He turns back around and give me a hard look. “Open up your fucking mouth and suck my cock. Suck it like you love me, Rose. Give me the best blow job of your life, or I’ll smack that slutty pussy all fucking night.”

His dark words shouldn’t make my pussy clench but they do. Shame is a powerful thing that hangs in front of me, and I just can’t seem to shake it.

“Do it, Rose,” he says, and leans forward, pressing the head of his cock roughly to my mouth. I close my eyes tightly and open up.

“Oh that’s it, my love. Take me deep; all the way to the back. Now suck the head. Jesus Christ, that’s so good.”

I feel his cock go all the way back, and I do as instructed. I suck and lick and try to get him off this way, knowing that if he cums like this then I won’t orgasm too.

He starts to shake, and I know he’s close. His body is on edge and I suck harder as he thrusts against my mouth. Suddenly I feel him pull out and slide down my body a little, so he’s sitting just below my breasts. He grabs his cock with his right hand and starts to jerk off, while he puts his left behind him and plays with my clit.

“No!” I shout, not wanting to cum like this. I can’t move my arms or legs, so I’m just wide open to what he wants.

“Oh, yes, Rose. I want you to cum while you watch me jerk off to you,” he says, and pinches my clit.

I try to bow off the bed, and I let out a helpless cry.

“Just let go, my love. Your body is so primed and ready to go again. Cum for me.”

He pinches my clit again and I do. The way he’s using me, the way he’s manipulating my body against me, has me cumming at his command.

As I reach my peak I open my eyes in time to see his cum splash across my breasts and down his cock. Big thick spurts shoot out and my orgasm goes on and on at the sight. I shouldn’t be turned on by this, but I am. This is so dirty and wrong, but I can’t seem to stop my body’s reaction to him. What is wrong with me?

As he gets off the bed, and looks down at my body, he continues to rub his hard cock. Jesus, does that thing ever go soft?

I turn my head in the other direction because I don’t want to look at him. I don’t want to see what he does because it turns me on. I’m embarrassed by how I’ve reacted to this and I want to crawl in a hole and disappear.

I feel the bed dip and I close my eyes tighter.

“Please, no more. I can’t. Not again.”

“My sweet Rose,” he says, and pets my legs. “You’re going to take so much more from me. We’re just getting started. I’m going to make love to you in every way imaginable. Then I’m going to really fuck you dirty.”

“Oh god.” The words tremble from my mouth. I can’t wrap my head around what he has planned.

I feel him crawl between my legs and he kisses the inside of my thighs.

“No! Please no! Anything but that!” I cry out, but he doesn’t stop. He keeps kissing up my thighs and I know where his mouth is headed.

“Why, my love? Why don’t you want my mouth here?” he says, and he’s centimeters from my pussy now.

“It’s too much. Please don’t. It’s too intimate. I’ll do anything else. I’ll suck your cock, or you can fuck me, just please don’t do that.”

“Listen to you. You’re becoming such a fucking whore, just offering up everything to me. I knew you would love it. It didn’t take as long as I thought.”

I feel more shame flow through me at his words and my pussy clenches in response.

“Fuck. I can see your pussy dripping already at the idea of how many ways I’ll fuck you. But I’m going to eat this cunt, Rose. I’m going to taste our cum mixed together, and I’m going to get your scent all over me.” With those filthy words, his mouth descends on me, and I’m crying out.

He licks and sucks me, and all I can do is lie there and pull against my restraints. I beg and plead, but he’s relentless, and within minutes I’m on the cusp of another orgasm.

My poor pussy and clit have been worked over and abused so much in the last hours that my body is giving up an orgasm without much of a fight. When he bites down on my clit I lose the battle and let out a shout of pleasure. He’s taken something else from my body that I didn’t want to give up.

Once I’ve come down from my peak, he crawls up my body, kissing me as he goes. I can’t face him so I keep my eyes closed and my head turned to the side, but when he pushes his nose against my cheek, I can smell my pussy on his face, and I can’t stop the aftershocks of my orgasm from making me twitch with need again.

“Now where’s my kiss, Rose? Remember, we always kiss after we make love.”



I wake up more aware of her body than my own. Her arms wrapped around me, her leg spanning my belly, her hair everywhere. I am completely surrounded by her. I took her repeatedly through the night. It was like I couldn’t cool the raging lust I had for her. Having her spread-eagled, tied to the bed, I’m sure wasn’t helping. Months of planning this, and she was finally here, spread out for my taking whenever and however I wanted. And I did. Fuck, if my heart didn’t want to leap out of my chest just looking at her wide, frightened green eyes, her lush body laid bare for me.

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