When my cock finally went down, I crawled on top of her, my knees beside her head, and made her taste the mix of us together. I wasn’t selfish enough to not share that with her. Eating her pussy with my cum dripping out of her was pure heaven, and I wanted her to have a piece of that too. When she got my cock all clean, I was hard once again, and I figured she might as well just finish. She made me hard, so she should take care of it.

“That’s it baby. Now moan around my cock so I know how much you like sucking my dick. I bet you were trying to get me hard. You got a little taste of my cum, but you wanted a whole mouthful, didn’t you? I’ll give it to you. I’ll give you anything you want,” I say, thrusting into her mouth.

My cock slides in and out between her lips. Her big green eyes are wide and when she finally moans around my cock, I can feel it all the way in my balls. I fuck her face faster, my breathing growing hard with each deep plunge into her mouth.

Time seems to blur, and I have no idea how long I spend with her mouth around me. It could be three minutes or three hours. I am completely lost until I explode.

“Take it all,” I grunt, still pumping into her face. “Drink every drop down.” My cum spurting down her throat.

Pulling my soft cock from between her lips, I run the tip along them, smearing a little bit of cum on her lips. She immediately licks her lips, and seeing it causes more of my cum to leak out. Greedy. “Stick your tongue in the tip, Rose. Get all the cum out, and clean the little hole.”

She latches on to the tip of my cock, getting every drop. I can feel her tongue going inside the tip of my cock and sucking me dry. “Such a good girl, my Rose.”

I lost count of how many times I took her last night, and there’s no counting how many times I made her cum. One time I actually passed out on top of her. Then I woke up with her pussy contracting around me, pulling my cum from me like a greedy little whore. She can protest all she wants, but her body couldn’t get enough of me.

When I finally untied her, she wrapped herself around me. She might’ve been sleeping, but it just shows how much her mind and body are fighting each other.

I hate pulling myself from her, but my love need some care; my cock is almost raw from her tight pussy and I’m sure she isn’t doing any better. Heading to the bathroom, I grab a warm washcloth and some cream before I make my way back to her. She’s rolled to her back with her legs spread wide for me. Her deep breathing letting me know she’s still sleeping. She’s lucky I don’t climb on top of her again and get my fill, with her baiting me like she is, but I have to do what’s best for my girl.

Running the warm washcloth softly between her legs, part of me loves seeing my cum coating the inside of her thighs, and I hate that I have to clean it away. Once I get her all cleaned up, I apply a cream to help with any discomfort she might be feeling. I want her to feel what I’ve done to her body, but I want it to be a sweet burn, not one that hurts her. When I look up, I see her staring at me with a strange look in her eyes. She’s still sleepy, but there’s something else there.

“Morning, love,” I say, tossing the washcloth and cream on the nightstand table before leaning down to kiss her. I’m shocked when she responds by kissing me back. Her tongue stroking into my mouth, sliding over mine, making a bolt of electricity shoot through me. How could I ever live without this? I can’t.

This woman was made for me; she’s my other half. She craves what I want to give her and she’s come to see that. That I can be her everything, and fulfill any need she’s ever had. No more writing out in her diary the dark things she craves, because I can give them to her. I crave doing this to her, and only her.

Hearing her stomach growl reminds me I haven’t fed her. I sigh; it takes everything in me to pull back from her.

“I’ll make us something to eat,” I say.

“Okay, I need to use the bathroom.”

Nodding okay, I grab her by the hand, pulling her from the bed. The room has a slight chill to it so I grab my bag off the table and fish her out one of my shirts to wear, sliding it over her head. She practically swims in the thing.

“Hmm – thank you,” she says, a light blush creeping across her cheeks, making me want to pull her to me. I’m sure she’s going over the past twelve hours in her head. Remembering all the times I made her come, and got her to tell me she loved me. Maybe turning over in her pretty little head how much she liked it.

“Go on.” I nod to the bathroom door. “Leave the door open, and don’t wash yourself. If you need a shower I’ll clean you, but first I need to feed you.”

When she enters the bathroom I take my chance to head out to the car and grab some stuff. When I walk back into the cabin, she’s just coming from the bathroom. Making my way over to the table, I pull a chair out for her, indicating she should sit. When she does, I toss the contents of my glove box on the table. The naked pictures I’ve had of her, and her diary.

I hear her gasp, but I just make my way over to the kitchen area and start to make our breakfast. I give her time to let everything sink in, and let her see how far this all really goes back.

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