music on and listened to the heavy beat of Fall Out Boy. She had to get the last ten minutes out of her head, as otherwise it would be next to impossible to go to work on Monday.

She did her best to ignore Richard.

These interactions were so few and far between.

After taking a deep breath, she was finally able to calm down. Everything would be okay. When she pulled into her parking lot at her apartment she smiled. Pie was on his bike, waiting for her.

Any other worries she had disappeared as she saw him.

No matter how shitty her day was, the moment she saw him, he always made her smile.

Chapter Three

Pie walked between the kids and couples that were camped out on the lawn, stargazing. He found Lindsey curled up next to Kasey. They were both lying on the ground, Lindsey’s blonde hair spread out.

It had been a couple of days since he last saw her, as the club ended up going on a gun run for Diaz. Since the Billionaire Bikers were out of their lives, along with the Abelli mafia problem, everything had been getting back to normal. Or as normal as a bikers’ club could allow.

“They’re all so beautiful,” Lindsey said, staring up at them.

“I didn’t know you were into stars,” Kasey said.

Most of the young kids were curled up asleep inside the clubhouse. Several of the men and women had one of those baby monitor things in their grips.

“I am. I like a lot of things, Kasey, and it’s not all about sex, even though that is high up on my list of things to love.”

He chuckled.

“Don’t start, you,” Lindsey said, tapping his arm. “Did you get my drink?”

“What the lady wants, she gets.” He handed her an orange soda.

“Thank you, kind sir.” She sat up and started to drink.

“So, are you going next week?” Kasey asked, sitting up.

“Next week?” Pie asked, looking between the two women.

Chip sighed as he came to sit down. He kissed Kasey’s shoulder.

It didn’t bother Pie to see them together.

“I’ve got this work party thing with a few colleagues. We’re going to have a few drinks. That will probably be it.” She licked her lips. “Do you want to come?”

“Am I invited?”

“Of course, silly. We can see about finding you that hot date.”

Just then the sound of her stomach rumbling reminded him that he was in line to get some burgers, which Pike was flipping on the grill.

“I’ll get some food.”

“What about you, honey? Will you feed your wife?” Kasey asked.

“Of course.” Chip kissed Kasey’s head, then followed Pie toward the pit.

Duke was there, turning some steaks over.

“We need food,” Chip said. “Our women are starving.”

“Get in line. Everyone is starving,” Duke said. “We’ve been on the road for too long, and we’re nearly out of everything Holly and Mary made for us all.”

It was late, and a couple of the kids wanted to stargaze after Landon bought them all telescopes last Christmas. Tonight was the perfect night. Clear skies, lots of stars and the way Lindsey looked at him—he’d never have put her as a stargazing lover, but there you go.

“What’s going on with you and Lindsey?”

“Nothing, why?”

“Just, the two of you seem kind of cozy together. You’re, like … joined at the hip,” Chip said.

Duke burst out laughing. “Please, you threw Lindsey and Pie at each other and now you’re complaining because they spend so much time together.”

“I’m not complaining. I’m happy for him. Lindsey’s a great woman.”

Pike snorted. “You’re only saying that because she’s taken Pie off your hands.”

“Will you two shut up?” Chip said.

“I like Lindsey,” Holly said, coming up to the table. She wrapped her arms around Duke’s waist. “She doesn’t bullshit and she doesn’t go chasing after other women’s men, so she’s great. Unlike some women.” She looked toward the few sweet-butts that happened to be in residence tonight. One of them was hanging off Dime’s neck while the other was smooching up to Landon as if she was his second skin.

Pie loved to fuck the sweet-butts. He could take what he wanted and kick them out.

Now though, it was … hard. He didn’t want to hurt Lindsey, not that they had a label for their relationship. They were friends. Good friends. Best friends.

“You know she and Kasey talk all the time,” Chip said. “You’re wanting Lindsey to help find you a woman.”

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