I watch as Ridge fucks her hard and rubs her clit at the same time. He’s sweating and I can tell he’s close.

“Ridge, go ahead and cum. Let me take care of her second orgasm. I want to feel her cum with me inside her, so she can show me how much she loves getting her pussy raped.” She lets out a moan at my words, and I’m starting to think she likes the dirty talk. I can’t wait for her pussy to latch on to me while she’s cumming, sucking my seed from my cock.

He pumps into her a few more times before finally pushing into her as far as he can go and shouting his release, nutting in her tight pussy.

I lean down and whisper in her ear as he finishes inside her, “I hope you’re on the pill, baby.”

At my words, she stiffens and I smile, looking over at Ridge. “Looks like the good Doc might get pregnant from our day of fun. I guess we should have thought about that. Oh well. Come switch places with me, it’s my turn.”

I’m lucky my own words don’t make me cum all over myself. Thinking about our baby growing inside her turns me on more than watching Ridge fuck her.

“Fuck, I’m spent, but my cock is still hard. Jesus, that was so good.” He pulls out and some cum spills on the floor with her pussy juice. “Goddamn, we made a mess, didn’t we, baby?” he says, and playfully slaps the inside of her thigh.

He comes up to where I am, and we switch places. He gets into position to hold her arms down and leaves me free to get at her.

“I need her again, man. You’re going to have to hurry,” Ridge says.

I don’t blame him; one time isn’t going to be enough. Spending six months in here obsessing over her has driven us to the edge. I look over and see his cock is still sticking straight up. It’s covered in their mingled fluids, but it looks like he hasn’t cum in years. “No worries, we are both on edge, aren’t we, Charlotte?”

She doesn’t respond as I move between her legs and lean down. I lick her swollen clit and rub it on my face, tasting Ridge and her together. I get her smell all over my mouth. I stand up, getting into position. “Fuck, I just need the smell of your pussy on my face and the taste of you in my mouth when I fuck you,” I say, and slowly push my cock into her opening, feeling her warmth wrap around me.

She’s so tight, but she’s soaked, so I slide in easy. I thrust gently a few times, feeling her pussy grip my dick, and I know what Ridge meant about her wanting it. “Oh God, you’re right, man. She fucking loves it. Look at her pussy grip me. You can see how tight she gets when I pull out. Like she doesn’t want to let me go.”

I look up and see a blush is solid red across her face and chest. She’s embarrassed by what her body is doing, but I couldn’t be happier.

“Don’t worry, Doc, I’ll give your little cunt what she needs, no matter how much you deny wanting it.”

Ridge leans down to suck on her nipples. I rub her clit, and she’s helpless to what her body wants. She’s shouting for us to stop, but her body is begging. Her hips move with my thrusts, her chest pushes into Ridge’s mouth, and the sight of us feasting on her wanton body is perfect.

“Look at her, she’s such a little slut. She’s been asking for this. We knew what you wanted with all those looks, Doc. Now you’re going to get it. Maybe you’ll learn not to be such a teasing little whore.” I laugh at her whimpers and thrust hard inside her. “What’s wrong, Charlotte? The warden can’t give you what you need? So you had to tease two prisoners to bust in here and rape your pussy to get you off? You dirty cum slut. That’s what gets you off, isn’t it?”

I feel her cum at my dirty words, unable to stop her body’s reaction. Both of us assaulting her with pleasure triggers my own release. I push deep inside her cunt and give her all of me, as far as I can go, not letting a drop slip out.

“Oh, fuck,” I breathe, trying to get air into my lungs. My cock continues to pulse inside her when I hear Ridge pop up with excitement.

“Okay, my turn again,” he says, as I slide my cock from her pussy and walk on shaky legs to switch positions again.

“Goddamn, man. Give me a second to catch my breath.”

Ridge rubs his dick and looks at the clock. “I’m dying to fuck her again, and we’re running out of time.”

“Please, please no more,” Charlotte begs.

“I’ll tell you what, baby. You get us each off one more time and we’ll let you go. Even before the hour is up.”

She looks at us, and I know she’s thinking about it.

“I’ll flip her over this time so she can suck you off at the same time,” Ridge says.

“What do you think, Doc? You wanna get it over quick, right?” She nods her head, and it’s all the confirmation I need. Ridge and I flip her over. I pull her towards the edge, so her mouth is near my cock. I grab her chin and make her look at me, “You suck my cock and get me off, and we won’t have a problem. You bite me, or do anything else, and it’s gonna be bad. You got me?”

She nods her head again but I want the words. “Say it.”

“I understand. I just want this over with. Please don’t hurt me.”

I give Ridge a chin lift, and he moves on the table behind her and immediately pushes his cock inside her cunt, not wasting another second. “Fuck, she feels so good. God, I can’t get enough of this tight pussy.”

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