“I like that,” she murmured, squeezing his wrist.

“So do I.” His hand moved to her bottom, where he traced the ascending strip that formed the thong.

He licked his lips.

He rolled her on her side, simply so he could admire her bottom, cupping and squeezing with both hands.

He slid a finger across the thong between her legs, tantalizing her.

Raven moved to her back once again and parted her legs. William’s expression was triumphant as she moved in concert with his hand.

Without warning, his fingers withdrew and he was peeling her out of her bodysuit.

He took her hands in his and extended them to her sides before lowering himself to her body.

A few urgent kisses, a few tugs on her nipples with his mouth, and he pushed inside her.

She closed her eyes and exhaled. He stretched her almost to the point of pain, but she welcomed the fullness.

William moved slowly, his mouth joined to hers before it descended to lick her breasts.

She lifted her hips to meet him, enjoying every movement, every thrust.

“How do you feel?” He spoke against her collarbone, kissing a line from shoulder to shoulder.

“Beyond words.” She flexed her hands in his, lifting her head to kiss his brow.

He released her hands and dropped his own to her backside, gripping her as he entered more deeply.

His eyes met hers and, for the first time, she saw uncertainty in them and not a little worry.

She pushed his hair back from his forehead. “Are you all right?”

“Of course.” He stifled a groan.

“You make me feel pretty.”

“For so you are. Noble and brave and pretty. Your body is soft and inviting.” Now he groaned as if tortured. “You threaten my self-control.”

“Then let go.”

“I can’t,” he gritted out through clenched teeth.

“Feed from me.”

He stilled, planting himself deeply inside her.

She felt his body tense and excitement radiate from his skin.

“Are you sure?” He traced the arch of her eyebrow, his eyes alert.

“I want to give this to you. To give myself.”

His gray eyes grew eager but his expression was guarded.

“I can feed elsewhere and share what we have in this bed only with you.”

“I’m offering myself to you because I—I care about you.”

He saw it in her eyes, the depth of her feelings.

For a moment, he was tempted to deny her and himself.

But the moment passed.

“It will change things,” he warned. “Once you give, you’ll want to give yourself again and again. Once I taste you, I won’t want anyone else.”


He gave her one last searching look before kissing her fiercely.

“Ignosce mihi,” he murmured.

She felt his lips trail to her neck, cool and firm. Then she felt his tongue, licking and tasting.

Finally, she felt his teeth, nipping.

His hips pulled back and moved forward, pushing inside her quickly and deeply. A few more movements and she fell, her arms and legs clutching him as she climaxed.

Her orgasm was interrupted by a piercing pain in her neck. In an instant, the hurt was replaced by the pleasurable sensation of William’s mouth, his lips and his tongue, sucking on her.

Her climax heightened, doubled, ascended out of her control.

He continued moving inside her, his pace quickening, his strokes lengthening.

She was still orgasming, the experience absolutely overwhelming.

Within five strokes, he released her neck, laving the wound with his cool tongue.

Their eyes met and Raven saw him lick his lips. His eyes seemed to glow in the candlelight as his strokes quickened, stretching her further.

With a growl, he pushed inside her and she felt a dull coolness fill her. A short time later he collapsed, burying his face in her throat.

Chapter Forty-seven

Raven floated on a cloud, accompanied by heavenly voices. She didn’t know how long she lay, naked and wrapped in William’s arms.

She felt dreamy and strange, as if she were drunk.

William stroked a finger up and down her spine, his face an expression of peace.

“I understand what you mean now.” She nestled against his bare chest.

“About what?”

“About addiction. I want to have sex with you again and let you feed from me.”

He chuckled and drew her closer. “Me, as well. But I can only take so much blood from you within a certain time. We’ll have to wait and see how your body reacts.”

“Is it safe?”

He kissed her forehead, stroking his thumb across her cheekbone.

“Raven, nothing about me is safe. But I can say that I will do all in my power to give you nothing but pleasure.”

She burrowed into his chest, blissfully happy.

“In fact, when the city is free of hunters, I’d like to take you on my motorcyle for a ride into the countryside.”

She laughed, a giddy sound.

“I’m not sure I can survive that. The last time you had me on your motorcycle, I was sick.”

“This will be much more enjoyable, I assure you.”

Another embrace, another caress, and he was helping her dress.

When her legs were too unsteady to carry her, he swept her into his arms, pausing to kiss her with every few steps.

They walked down the hall toward the dance floor, Raven gazing up at him in wonder.

She felt cherished. She felt happy.

She felt connected to him by a bond that was far more than just sex.

The experience had been nothing like she’d ever known. It seemed as if, with his mouth at her neck, she’d had a second, heightened orgasm, simultaneous with the first. Even now, she felt boundless satisfaction, the euphoria thrumming through her veins.

It had been a strange and wonderful experience. She couldn’t wait to repeat it.

Just then, William stopped.

He rumbled and bared his teeth.

“Ah, so you’ve finally finished. I didn’t want to interrupt, though I was sorely tempted.” A woman’s voice called from inside the main room.

Raven turned her head and saw the female vampyre, clad in a Renaissance-style gown of midnight blue velvet, sitting on one of the banquettes. Her fiery red hair cascaded down her shoulders, her face pale and perfect, her eyes sparkling.

She took a drink from a strange-looking glass.

“Aoibhe.” William’s tone was commanding. “Teatro is closed.”

“I came to see what might prompt the Prince to break curfew.” She nodded in Raven’s direction. “I see I’ve found the answer. You smell of sex. Shall we share a drink?”

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