“Fuck, I need to see her tits,” Ridge says, and reaches down, ripping open her button-down shirt. The buttons fly, hitting the floor, their sound like music to my ears. Her breasts spring free and her hard, tight nipples point up, making my mouth water.

“Oh, you fucking slut, walking around without a bra on,” I say. “You’re just begging to get your cunt raped, working in a prison and letting your horny nipples poke through like that. It’s a good thing we’re here. We’ll take care of that sweet little kitten, and you won’t have to dress like this to get dick anymore.”

“Please don’t, oh God, please no. Stop. I’ll do anything.”

“Oh, you’ll do everything anyway, baby, and it won’t be because we stop,” I say, and look over at Ridge. He licks his lips, staring at her nipples. He’s a breast man and she’s got a pair of fat tits just waiting to be fucked.

“All right, who’s going first?”



My breathing is ragged, need pulsing through me. Fuck, it took six months of planning to get to this moment, and I’m going to enjoy every second of it.

A barbaric part of me wants her to get off on this. I want to make her cum. I want to bury my face between her thighs until she cums all over me. Her scent filling my lungs. I want to force the orgasm from her body, whether she wants to give it to me or not. I need to take it from her, and there’s nothing more I want in this moment than that. Well, maybe for there not to be a fucking camera in here.

I know Hudson gets off on the idea, but it eats me up, thinking about other people watching. Pushing the thoughts of the camera out of my mind, I stare down at the flawless woman in front of me. Need courses through me. I can actually feel my hands shaking with it, like a junkie needing their next fix. I’ve wanted her for so long, and now here she is for the taking. No one’s coming to stop us, so we can do anything we want to her.

Slowly I reach down and claim her tit. Squeezing it firmly, running my thumb over her nipple, and watching it get harder for me. Gripping it tighter, I pinch her nipple between my thumb and finger, rolling it a little harder this time, wanting her to squirm for me. I’m rewarded with a little whine as she tries to get away from the touch. I need to get the rest of her clothes off and expose every inch of her to us.

“Fuck, look at those nipples, they’re so hard for us. I think she likes it,” Hudson says. Pulling my gaze away from her, I look at him. He’s got his eyes transfixed on her breast and his cock’s already in his hand as he slowly strokes himself with his free hand. My morning jerk-off session doesn’t seem to be helping any, because my balls are drawn up tight, ready for release. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get the tip of my cock inside of her without exploding everywhere. Just the touch of her warm cunt to my dick and I bet I’ll nut all over her.

“Please don’t do this. Just let me go and I won’t tell anyone I swear,” she begs again, fighting against the grip Hudson has on her hands. I see him lean close to her face, and she stops begging for a second.

“The next time you open your mouth, I’m going to put my dick in it. Well, I’m going to do that anyway, but I want to watch him fuck you for a bit while I hold you down, so how about you be still and let us have our fun.” Suddenly his lips touch hers, and he’s kissing her.

Doc bucks her body up, trying to push him off, making her tits jiggle. I grab both of her legs and get between them. The exam table is short, and her long legs hang off, so there’s plenty of room for me. She continues to fight as I go for the hem of her pants, ripping them off her, along with her silky red panties. She kicks out and fights against me as much as she can while being held down. I have to be quick so she doesn’t land a foot on my face, but I’m so much stronger than she is.

After I’ve fully exposed her lower half, I go back between her legs, and press my body into her so she can’t thrash around. There’s no point fighting us now. We have her pinned to the bed and her legs spread wide for us with no protection for her cunt. All I have to do is free my cock and slide into her.

“Fuck,” Hudson says, breaking away from the kiss. He has a little blood on his lip, no doubt from Doc biting him.

The two of us have always shared women, something that seemed odd to outsiders but natural to us. We grew up on the streets and have always done everything together. We are brothers, not by blood but by something stronger.

Hudson wipes the blood from his mouth, “She fucking bit me,” he growls out but I don’t think it got the responses the Doc wanted, because it seems to have only turned him on more.

“Told you she’d bite,” I tell him, reminding him of our earlier conversation.

“You want it rough, Doc? Because I’m more than happy to oblige,” Hudson says, looking down at her. If one thing’s for sure, Hudson would make true on that promise. He likes his sex rough and dirty. I like it dirty, but I favor a sweeter touch. I want to make her beg.

She screams out, and he grabs her by the throat. I place my thumb on her clit and start to roll it.

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