Chapter Four


“What you doing?” she cries out as I pull her leggings off and throw them on the floor.

“I could smell you while you sucked me off.” I jerk her legs apart and stare down at her. “Look at you. It’s halfway down your thighs.”

She looks away, unable to face how whorish she got from being forced to suck my dick. I laugh, and she looks back at me with anger in her eyes.

“Don’t laugh at me.” She says, as her face reddens.

I push my hood off of my face and her eyes widen. “It’s okay if you like it. I won’t tell.” I wink at her before I lower my mouth to her pussy.

Before I can make contact, she tries to buck under me. I lay my arms across her hips and pin her to the seat until she stops trying to struggle. She’s so much smaller than me, so it’s easy to keep her where I want her.

“Stop fighting me. I’m going to taste this before I fuck you.”

“Then will you let me go?” There’s a plea in her voice, because we both know what the answer to that question is going to be.

I don’t bother responding as I breathe through my nose, smelling her pretty cunt. She’s pink, with hardly any hair, and I wasn’t lying when I said her cream was halfway down her thighs. She’s horny as fuck, and her little clit is peeking out at me.

I cover her pussy with my mouth and moan at the flavor of her. It’s warm and sweet and tastes like home. I kiss her cunt like I would her mouth, slow and with ownership.

“Stop,” she moans, but we both know she doesn’t mean it.

Her hands reach for my head, and for a second she tries to push me away. Then her fingers wind into my hair and she pulls me closer.

“Don’t!” she cries again, but her breath catches as her climax gets closer.

I push two fingers into her wet cunt and thrust hard. I rough her up a little as I rub her G-spot and lick her pussy tenderly. The divide between the rough and gentle confuses her body and her protests fall away as her thighs open wider for me.

Her body silently tightens and arches off the seat. A dark flush spreads over her body as her mouth opens and she shouts her climax into the cab of the SUV. The sounds of her cumming ring in my ears and I pull my fingers out of her and lick them clean. I move back between her legs to kiss her pussy one last time before I climb over her.

Her eyes are at half-mast as she tries to catch her breath, and the second she notices me hovering over her she tries to sit up.

“Get on your knees. I want you from behind,” I grit out as I push my track pants down to my knees and stark jerking my cock.

She starts to say something, but I grab her waist with both hands and turn her over on her stomach.

“On your knees now, little girl. I’m ready to fuck.”

Chapter Five


The cool air hits my pussy, reminding me how wet I am. How wet I was when I came all over his face. I’m humiliated as I think about my weak efforts to stop him, how he held me down and made me get off and all I did was spread my legs for it.

And God help me, when he said he was ready to fuck, my pussy clenched for it.

I can feel his need for me as he comes over my back. He’s still got the jacket on, but the hood is off now. I see his dark eyes and thick lashes, and though he should terrify me, he doesn’t. His naked thighs and bare cock rest against my ass. I shiver as he shoves my knees apart and grips my hair with one hand.

His lips press to the side of my face and I’m completely locked in place by his hold. I try to struggle, but his body is too big. There’s no stopping him from taking what he wants.

“You owe me,” he says through clenched teeth. “You owe me for wearing this shit and flaunting it around for everyone to see. You were begging for this to happen. Weren’t you?”

I shake my head, but he smiles against my neck as he drags his thick cock across my ass to my pussy.

“Liar,” he whispers as he presses the head of his length to my opening.

“Condom!” I shout.

But again he laughs at me. Embarrassment crawls up my neck as his body shakes, and then his grip on my hair tightens.

“I don’t think so, princess,” he says, and thrusts hard inside me.

There’s no gentle adjustment, only his base instincts pushing him on. He’s riding me rough and fast as his grunts fill the SUV. He’s like dog on top of me, rutting into my pussy like an animal.