He comes to a stop and my panic rises another notch as his lips press against my neck. “If I take my hand off your mouth are you going to scream?”

Fuck yes, I’m going to scream, but I’m not stupid. I shake my head, waiting on him to remove his hand, but then I feel his lips on my neck pull into a smile.

“Liar.” His voice is hoarse, like he’s been chewing on gravel.

I shake my head again, this time trying to really put my heart into it. Even though the second his hand moves I’m going to scream so loud I’ll summon creatures from the depths of the sea.

“As much as I want to hear you scream, princess,” he says, tightening his arm around me even more, “I want to keep you all to myself.”

The cool damp grass presses against my legs as he lowers me to the ground. He somehow keeps a hand on my mouth as I wrestle against him. I kick and throw my hands out, but his body is so heavy. He uses it to push me down on my back as he ties a cloth around my mouth. It’s not tight, but it covers my mouth, and though I scream as loud as I can, it’s muffled against the material.

Opening my eyes, I see him looking over me, a gray jogging hood over his head and face. I can’t see his eyes, only his full lips and white teeth. I watch as his tongue slides over the straight line of his incisors. The trees are a dark blanket behind him and just for a split second I wish I could see under the hood.

The distraction is enough for him and he uses it to his advantage. He cuffs both my wrists in one of his hands, while his lower body pins my entire body down. The size difference between us would be comical if I weren’t trying to fight for my life.

Aren’t I supposed to be appealing to his humanity? Isn’t that something they tell victims to do? I start pleading through the cloth over my mouth, but the begging only makes his smile more sinister.

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” he says, leaning down. “I think you’ll be doing a lot of it while we play.”

My heartbeat doubles as his dark laugh fills my ears.

Chapter Two


I roll out of bed already knowing what I’m going to do. So does my rock-hard cock. I’ve got a need that only one women will satisfy. She’s been shaking it around this building long enough and it’s time to lay my claim. A man can only take so much before he breaks.

I walk into my closet, grabbing a pair of black sweatpants and a black shirt before going into the bathroom and getting ready. I stare into the mirror for a moment, looking at myself. I smile knowing today I’m going to fulfill a craving I’ve been dying to sate, and she is going to take it.

Lately it’s all I can think about. Forcing my way between her thick thighs and making her take my cock over and over again…

The things I plan to do to her should make me feel some kind of guilt, but the only thing on my mind is a single thought. Mine.

The need to have her is consuming and I want to mark every part of her body. I have the need to leave teeth marks on the insides of her thighs. Little bruises on her hips from my hands holding her down while I pump deep in her. Love bites all over her chest and neck, and swollen lips from sucking my cock.

I grip the bathroom counter and grunt as a few drops of cum leak out of my cock. I’m pissed it’s being wasted. Every drop should be taken by her body. I let go after a moment, getting myself under control. I’m too excited and I need to cool down.

I pull out my phone and check the tracker. It’s something I’ve been doing for a while now. I always know where she is at any given moment.

Smiling, I head for the front door, grabbing my zip-up gray hoodie and pulling it on on the way. When I get to the park, I park near her car and begin jogging, and it doesn’t take me long to catch up to her. When I’m finally close enough to see what she’s wearing, my blood starts to boil. I clench my teeth together, trying to hold on to my control by a thin thread. I thought I was over excited before, now I feel as if I’m trying not to come out of my skin.

Her black leggings hug every curve of her body, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her boobs bounce in the tightest sports bra I’ve ever seen in my life. They look like they are trying to escape out of the top with every bounce. By the time I’m done there will be nothing left of her outfit.

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