“I have a feeling she won’t break so easy.”

We smile at one another as we approach the medical wing. Once we enter, we pass the desk and I give the two guards there a chin lift as they buzz us in. Ridge leans over and passes them a manila envelope filled with hundred-dollar bills. Some people might think it’s crazy to spend thousands for an hour of alone time with a woman, but in prison, pussy is almost unheard of, so you’ve got to pay up. Plus, there isn’t an amount I wouldn’t pay to have her all to ourselves. Even if it’s only for an hour.

We found out the two guards manning the desk had some extracurricular activities that left them a little light in the wallet. That’s what happens when you think you’re in love with a stripper or like gambling a little too much. So Ridge and I decided to use that information to our advantage. All it took was a few conversations, and we got the green light.

Pushing the cart through the doors, I look back over my shoulder and watch the guards heading out. So far everything is going to plan and we’re another step closer.

When we reach the end of the hall, there’s a small desk in the back with two more guards. These two were a little harder to bribe, and I think it’s because they’ve gotten to know the Doc and feel some kind of sympathy for her. But say a dollar amount high enough and people suddenly lose their morals.

Ridge grabs the next envelope and passes it over the desk. One of the guards snatches it up. The other looks at us and then looks at the back exam room door, no doubt thinking about the doctor on the other side and what’s about to happen to her. I can see a look of apprehension cross his face, but we’ve planned for this.

You don’t spend this kind of money and orchestrate this kind of plan, and not have a backup for your backup. Always be five moves ahead.

I pull out the third envelope and slowly slide it across the counter to the guards. “A little bonus for you guys. Just to make sure everything goes as planned.”

The reluctant guard takes the envelope and looks inside. Suddenly he’s not so reluctant anymore. “One hour, and there won’t be any interruptions,” he says confidently, as the two of them make their way out of the wing, bolting the doors behind us.

I look over at Ridge, and he gives me a nod. It’s time.

I walk over to her door and stand in front of it. She’s got it locked, but it won’t be for long. I take a deep breath and on the exhale, raise my leg up and with all my strength kick in the door, busting it wide open, the crack of the hinges bouncing off the cold concrete walls.

Immediately I hear the doctor scream as Ridge and I run in the room. The room is big, with the exam table sitting in the middle. I look around, see where the camera is and know we’re already on a countdown.

“We’re on the clock,” I say, as Ridge moves a desk in front of the door. It’s probably unnecessary, but just in case we have an interruption, we get a warning.

I look over and see Doc Charlotte has pressed herself into the corner. I feel a wicked smile cross my face, seeing her so scared and vulnerable.

“Well, hello there, pretty thing. We don’t have a lot of time for romance so I’ll cut to the chase. You’re going to take off your clothes, show us your holes, and let us fuck them until we’re done. Then you’re going to put your clothes back on and go back to what you were doing and not say a word to anyone. Sound like a good plan to you?”

“Oh God, please don’t do this! Guards!” she screams again, pushing herself further against the wall.

Ridge walks up beside me and starts to laugh. “That’s it, baby, scream. I want you to get loud. Fuck, it makes my dick drip for you. Go ahead and yell out ‘Ridge’ too, while you’re at it.”

She looks around the room, like she’s searching for a weapon, and it’s time to shut that down. In three quick strides I’m in front of her. Reaching down, I grab her upper arm, pulling her to her feet and over to the exam table. Her vanilla scent fills my lungs, making my mouth water.

“You can make this as easy or as rough as you want it, baby, but it’s gonna be hard either way,” I say, pushing my cock against her so she can feel what she does to me. She struggles in my arms and pulls away from me as much as she can. “There’s no escape from us. We’ve been watching you and waiting for our chance to put our dicks in you. You’ve been begging for this moment, you’re just too scared to admit it. The way you dress screams you need a good fucking, and we are going to give it to you.”

“Please don’t do this. Please. I can get you drugs, supplies, anything. Just please don’t hurt me,” she begs.

Ridge grabs her other arm and we hold her between us. He leans in and licks her neck. “Oh, sweet Charlotte, we don’t want to hurt you. We just want to fuck you until you can’t walk. Every move you make for the next week, you’ll still feel us. You’ll remember who took you.”

I feel her body shiver, and she screams for help again.

“God, I hope there’s audio on those cameras. I’m gonna want to hear this on a loop for the rest of my life,” I say, making Ridge laugh again. Lifting Charlotte up, we hold her down on the exam bed.

“I’m going to hold her wrists for now, but if she struggles too much I’m going to tie her down.”

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