I close my eyes as I feel the liquid heat of my own desire coat his cock. I’m mortified as I listen to how wet I am, my body giving him a welcome entry.

Steam fogs up the passenger window in front of my face as his labored breaths continue. My mouth falls open, and he continues, a beast possessed by one need.

The sounds of him fucking me ring in my ears right before he starts telling me how tight I am.

“You really are a slut for it.”

The denial that sits on the tip of my tongue melts away, my body giving him more lube to force his way in. His filthy words are lava in my belly and I bite my lips to force it away. But he’s the one with the control. He’s the one with the power. And the fact that he doesn’t give a fuck if I get off right now makes my approaching orgasm that much more disgraceful.

“Goddamn, I keep thinking about football so I don’t cum,” he huffs on a laugh as he hammers into me. “Never had pussy so sweet before.”

I strangle back a cry of desire as his big dick fucks every inch of my pussy. Never have I been taken like this before. With Teddy it’s always sweet love-making. But this man is using me to get off, and somehow that makes me want it too.

Just as my orgasm bares down on me I see something through the foggy glass. My heart hammers when a car approaches the lot and pulls up next to my car. This SUV is parked a little ways away, but it’s still out here in plain sight.

I open my mouth, and just as I do, a big hand clamps over it.

“Don’t even think about it,” he growls as he fucks me harder. “If they came over here and saw you like this, they’d probably ask to get in line.”

I watch as a tall man gets out of the dark car and does some stretches. He’s obviously here for a morning run.

“I bet he’d beg me to let him fuck you,” he whispers in my ear.

My body tightens as I watch the stranger, and the man on top of me ruts. My pussy drips with anticipation of what’s going to happen next and I can’t stop it from what it wants.

I cry out into the palm of his hand when the orgasm rocks through me harder than any I’ve ever felt before. I tense up, and every muscle is on fire as I explode around his fat cock.

“Fuck,” he groans, his warm cum spreading inside me and down my thighs. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

He curses through his thrusts, and I can tell he didn’t want to go off, but my own orgasm made him do it.

The stranger takes off for the trail and leaves us without so much as a backwards glance. Fear of him coming over and joining in dies away, but so does the hope of someone coming to save me.

His hard length pulls out of me, and it feels like it goes on forever because it’s so big. He releases my hair as he sits back and turns me over on my back.

His length thrusts back inside me again, and the warmth of his cum-covered cock is instantly familiar.

“You made me cum on purpose,” he says as he begins to thrust. “You’re not getting out of here that easy.”

“What do you want from me?” I beg, pushing on his chest.

He grabs my wrists easily and pins them above my head.

“Can’t you tell?” He leans down and puts his lips to my ear. “To get you pregnant.”

Chapter Six


Her body goes completely still at my words. I feel her pussy clench around my still hard cock that I have no plans of taking out of her anytime soon.

I nibble her neck a little, needing more of her taste in my mouth.

“I can’t get pregnant,” she finally manages to say, her voice low as if she’s not sure.

“Yeah you can,” I say easily, taking another nibble of her.

I move my hand to her thigh and drag it up until I feel her wetness. I rub my fingers in it before bringing it to my mouth.

“Fuck.” I lick my lips. “Your taste is special, princess.” I want my mouth on her pussy again, but I need my cum inside her more.

“I can’t get pregnant,” she says again, but this time with a little more strength. I lean back and our eyes meet. She searches my face, looking for something, but I only smirk. “I’m on the birth control shot,” she adds, like she’s got me beat.

I grip her hips and move her on my dick. I drag her up and down on it, showing her I’m in charge. I will get what I want.

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