I move behind her, but she doesn’t hear me over the music in her ears. I tell myself she’s asking for it. She’s running in this little outfit, begging for attention. She’s not paying any attention to what’s happening around her. What does she expect a man to do? She’s fresh meat and she needs to be taught a lesson about tempting men.

I can’t stand it any longer and I reach out, grabbing her. My hand goes to her mouth to stop any screams. My other arm wraps around her waist, locking her arms at her side. I pick her up easily, and though she kicks her legs out, I have no problems carrying her into the woods.

She tries to fight me, but it’s no use. She’s no match for someone my size. I’m over a foot taller than her, and though she’s curvy, I’m a barrel-chested heavyweight with about a hundred pounds on her. She’s like a little blonde doll compared to me.

“If I take my hand off your mouth are you going to scream?” I ask her, already knowing the answer. She’s struggling and it’s made my hard cock painful. The feel of her soft thighs against my length has me rubbing it against her, looking for some kind of relief.

She shakes her head.

“Liar.” My mouth trails over her neck where I want to sink my teeth in.

She shakes her head again, trying to make me believe her, but it only makes me smile.

“As much as I want to hear you scream, princess,” I say as I squeeze her even tighter, “I want to keep you all to myself.”

No one else will get to hear her like this. I’ve waited long enough for it, and I won’t be sharing her with anyone. I also don’t want to be interrupted right now.

I take her down to the ground, needing to get her under control. She fights against my hold but it’s no match as I get on top of her. She begs and pleads, and it takes everything in me to not cum at the sweet protests. If she only knew the power she had over me.

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” I say, leaning down over her. “I think you’ll be doing a lot of it while we play.”

Her bright green eyes widen as I cover her mouth with a cloth to silence her. After that, I pin her hands over her head with one of mine.

Fuck. The soft cushion of her body under mine is heaven. I have the control to do whatever I want to her, but first I need relief. I’ve got to take the edge off or this will be over too fast.

Reaching between us, I slip my hand down inside my sweats and pull out my cock. The cool air hits the throbbing length and I hiss as the wet tip glistens.

Her eyes grow even bigger as I start to stroke myself against her. She’s still trying to plead behind the cloth in her mouth, but it’s no use.

“You want me to do this,” I growl at her. “This way I’ll last longer.”

I grin at her as I stroke myself harder. She tries to move in panic, but all that does is excite me. A few quick jerks and I’m cumming. The sight of her under me is too much, and I watch as my cum hits her exposed belly. The thick cream runs down her sides, but I bring my hand to it and rub it into her skin.

Chapter Three


Before I can react to the big beast cumming on me, he’s picking me up off the ground and throwing me over his shoulder. What the fuck is happening?

I shout the question into the cloth over my mouth as he sprints toward the car. I can’t believe how fast he’s moving, and before I can think to fight or rip the thing off my mouth, we’re in the parking lot. How had it taken me forever to run this trail and he’d managed it in a matter of seconds?

I see my car and adrenaline starts to course through me. I have the key tucked into my bra. If I can somehow get away, will I have enough time to get in and lock the door?

“Don’t even think about it,” he warns me, again reading my thoughts.

He puts me on my feet and before I know what’s happening he’s reaching down the front of my sports bra and pulling out my hidden car key. I shout a protest as he pockets the key, then opens the driver side door to his giant SUV. He shoves me in and for half a second I’m behind the wheel of his car. But before long he’s pushing me over and climbing in beside me. It’s an old-style Suburban with one long bench seat in the front.

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