I felt it too that day but was terrified to admit it. What woman wants to admit to not only instant attraction to three men, but to a feeling that went much much deeper? As time went on and we spent more time together, I tried to put a wall up and deny what I knew they felt, too. I couldn’t admit to myself that I was in love with three men, and acting on it felt like I was admitting it out loud.

It’s completely crazy, but as I stand here, surrounded by them, by their love, I don’t give a fuck what anyone else says.

Damon got me in here and tied me to the bed before I even knew what was happening. I think I tried to fight, but truth be told, it was a feeble effort. I wanted to be theirs, and I knew getting tied to the bed would make that happen.

Kellan tosses his towel on the counter and reaches down to scoop me up. He carries me back to the bed. I know what’s coming. I know what they’ve promised to give me, and I’ve decided to stop fighting it.

Wanting three men sounds insane, but wanting Damon, Kellan, and Remy sounds right. The four of us together is what I’ve been dreaming of, and if they’re ready to give in to this, then so am I. I’m done denying all of us what we want, and I’m ready to live the fantasy I’ve acted out in my head since the second I saw them.

When Kellan places me in the middle of the bed, I lie back and watch as the three of them stand and look at me. Their eyes are hungry and their cocks are hard. I’m nervous about having all three of them in me at once, but I know they will make sure it’s good for me. Even with how hard they’ve taken me and how deliciously used they’ve made me feel, they’ve always made sure my pleasure was the priority.

I can’t help but think this scenario might sound ridiculous to someone if I tried to explain it, but being here in this moment and feeling what I feel, it’s perfect.

I lie back on the bed, propping myself up on my elbows. Slowly, I spread my legs wide, showing them what’s theirs. Three pairs of eyes zoom in between my legs, and the men start to stroke their hard cocks.

“Fuck, I can’t wait much longer,” Damon says, licking his lips. Remy and Kellan agree, looking over my body hungrily.

“I know why you did this, and while I didn’t necessarily agree with the way you went about it, I know that it came from a place of love. I was so lost until the day I walked into your office and saw the three of you. I knew then what I know now. That I love each of you.”

“We love you, too, Leila. From the second we saw you, we knew you were the one.” Kellan climbs onto the bed beside me, and Remy and Damon follow suit.

“You’re ours, baby. We love you.” Remy kisses my shoulder as he comes up beside me, and I’m feeling surrounded and safe.

“This is it for us. Forever. We love you, Leila.” Damon rests his hand on my lower belly, reminding me of what they truly want. A family, a life, a happily ever after. What girl could turn that down?

“I’m ready,” I whisper. I’m suddenly feeling shy, but I don’t know why. After all they’ve done to me and all I’ve given them, I shouldn’t be afraid of anything.

“Don’t be nervous, baby. We’ll take care of everything. You just need to worry about how loud you’re going to scream when we make you cum.” Remy’s smile is cocky, and it goes a long way in making me relax.

Damon goes around and slides in behind me, cradling me in his arms. I watch as Kellan reaches over to the bedside table and grabs a bottle of lube and some wipes as Remy comes up beside me.

Kellan moves between my legs, opening the lube, and I feel Damon’s lips graze my shoulder. “He’s going to get you ready for me, love. Relax and breathe.” Damon’s breath on my skin makes me lay my head back, resting it against his chest.

Kellan spreads my legs wider as Damon scoots down lower, and I feel Remy’s hands rub across my stomach and breasts. He’s gently petting me as Damon’s cock moves under me and against my ass.

Cool fingers penetrate my back entrance, and I start to tense up. Just as I think I can’t do it, Remy’s knowing touch finds my clit and starts to rub firmly. I relax against Damon and close my eyes, letting the good sensations overtake my nervousness. I feel my nipples being pinched and my clit being rubbed as fingers press inside my pussy and ass at the same time.

I’m overwhelmed as all my limbs start to tingle with excitement. It’s as if the three of them are touching all my pleasure points at one time, and my body is on alert.

“You’re doing so perfect, love,” I feel Remy whisper against my breast as his mouth closes around my nipple.

I’m so close to cumming just from the preparation that I can hardly imagine what it’s truly going to be like.

I feel Kellan’s fingers slip from me, and I miss the feeling. They’re quickly replaced by the head of Damon’s cock at my ass, his warm tip seeking entrance.

Remy puts more pressure on my clit, and I suddenly don’t care that Damon wants inside me. They can all do whatever it is they want with my body as long as this feeling lasts.

I open my eyes to see Kellan move between my legs and rub the tip of his cock at my pussy entrance. With every tease, he comes closer, and I feel the pressure both at my pussy and against my ass. Suddenly, they’re both pushing inside me, slowly filling me inch by inch.

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