“Oh baby, don’t be scared. We’ll be so gentle with you,” Ridge says, and starts to remove her clothing.

She’s wearing a tank top and cotton shorts, but they are taken from her body with only a few rips, baring her to us. She shouts against the gag, so I grab her chin and make her look at me.

“You need to calm your ass down. If you don’t, we’re going to do this a lot rougher than either of us wants to. Do you understand me? Besides, we know you want it. Our little slut. I can still smell your cum on me.”

She slowly closes her eyes, and gives me a small nod.

“Good. Then let’s get started. Give you a taste of how the rest of your life is going to be.” I swear a little bit of cum shoots out of my cock at my own words because it’s true. This will be her life from this point on. We’ll never let her go.

Charlotte is on the bed, completely naked, and Ridge and I make quick work of stripping down and joining her.

“Fuck. I need those tits first, Hudson. You get her off. I’ve got to cum before my balls explode.”

“Done,” I say without hesitation.

As Ridge climbs on her chest, I move down between her legs, spreading her thighs wide. Her pussy is open to me, and my mouth waters at the sight.

I look up and see Ridge is in position. I hear his moans of pleasure. “Goddamn, these tits feels so fucking good wrapped around my cock.” I hear him spit and then another moan follows. “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

I feel a smile spread across my face, and I close my eyes as I breathe in her scent. “Her pussy smells so good. It’s like sweet honey and I’m a starving bear.” I give her a small lick and feel her body jerk against the pleasure. “Don’t fight it, baby. Just enjoy the feeling and relax. It’s okay if you cum, nobody will hear you scream.”

I lick and suck her pussy, getting her juices all over my face. After I feel her body start to move in time with my kisses, I bring my fingers up, pushing inside her pussy. Her hips rock against my face, and I know she must be lost in our touches. I bring my other hand up and touch her back entrance. I get it slick with her cream and push past the tight ring, feeling her body tense at the invasion.

“Keep breathing, baby. You’ll take both of us. And you’ll love it. Imagine both of our cocks inside you at once, fucking you so hard and deep.” At my words, her pussy clenches around my fingers, and I know she likes the idea.

“You should see her face, Hudson. While you’re eating her pussy, my cock is fucking her tits, and she’s loving it. Aren’t you, Doc?”

At that moment, she struggles against her bindings and shouts through her gag. We both laugh at the fight she has in her, and I go back to business.

I push my fingers in and out of her pussy, and I’ve worked up to two digits in her ass. She rocks against me again and I can tell she’s on the verge of an orgasm.

“Pinch her nipples, Ridge. She’s close.”

“She’s not the only one,” I hear him say.

I hear her let out a small cry as I suck on her clit and he pinches her nipples. Suddenly, her body locks up and her hips bow off the bed. Her orgasm is fierce and grips her hard as I fuck her pussy and ass with my fingers.

Ridge lets out his own sounds of satisfaction as he cums on her tits from seeing her climax. “Goddamn, I can’t watch her cum and not get off to it.”

I give her pussy one last sweet kiss and I sit up, feeling my cock swell painfully. I’ve denied it too long, and it’s time to get it off again.

“I’m too hard to take her ass right now, Why don’t you get in there and I’ll fuck her pussy.”

Ridge gives me a wicked smile and nods his agreement. “Let’s turn her over and you can get under her.”

As we flip Charlotte over, I slide under her body and make her straddle my hips. My cock juts up behind her. I grab her waist, lifting her a little. We left the bindings on her arms long enough that we could play with her a bit, and I’m thankful we planned ahead.

Once she’s balanced on the tip of my cock, Ridge reaches under her and spreads her pussy lips apart so I can slide right in. Feeling her warm wet pussy envelop my cock is heaven and it makes my eyes roll to the back of my head.

When I’m fully seated inside her, I look up and lock eyes with her. “That’s it, baby,” I whisper. “Take it all.”

I pull her to me and bury my face in the crook of her neck as I hold myself inside her. I can feel Ridge’s cum rubbing between us. I smell the scent of his passion on her and it makes me harder. I fight myself not to cum.

I feel him move into place behind her. Reaching around, I spread her ass cheeks open for him and hear him spit before burying his face in her ass, lubing her tight little hole with his saliva. Her body jerks in response as her pussy creams all over my dick and runs out down to my balls. When he finally pulls away, I feel his fingers rub around her pussy, collecting her juices, using them to lube up his cock. When I feel her body tense, I know he’s finally sliding into her tight little asshole.

“Just relax, baby. It won’t hurt if you don’t struggle.”

I feel her take a deep breath and her body relaxes a little. Ridge leans over her back and whispers words of encouragement as he enters her.

“Fuck, I’m almost there. She’s so tight, it’s painful.”

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