“You want this, don’t you, love?” I ask, and she nods her head just slightly. Kellan pushes the tip of his cock past her lips, and she greedily sucks him down her throat.

“Now go around the circle,” Kellan says as he pulls out of her mouth and guides her over to me.

Leila moves between the three of us, sucking so sweetly as we each stroke off, waiting our turn. Her mouth is nearly as hot and tight as her pussy, and we’re all ready to come after only a couple of rotations.

“On three,” I grit out, and Leila leans back, opening her mouth and holding up her tits for us. “One, two, three.”

I barely make it to “three” before my cum starts to splash across her chin and chest. Remy and Kellan follow close behind, each of us leaving little trails of cum on her mouth and tits.

“So fucking beautiful,” Remy whispers as we help Leila up off the tile floor.

“Sit over here, love, and we’ll clean you up again.”

The three of us are well over six feet, so the bench in the shower is set high up on the wall. We help Leila sit there as we each tend to her body, cleaning away our semen and tenderly kissing every inch of her.

“Prop your feet up. Let us clean all of you.” I help her raise her feet and spread her knees so that she’s fully exposed to us. “Such a pretty pussy.”

“She’s fucking gorgeous,” Remy says as he reaches down, gently washing her pussy. Leila moans and arches her back. “She’s fucking soaked, and it’s not from the shower. I think sucking the three of us off got her worked up. She’s been through a lot today already. I should probably kiss her pussy and make it better.”

“I think it’s time we worked on her ass. Especially if the three of us want to take her together tonight.” I move around to where Leila is sitting and slide in behind her on the bench. I pull her up on my lap and drape her legs over mine. She’s fully exposed to Remy and Kellan as I hold her against my chest and kiss her shoulder. “You want to take all of us at once, don’t you?”

She leans her head against mine, allowing me to run my tongue across her neck and kiss my way up to her ear. She moans a little at my words and gently nods.

“Say the words, love. Tell us you want this,” Kellan says as he and Remy kneel in front of her.

Leila looks down and reaches out, touching each of them. “Yes.” It’s barely a whisper, but she’s saying she wants it. We would have gone to any lengths to convince her, but it’s even better that she feels this, too.

I watch as Remy goes to her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit, while Kellan kisses the inside of her thighs, moving his hands higher.

Wrapping my arms around her, I hold her close as the two of them get her body ready for us. I feel her tense as Kellan’s fingers find her back entrance, and I run my tongue along the edge of her ear.

“You’ve never had a man there before, have you, Leila?” I whisper.

“N-n-no,” she stutters.

I lick the shell of her ear again and move my hands to cup her tits. I pinch her nipples as Remy sucks her clit and as Kellan penetrates her ass. “Just relax and let him in. Focus on the pleasure Remy is giving you. Think about what it’s going to feel like with one of us in your cunt, one of us in your ass, and the other in your mouth.” I slip my thumb past her lush lips and feel her suck on it as she lets out another moan.

“Goddamn, her ass is gripping my finger so tight,” Kellan says as he nibbles the inside of her thigh. “Remy has got her soaking wet, and it’s dripping down to her asshole. Fuck, I think she needs two fingers in there.”

“That’s it, Kellan. Get her ass ready for me. Make sure I can fit my dick in there while you fuck her pretty pussy. I think Remy needs to cum down this sweet throat.”

I look down and see Remy and Kellan attack her with excitement. All of us want to take her at once. We’ve been talking about it for so long and fantasizing about all the ways we would have her. It’s time we got what we’ve been waiting for.

“Just let go, Leila. Give us what we want.” My words have her arching against me, my rock-hard cock digging into her ass. “Cum, Leila. Cum all over them and let us get inside every hole.”

Taking my thumb out of her mouth, I reach down and pinch both of her nipples hard just as I see Kellan working another finger inside her ass. The pleasure combined with the pain has her screaming her orgasm in the shower, the echo bouncing off the tiles.

It’s music to my ears, and I nearly cum all over her back at the melody.

Remy and Kellan sit back, petting her gently as she comes down from her highest peak yet. I look over at them and nod. “It’s time.”

Chapter 8


Remy reaches down and scoops me up into his arms, rinsing me off one last time before carrying me out of the shower. Kellan and Damon follow closely behind me, grabbing towels.

When Remy stands me on my feet, I cling to him, trying to find my balance. My legs are like jello after all the orgasms that they’ve forced from me.

“Steady, love. We’ve got you.” Damon kneels behind me and runs the warm towel down my legs as Kellan dries off my hair. I feel so taken care of, and I close my eyes and sigh at the feeling of contentment that washes over me.

After I lost my parents and had to work my way through college, I just tried to find a job to pay the bills. The first time I walked into their office for the interview, they didn’t ask a single question before they told me I was hired.

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