She shut herself off from the outside world, I believe, because she never wanted to experience loss again. My only regret is we hadn’t found her sooner. I regret that we weren’t there to comfort her in her time of need.

Now she’ll never know loneliness again. There will always be one of us at her side. It wouldn’t be any other way. We are too far gone for her, and we can give her what she needs if she just lets us. We can fill her life with happiness again.

But in true Leila fashion, she dug her sexy little heels into the ground and made us push harder.

“I think we learned a little something about our sweet girl tonight,” I tell them, drawing both of their eyes to me. “She likes it a little rough, and she enjoys the fight. We should’ve seen that sooner. Maybe if we had, we’d be working on putting a second baby inside her by now.”

They both nod.

“I don’t give a fuck. At least we’ve got her now. A little bit of my charm and I’ll have her all warm and cuddly in our bed by the end of the night.” Remy snaps his finger while flashing a smirk that always seems to get him what he wants, whether it be getting some information on a case or just getting his coffee quicker at Starbucks.

“Never seen it work on Leila before,” I remind him, going in for a small friendly dig. Remy’s smirk drops, and Kellan snorts.

“Didn’t you see? I got her all warmed up for my charms now. She milked my cock like she couldn’t get enough of it,” he retorts. The reminder of her pussy around my cock makes my dick start to come back to life.

“How long do you think it will take us to get her to calm? I’d like to get her to come home with us willingly,” Kellan says, going back to playing with Leila’s hair.

I don’t answer him, nor does Remy make another playful joke because the question is all too real. We want her to come home. A home that the three of us made just for her.

We all sit in silence, the tension growing thicker by the minute. Fuck this. No way am I going down this road all over again. I put us down this path and I’m not looking back. No more second guessing and letting her push us away again. The past few hours have been the best I’ve ever had, coming just ahead of the day she walked into our lives. This day’s only better because I know what she taste like and what she looks like when she cums. This time she’s ours.

Rising from my chair so abruptly it falls back and hits the floor, I make my way back to the bed to free her.

“Start the shower,” I say to Remy as I pull her from the bed and into my arms. Her sleepy eyes open and look around the room like she forgot where she was for a moment. I think for a second she’s going to fight, but she doesn’t. I make my way to the bathroom with Kellan right behind us.

“We’ll fuck her into submission until she knows nothing but us, craves only us,” I tell them when we enter the bathroom, heading straight for the shower. “Now we’re going to clean her, and then get her dirty all over again.”

Chapter 7


Remy opens the glass door for us, and we all file into the shower. It’s already warm and filling with steam. The shower is nearly identical to the one we have at home. It’s gigantic, with several shower heads and a bench for sitting. Or for other things we have planned for our woman.

I cradle Leila in my arms and hold her under the warm water as Remy and Kellan start to soap up her body. She doesn’t say a word, just lets all of us tend to her, leaning her head back and closing her eyes as the steam surrounds us.

“It’s easier when you don’t fight us,” I say as I rinse off her legs.

Her eyes open and she looks at us, biting her lip. I think she’s intimidated by the three of us, and why shouldn’t she be? We just tied her to the bed and took turns fucking her. I’m sure she’s aware we intend to keep doing it.

“Leila, we’ve wanted you from the second we saw you, and we knew you felt the same,” Kellan says as he rinses her hair. “You felt the charge between the four of us. And you knew the three of us wanted you. You tried to hide your desire for us, but you couldn’t. Clearly this was a drastic approach, but it seems this situation called for drastic measures.”

I stand her up on her feet, and the three of us circle her, our hard cocks jutting out and bumping her soft flesh as we move in closer.

Remy growls beside me and inches even closer. “I think you should show us how much you want us. How sorry you are that you made us do this to you. I think you should get on your knees, Leila.”

“Why?” she whispers, but looks up at him and licks her lips. The question escapes breathlessly from her mouth.

Kellan leans down and bites her shoulder, making her moan.

“Because, love,” I say, grabbing her jaw gently, “deep down, you want to. You want us, and you want to make us happy. So get on your knees and open your mouth.”

I drop a hand towel onto the floor for her knees. I feel her intake of breath and a slight tremble in her movements as she lowers to her knees in the shower. Once she’s there, we all surround her, cocks in our hands, stroking to the sight of her below us.

“Fuck, I won’t last like this,” Remy says, pumping his cock harder.

I rub my own cock, and Kellan does the same. I see him reach out, touching her face with his free hand, and Leila automatically leans in to the touch, opening her mouth.